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Jay Totten Joins Davis-Standard’s Converting Team
Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that Jay Totten has joined the company as regional account manager for converting systems, extrusion
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Davis-Standard’s Global Converting Platform at ICE Europe
Davis-Standard’s converting technology and support services will be promoted at ICE Europe, Hall A5, booth #1310, in Munich, Germany, March
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Davis-Standard Expertise at TAPPI Course in March
    Five Davis-Standard extrusion and converting experts will share their knowledge at the upcoming TAPPI course, Providing a Better
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Davis-Standard Announces First Quarter R&D Additions
    The Davis-Standard Technical Center has announced two exciting additions to its lab capabilities in Pawcatuck, Conn. By the
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Past News

Davis-Standard at PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2017, Booth #40
  Davis-Standard, LLC will promote the company’s full line of extrusion and converting technology during PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® in Mexico City, November 7-10. Davis-Standard’s team will be available at booth #40 to discuss aftermarket capabilities and new developments in extruder, control and feedscrew technology. Examples include: Aftermarket Capabilities – Davis-Standard’s ability to service equipment for nearly every extrusion and converting application, including non Davis-Standard brands, is one of the company’s greatest advantages. This includes an extensive spare parts inventory, timely 24/7 customer service, global technical capabilities, rebuild and retrofit services, as well as AC drive, controls and safety upgrades. Super Blue® Extruder – This high-efficiency extruder offers advantages in price, performance and fast delivery. The Super Blue is equipped with preferred features including a low noise, high-torque double reduction gearbox; cast aluminum finned heaters bolted to the barrel; an AC drive and motor; and a high capacity air-cooling system. It has been an effective option for pipe and profile, sheet, fiber and specialty system processes, among others. dsX™ Technology – This popular line of extrusion coating, cast film and blown film equipment offers processors advantages in price, performance and delivery. Each system is engineered for greater up-time, increased productivity and reduced waste, and backed by Davis-Standard’s 24/7 global support network. MEDD Extruder – This compact extruder is optimized for clean room environments with a replaceable feed section liner and direct drive technology for greater efficiency and materials flexibility. Davis-Standard offers a high-tech melt pump system to maximize stability when processing sensitive materials. Model 2000 Crosshead – The hydraulic actuation of the flow diverter/core tube on this crosshead enables quick tooling changes and simplified cleaning for elastomer applications. A tapered mandrel and highly engineered flow paths ensure consistent flow through all line speed ranges, and a thrust bearing on pin adjustment allows wall thickness modifications without stopping the line. All interior flow surfaces are coated with engineered formulations for better resistance and material flow. For more information about Davis-Standard, visit
New Development Extruder Installed at Davis-Standard’s Pawcatuck Lab
  To further advance mechanical, controls and process development initiatives, a next-generation Thermatic® Series 4.5-inch (114mm) extruder is available for trials at Davis-Standard’s Extrusion Technology Development Center in Pawcatuck, Connecticut. The extruder, installed in July, is being used for internal R&D and product development for customers. The extruder’s modern platform represents a collaborative effort among Davis-Standard’s mechanical, electrical, process and controls engineering departments to create optimal processing for Davis-Standard’s full portfolio of extruder applications from blown film to wire and cable. It features enhancements across the board and provides multiple possibilities with L/D ratios of 24, 30 and 34:1. According to John Christiano, Davis-Standard’s Vice President of Technology, this extruder epitomizes processing functionality and the future of extrusion efficiency. “This new extruder platform is a reflection of experience and collaboration. Because of its relevance across all extrusion applications, it will serve as an excellent platform to support our customer’s extrusion needs now and for many years to come,” said Christiano. Features of the new Thermatic include 400 HP water-cooled motor technology, a screw speed range up to 375 rpm, advanced and conventional vent diverter geometry, an improved barrel cooling system and next-generation gearbox technology. The extruder is equipped with an EPIC III® control system that features a streamlined console, high-data transmission rate and improved graphics. It is also engineered with smart extruder technology for preventative maintenance monitoring of vibration, oil composition, motor parameters, heater status, screw wear algorithm and energy consumption. Other advantages include a high wear-resistant barrel and feedscrew, an integrated melt pump with controls, static mixer and an optimized mezzanine design. The extruder can be fit with the complete line of Davis-Standard DSB® feedscrews including the DSB I, DSB II, DSB III and DSB III-Plus designs as well as the TS DSBM, TS Metering and TS DS-Blend, in addition to a variety of metering screws and other specialized designs. For more information about the extruder or to schedule a trial, contact Bill Lee at For more information about Davis-Standard’s R&D capabilities, visit
Davis-Standard at International Elastomer Conference, Booth #1127
  Davis-Standard, LLC will promote the company’s full range of elastomer extrusion technology and aftermarket services during the International Elastomer Conference, Booth #1127, October 9-12, in Cleveland, Ohio. Davis-Standard will have information on extrusion equipment, feedscrews and controls, including the company’s popular DSREV rubber extruder, Model 2000 crosshead and Uth rollex® 70 gear pump/strainer system with two-roll feeder (TRF). An aftermarket representative will be available to discuss feedscrew services, spare parts, extruder rebuilds, process control upgrades and other options for improved processing. In addition, Davis-Standard will discuss the technical cell at its facility in Pawcatuck to support R&D for hose, automotive seals and architectural applications as well as processes requiring in-line straining and pressure stabilization. “This show is an excellent opportunity for us to gain insight from customers on equipment performance, new opportunities and how we can further support elastomer processes,” said Joe Wnuk, Vice President of Davis-Standard Elastomer and Profile Systems. “This includes increased output rates, lower extrudate temperatures, and options for fine mesh straining and vacuum venting.” The DSREV extruder is Davis-Standard’s flagship design. It is a preconfigured machine with feedscrew and head zone direct-injection temperature control units, a compact base, and simplified cooling and wiring systems. Other advantages include touch-screen controls, process data acquisition, and easily accessible machine components. The Model 2000 hydraulic crosshead reduces scrap and enables faster start-up times. The hydraulic actuation of the flow diverter/core tube enables quick tooling changes and simplified cleaning. All interior flow surfaces are coated with engineered formulations for better resistance and material flow. When this technology is coupled with the Uth gear pump, processors can isolate high pressure and achieve pressure stabilization. The gear pump is equipped with a Uth two-roll feeder (TRF) to be used as a stand-alone device for fine mesh straining, or for cold feeding. Other gear pump advantages include improved filtration, reduced material retention time and a small footprint for easy integration into existing lines. For more information, contact Joe Wnuk via e-mail at or visit
Danis Roy Joins Davis-Standard as Vice President – Sales, Cast Film and Coating Systems
  Davis-Standard is pleased to announce the appointment of Danis Roy as Vice President – Sales, Cast Film and Coating Systems. In his leadership role, Roy will spearhead initiatives for key account management and performance strategies supporting the cast film and coating teams in the America’s as well as Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He comes to Davis-Standard with 30 years of domestic and international marketing, management and sales experience, most recently serving as General Manager of Terphane, Inc. