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Davis-Standard’s Global and Regional Expertise at MedTec China
Davis-Standard will market its extensive line of medical tubing solutions at booth 2R201 during MedTec China, September 14-16, in Shanghai.
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Davis-Standard Introduces Next Generation 510A Automatic Die
Davis-Standard is pleased to introduce the next generation 510A die for extrusion coating applications. Engineered with an innovative short lip
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Davis-Standard to Promote Range of Technology at Converter’s Expo
Davis-Standard will promote a broad portfolio of technology solutions August 24-25, 2020, at Lambeau Field Atrium in Green Bay, Wisc.,
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Davis-Standard Introduces dsX™ Aseptic Coating and Laminating Line
                  In response to increased demand for aseptic packaging technology for emerging
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Past News

Davis-Standard to Highlight dsX™ and Blown Film Technology at Interplastica 2020
Davis-Standard will begin its 2020 tradeshow season in Moscow, Russia, at Interplastica, January 28 – 31. Located in booth #22C32, representatives from Davis-Standard’s subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom will be available to discuss technology for blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, foam, profile and sheet applications. The company will specifically focus on its dsX product line for packaging applications, which provides processing versatility, timely delivery and competitive pricing. Examples of this technology include the dsX 400 aseptic packaging line and dsX flex-pack 300S flexible packaging line. Davis-Standard will also promote its high output blown film capabilities.      The dsX 400 aseptic packaging line is a pre-engineered triplex extrusion coating and laminating line for paper, aluminum foils and/or films used in aseptic packaging applications. It is designed for a working width range of 700 to 1,350mm, a mechanical design speeds up to 450 meters per minute, and processing speeds up to 400 meters per minute. This line is also equipped with automatic unwind and rewind splicers for speed and efficiency. This is a single-source system with Davis-Standard supplying extruders, feedscrews and extrusion dies to support customer requirements. The dsX flex-pack 300S flexible packaging line is built for cost-sensitive flexible packaging applications. Proven components and a pre-configured, adaptable machine configuration make this system ideal for converters, printing companies, multi-national companies and start-ups. It can support web widths from 650 to 1,350mm and process line speeds up to 300 meters per minute for paper, film and aluminum foils with direct gravure primer coating and coextrusion coating lamination stations. Hallmarks of this line include consistent end-product quality, greater uptime and productivity, reduced waste and application versatility. Davis-Standard supplies complete blown film systems to support monolayer processes as well as complex multi-layer applications with film structures up to 11 layers. Component upgrades are available to improve existing blown film production for lay-flat widths from one to 10 meters. Blown film systems feature the latest extrusion and screw technology, die and air ring developments, and options for film handling and winding to support optimal and cost-effective processing based on application. For more information prior to Interplastica visit PHOTO CAPTION: dsX flex-pack 300S
Davis-Standard’s Global Equipment Platform at Plast Eurasia
Davis-Standard will promote its global equipment platform at Plast Eurasia in Istanbul, December 4 - 7, 2019, alongside the company’s representative in Turkey, ÖZHANMAK DIŞ TİCARET VE PAZARLAMA LTD ŞTİ in Hall 2, Stand 220. Davis-Standard and ÖZHANMAK representatives will be available to discuss technology and provide information using various displays representing machine lines for cast film, extrusion coating, blown film, tubing and sheet applications. The team will also promote aftermarket services, extruder and control options, and feedscrew technology. Examples include: Aftermarket Capabilities – Davis-Standard’s ability to service equipment for nearly every extrusion and converting application, including non-Davis-Standard brands, is one of the company’s greatest advantages. This includes an extensive spare parts inventory, timely 24/7-customer service, global technical capabilities, and rebuild and retrofit services. Cast Film – Davis-Standard offers a stretch film line that redefines modular efficiency for high-grade film operations. This technology is the new standard for stretch film line configurations. Advantages include a compact machine arrangement, ease of operation and servicing, excellent profile control, consistent roll quality and an intuitive control package. The system is engineered for producing thin films from 7.8μ to 13μ (31-to 51-gauge) at high speeds. Davis-Standard’s side-by-side DS S3 overlapping winder is essential to this capability. The DS S3 winder enables maximum slit widths for hand-wrap, machine-wrap and jumbo rolls. All rolls are discharged on the downstream end of the winder and are conveyed to a common side of the line to simplify roll packing and future automation. There is an auxiliary lay-on roll to eliminate top-wind waste during transfer, optimizing roll quality and eliminating outer wrap transfer waste. There is a 30-second cycle time regardless of the number of slit widths, ideal for hand-wrap products. Specific to CPP films, Davis-Standard offers the horizontal ironing roll winder. This winder has an adjustable ironing roll which allows the converter to control the amount of air introduced into the winding roll, substantially reducing “tin canning,” a common issue when running CPP. Extrusion Coating – Davis-Standard offers a comprehensive equipment offering from a single-source supplier to address basic applications all the way up to high-speed, complex requirements. Systems are engineered for everything from high-quality flexible packaging, thermal lamination and stand-up pouches, to lidding, tube, and aseptic films. Specifications can be customized based on market requirements and investment plans. An example of this is Davis-Standard’s dsX flex-pack™ system. This machine provides converters and package printers with a high-value, competitively-priced package. An adaptable machine configuration gives processors the flexibility to compete in a variety of emerging application markets including salted snack and noodle bags, toothpaste tubes, personal care products, condiment packs and stand-up pouches. Production benefits include product consistency, excellent bonding strength, greater uptime and productivity, and reduced waste and production costs. The economic benefit of these 1,500 fpm (450 mpm) machines is enabling many regional converters to distinguish themselves from the competition Blown Film - Davis-Standard supplies extrusion systems for applications in high-barrier food packaging, agricultural films, geomembrane, stretch film, printing and laminating films, flexible packaging, collation shrink films and stretch hooders. For films that require enhanced clarity and flexibility, Davis-Standard offers the Aquafrost® water-quench system. Other options include industry-leading Vector® air rings, spacing between these 3 sentences looks off here DSB® feedscrew designs, and Streamlined Coextrusion Die (SCD®), Optiflow and Vertex dies, each designed to process specific films. Davis-Standard also supplies downstream and terminal equipment as well as MDO’s, oscillating haul-offs, and winders to optimize web handling and output goals. These solutions can accommodate standard applications as well as complex substrates and structures requiring precise tension control to ensure quality while minimizing waste. Automation options are available to reduce cycle time and augment benefits from increased outputs.  Super Blue® Extruder – This high-efficiency extruder offers advantages in price, performance and fast delivery. The Super Blue is equipped with preferred features including a low noise, high-torque double reduction gearbox; cast aluminum finned heaters bolted to the barrel; an AC drive and motor; and a high capacity air-cooling system. It has been an effective option for pipe and profile, sheet, fiber and specialty system processes, among others. MEDD Extruder – A compact extruder, the MEDD is optimized for cleanroom environments with a replaceable feed section liner and direct drive technology for greater efficiency and materials flexibility. Davis-Standard offers a high-tech melt pump system to maximize stability when processing sensitive materials. Davis-Standard supports applications for Alternate Polymer®, microbore tubing, multi-lumen and catheter tubing, endotracheal and tracheotomy tubing, radio-opaque tubing, bubble tube, taper tube, pipette tubing and multi-layer tubing, among others. Medical tubing systems support extruder outputs up to 700 pounds per hour (315kg/hr) and line speeds up to 800 feet per minute (240 mpm) for a range of materials including PLA, PLLA, PEEK, FPVC, polyurethane, nylon, PEBAX and FEP. Sheet Extrusion – Davis-Standard supplies complete systems and components to support the packaging and industrial sectors. One recent development is the DS-Helibar® extruder. This extruder is the next generation in Davis-Standard’s groove feed extruder offering. With the Helibar design, helical grooves inside the barrel run along the entire barrel bore. This technology has been shown to increase extruder output rates while improving energy efficiency and reducing barrel and screw wear. Other advantages include lower start-up costs, shorter residence time and the ability to process higher levels of regrind. These are especially beneficial for high-profile applications where speed, melt quality and efficiency are paramount. As a complement to its sheet extrusion technology, Davis-Standard offers thermoforming equipment to the food packaging industry via Thermoforming Systems LLC (TSL), a recent addition to the Davis-Standard brand. For more information prior to Plast Eurasia visit
Plastics News Asia Interview with Sekaran Murugaiah, Vice President Business Development – Asia Pacific at K 2019
For Davis-Standard LLC (, K 2019 provided an opportunity to show off its broad portfolio of extrusion and converting solutions for the plastics industry with the combined expertise from Brampton Engineering, Inc., Maillefer SA and Thermoforming Systems LLC (TSL) presented for the first time in a major exhibition. The range of extrusion and converting technologies promoted are geared to support the plastics industry’s move towards a  circular economy, where sustainable processing technologies and techniques are designed to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling through the utilization of recycled materials.
According to Sekaran Murugaiah, Vice President Business Development - Asia Pacific at Davis-Standard: “There is much enthusiasm now for technologies in the areas of Industry 4.0 and circular economy and Davis-Standard have products that can meet these market trends. In fact, despite the global economy facing many challenges that affect the plastics industry, I am slightly surprised by the positive response and optimism. The first few days of the show have been good, especially for Asia Pacific.”
As Mr. Murugaiah explained, Davis-Standard has been responding to current industry trends. For instance, in the Internet of Things (IoT), Davis-Standard has products and services that can perform predictive real-time monitoring of variables that affect the quality and performance of the components of the machine to reduce downtime. To meet the sustainability challenge, according to Mr. Murugaiah: “Davis-Standard offers equipment that enables our customers to achieve less material usage, faster cycle time and operate more efficiently. The sustainability goal is not an end by itself as we see that this is more of a journey for all those involved in the plastics industry.”
Davis-Standard promoted its full menu of global aftermarket and technical services, aimed at providing convenience and improved performance for customers. This includes options for increasing productivity, reducing waste and strengthening product quality. Equipment upgrades, replacement parts, global field services, custom engineering, research and technical services, and a 24/7 customer service hotline (844-MYDAVIS) have enabled Davis-Standard to support customer needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.
Vishakha Polyfab to Become India’s First with AquaFrost® Technology
Multilayer film leader Vishakha Polyfab will become the first processor in India to add Brampton Engineering’s AquaFrost® water-quenched blown film technology. Vishakha Polyfab has been a longtime Brampton customer, installing India’s first seven and nine-layer barrier blown film line. With the addition of the water-quenching system, the company will be able to improve film clarity and thermoformability, balance orientation, and increase processing versatility with fewer resins. “We have worked with Vishakha Polyfab for almost 20 years in supplying equipment solutions to address their needs,” said David Kerfoot of Brampton Engineering, A Davis-Standard Company. “Our close and productive collaboration has enabled us to grow together and advance multi-layer film technology in the region. We look forward to their continued success in leading the film packaging market in India and beyond.”   India’s packaging sector has grown exponentially and is one of the most sought after barrier film manufacturing markets in the world. For more information about the AquaFrost system, visit For more information about Davis-Standard, visit Photo Caption: In commemoration of India's first AquaFrost® system, Davis-Standard’s President and CEO, Jim Murphy, Brampton Engineering’s Executive Vice President, Gary Hughes, and Vice President, David Kerfoot, present an award to Vishakha Polyfab, CEO, Jigish Doshi, along with Akshat Doshi and Ankit Doshi on October 18, 2019 at K2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Davis-Standard Sales Exceed $17 Million at K2019
Davis-Standard is pleased to report that participation at K2019 resulted in sales over $17 million USD. The new orders represent the full spectrum of Davis-Standard’s product lines, including orders for pipe and tube systems, blown film systems and coating and lamination systems. In addition to complete lines, there are several developing projects for equipment and technology upgrades to existing product lines. “Our K booth exceeded expectations with productive customer meetings, new sales and promising leads,” said Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard President and CEO. “Our brand message ‘Where your ideas take shape’ has resonated with customers as we work to build and promote sustainable solutions that support the circular economy. We anticipate additional business as a result of K in the months ahead.” This was the first time Davis-Standard exhibited at K with the newest members of its global brand, Maillefer, Brampton Engineering and TSL. Each has added a new dimension to Davis-Standard’s robust line of equipment and aftermarket services. For more information about Davis-Standard, please click here.                    
Davis-Standard’s Duane Smith Moves to Part-Time Role
There is no such thing as retirement for an industry legend like Duane Smith. After 47 accomplished years, Smith recently announced he’ll be transitioning into a part-time role from his current position of process manager, web handling and specialty winding at Davis-Standard. Even with a reduced schedule, Smith will continue to support Davis-Standard’s technical leadership, deliver technical presentations and training classes, and continue his consulting work on web handling and winding. “I find great joy in making new discoveries and sharing knowledge,” said Smith. “I am passionate about our industry and grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with so many outstanding colleagues and peers over the years.” He added, “Even though I am pulling back into semi-retirement, I look forward to continued collaboration in advancing web handling and winding techniques to improve processes.” Smith is well known throughout the global paper, film and nonwoven industries for his technical knowledge, leadership and involvement in TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry). Among his most notable achievements are two winding patents, over 85 technical presentations, numerous published articles, and two books published through TAPPI Press. His second book and most substantial work is the Ultimate Roll and Web Defect Trouble Shooting Guide. He has received two TAPPI technical awards, including the coveted Rohm & Haas Prize and has been named a TAPPI Fellow by the TAPPI Board of Directors for his technical and service contributions to the industry. Smith has also been honored by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) awarding him the SPE Certificate of Recognition for significant contributions made to the Society and the plastic industry. “Duane Smith is an enthusiastic and motivated innovator who has worked tirelessly to advance web handling and winding best practices worldwide,” said Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard President and CEO. “We congratulate him on going part-time and are grateful to continue to have him as resource in the years to come. We know his work is far from finished!” For a list of Smith’s technical papers and other informative technical resources, please visit Once you are registered, you will have access to all of these materials.
Four WCISA Scholarships Awarded to Davis-Standard Scholars
Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that four children of Davis-Standard employees recently earned scholarships through the Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association (WCISA). The organization awarded a total of 10 scholarships worth over $3,000 in a competitive field of applicants. The four Davis-Standard students honored were Abel Keeley, Abigail Christman, Camille Stevenson and Nadine Dickter. Following is background on each. Abel Keeley, a National Merit Finalist, is attending the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. He is studying electrical engineering with a focus on medical, military and consumer applications. Keeley has always been drawn to engineering, successfully building a custom computer in ninth grade. He is interested in designing improved safety systems and devices that support day-to-day activities for persons with disabilities, and systems to help businesses improve efficiencies. Abigail Christman is attending the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she is studying chemistry and pharmacy. Christman graduated in the top five percent of her high school class and was very involved with marching band, YMCA, school organizations and clubs. She has continued her involvement with music as a member of Pittsburgh’s marching band. Her goal is to one day work in a hospital setting with pediatric patients. Camille Stevenson is studying neuroscience at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. She was valedictorian of her class, a three-sport athlete, musician and leader in several school clubs and organizations. Stevenson is a firm believer in community involvement and transformative leadership. This has led to her career goal of becoming a neurodegenerative researcher to support those with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Nadine Dickter is a junior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York, where she is pursuing a degree in chemistry and minor in public policy and women’s studies. Dickter worked in the engineering and manufacturing industry over the summer, providing greater insight into the daily application and role of chemistry in the workplace. Upon graduation, she plans to attend graduate school and achieve a Ph.D. in chemistry and work in the extrusion industry. “We are very proud of each of these students; their accomplishments and aspirations,” said John Zachow, Davis-Standard’s Vice President of Wire and Cable and WCISA member. “They are part of our Davis-Standard family, and we’ve had the privilege of watching them grow into successful adults. We’re excited about their futures and the impact they will make within their chosen career fields.” WCISA is a nonprofit corporate membership association with over 100 North American suppliers of machinery, materials and accessories used for making all types of wire and cable. Members are based in or have an established subsidiary in North America. WCISA’s mission is to promote its members’ products and services by providing its members with representation, networking, social opportunities and services at wire and cable trade events and conferences. For more information about WCISA, visit For more information about Davis-Standard, visit
ER-WE-PA GmbH Positioned to be “Fit-4-Future”
Davis-Standard’s German subsidiary ER-WE-PA GmbH is pleased to announce its “Fit-4-Future” alignment to better support customers worldwide. Under this structure, ER-WE-PA will focus on being the product line leader for aseptic packaging machinery within the Davis-Standard organization, while also offering winding systems (winding and unwinding), liquid and adhesive coating systems and aftermarket capabilities. This will enable the company to leverage global resources and product expertise offered by Davis-Standard’s global network while providing innovative solutions that support customer growth. “The converting side of the business has always been a strength at ER-WE-PA,” said Michael Krämer, Managing Director at ER-WE-PA GmbH. “By focusing on these areas, we can take advantage of proven technologies while also ensuring regionalized access to Davis-Standard aftermarket and support resources. We are also equipped with an excellent leadership team to deliver results.” Below you will find the new contacts according to the new structure: Michael Krämer – Managing Director Michael Krämer has been Managing Director of ER-WE-PA GmbH since January 1, 2019. His plastics industry leadership in the U.S. and Germany has delivered global prospects and valuable knowledge. André Schlapp - Head of Operations With more than 30 years of experience at ER-WE-PA. André Schlapp is now responsible for engineering, procurement and after-sales services. Michael Schröder - Head of Sales / Product and Project Management Michael Schröder is responsible for sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as product and project management. He has more than 43 years of professional experience in extrusion machinery at ER-WE-PA. André Warth - Area Sales Manager, Europe André Warth is responsible for sales in Europe. He has more than 23 years of experience in the distribution of beverage carton packaging systems. For more information, visit
Davis-Standard Supports Medical Applications with Comprehensive Approach
As global demand for medical tubing applications continues to grow and technology requirements evolve, Davis-Standard offers processors some of the industry’s most robust and reliable equipment options. This is supported by a comprehensive approach whereby every extruder and every system is backed by in-house R&D and responsive customer service. This includes technology from Maillefer, A Davis-Standard Company, and global support from Davis-Standard subsidiaries such as Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastics Packaging Machinery Co, Ltd. Davis-Standard supplies medical tubing systems with extruder output ranging up to 600 pounds per hour and line speeds up to 900 feet per minute (275 mpm) for numerous materials including FPVC, polyurethane, nylon, PEBAX and FEP. Applications include microbore tubing, Alternate Polymer®, multi-lumen catheter tubing, endotracheal and tracheotomy tubing, Radiopaque striped tubing, fluid delivery and drainage tubing, bubble tube with funnel, taper tube, cannula tube, pipette tube and multi-layer tubing among others Maillefer also offers single-layer soft PVC tubing lines as well as medical fluoropolymer lines. High-speed extrusion for soft PVC medical tubes is engineered for various grades of medical PVC and for dimensional stability of tubes. Customized lines for FEP tubing and special polymers give processors ample options regardless of application. Maillefer also offers a coiler, the KWA, for medical tube winding applications. This fully-automated coiler is designed for performance, precision and cleanliness. The unit, which features precision machined parts and two stainless steel turrets keeps pace with lines running at speeds over 900 feet per minute (275 mpm). It can wind medical tubing into coils up to 24 inches (620mm) in diameter. Davis-Standard medical tubing systems are built around high-performance extruders. These include: The MEDD Extruder –The small-footprint, direct-drive MEDD offers versatile capabilities for a full range of product development. It is available in sizes ¾-inch (19mm) and 1-inch (25mm) and uses a direct drive motor, no gear box for clean room applications.  Other advantages include interchangeable barrel assemblies, linear machine movement and a replaceable feed section liner. HPE-A and HPE-H Extruder – These extruders, available in ¾-inch (19mm) to 1 ¾-inch (44mm) also feature a small footprint. The A (adjustable) model uses a direct couple motor and the extruder swivels on a column to enable positioning at any angle. Vertical adjustment is possible by means of a lift screw. The H model has a fixed horizontal centerline and both models offer increased torque capacity to handle high-viscosity resins. The Super Blue® is available from 2 inches (50mm) up to 4 ½ inches (114mm). Advantages include double-reduction gearboxes with helical carburized gears, an integral high capacity thrust bearing, integrated control cabinet and the DSBM-T™ barrier mixing feedscrew. It is also pre-engineered for fast delivery. To further support precision extrusion, processors can add a melt pump to these extruders. The Davis-Standard melt pump features a precision AC vector or servo drive system; precision gear reducer and drive motor. Davis-Standard offers processors the unique option of testing equipment prior to purchase. The company’s Technical Center in Pawcatuck, Conn., is equipped with numerous extruders, as well as an R&D line in a cleanroom environment for end-product development of tight tolerance tubing. Customers can test new resins, make parts for proof-of-concept, and conduct downstream R&D. The line, which is in a dedicated, climate-controlled area, is equipped with two MEDD extruders as well as Davis-Standard’s patented Alternate Polymer® process technology and EPIC III® control system. The R&D lab in Suzhou features a multipurpose microbore tubing line for medical application trials and development. It is engineered for single or dual-layer tubing as well as single-lumen tubing with or without a stripe. The line is equipped with two extruders, an OD/ID wall thickness measuring and controlling system, closed-loop control via a vacuum sizing tank and puller, and a high-level central control system. As with every Davis-Standard product line, medical tubing customers can take advantage of 24/7 emergency support, equipment upgrades, expedient spare parts delivery and on-site support. To find out more about how Davis-Standard can support your medical tubing applications, visit  Photo Caption: HPE Medical Series 38mm & 25mm extruders for multi-layer tubing applications. Independent touch-screen controls and modular base permit extruders to be relocated as required to alternate extrusion lines to integrate with in-line or cross-head tooling applications.
Davis-Standard Readies for Rubber Expo 2019
Davis-Standard will be among more than 200 companies at the upcoming Rubber Expo, October 7-10, in Cleveland, Ohio. Davis-Standard, Booth #1210, will promote extrusion equipment, feedscrews and controls as well as the company’s DSREV extruder, Model 3000 crosshead and Uth roll-ex® 70 gear pump/strainer system with two-roll feeder (TRF). An aftermarket representative will be available to discuss feedscrew services, spare parts, extruder rebuilds, process control upgrades and other options for improved processing. In addition, Davis-Standard will discuss the technical cell at its facility in Pawcatuck to support R&D for hose, automotive seals and architectural applications as well as processes requiring in-line straining and pressure stabilization.       The DSREV extruder is Davis-Standard’s flagship design. It is a preconfigured machine with feedscrew and head zone direct-injection temperature control units, a compact base, and simplified cooling and wiring systems. Other advantages include touch-screen controls, process data acquisition, and easily accessible machine components. The Model 3000 hydraulic crosshead reduces scrap and enables faster start-up times. This crosshead offers preferred features such as a tapered mandrel and highly engineered flow paths to ensure consistent flow through all speed ranges, as well as a thrust bearing on pin adjustment to adjust wall thickness without interruption. When this technology is coupled with the Uth gear pump, processors can isolate high pressure and achieve pressure stabilization. The gear pump is equipped with a Uth two-roll feeder (TRF) to be used as a stand-alone device for fine mesh straining or for cold feeding. Other advantages include improved filtration, reduced material retention time and a small footprint for easy integration into existing lines. For more information prior to the show, contact us or visit Photo Caption: Davis-Standard 3-1/2” 20:1 L/D DSREV (Davis-Standard Rubber Electrically Heated Vented) Multipurpose Extruder shown with our DS-eVUE touch screen process control system. Additional features shown include fully integrated closed-loop cooling system, Servo Driven feed roll option and Model 3000 Crosshead.
Davis-Standard Introduces DS-Blend Feedscrew Design
Davis-Standard is pleased to introduce the latest option in its award-winning feedscrew line, the DS-Blend. This patent-pending design improves the performance of a single screw extruder for demanding applications by providing distributive and dissipative melt mixing. The two-stage approach achieves outputs similar to those of a single-stage barrier screw, but with a lower melt temperature and reduced energy requirements. It can be installed on new or existing single screw Davis-Standard extruders as well as non-Davis-Standard brands. Building feedscrews for non-Davis-Standard extruders has been a significant area of growth for the company as more and more customers realize the benefits of Davis-Standard feedscrew technology. According to John Christiano, Vice President of Technology at Davis-Standard, “This is one of our most versatile and energy-efficient feedscrews to date. Customers interested in seeing this design in operation are invited to visit our research and development facility in Pawcatuck.” He added, “As with all of our feedscrew designs, we are focused on product line performance, improved outputs, material homogeneity and feedscrew longevity. We are also proud of the fact that we can build a feedscrew for any extruder brand.” Davis-Standard’s DSB® feedscrews are the industry standard for design excellence. Feedscrews are available from 3/4 to 12 inches (19 to 300mm) in diameter with varying L/D’s. Each screw is engineered for specific polymers and processes with customization available depending on end product. Davis-Standard feedscrews accommodate the full range of extrusion and converting applications including blown film, blow molding, cast film, compounding, elastomer, extrusion coating, fiber, laboratory, pipe, profile and tubing, reclaim, sheet and specialty systems. Sales and service engineers work alongside customers to find the right solution based on manufacturing parameters. Testing and trials are available to fine-tune the process prior to purchase. In addition to design, Davis-Standard’s feedscrew manufacturing process reflects quality from start to finish. Plasma arc welding stations provide wear-resistant materials such as Colmonoy 56 and 83. Three state-of-the-art whirlers are used for screw cutting and milling for screws made of stainless steel, 4340 steel or Inconel materials. These machines produce screw surfaces at very tight tolerances. After screws are milled and polished, they are treated with chrome plating or other wear-resistant coatings based on application. Screws receive a final inspection and polish before shipment. For more information, visit our website: For inquiries of our feedscrews for Davis-Standard or non-Davis-Standard extruders, please contact us. Photo caption: DS-Blend Feedscrew.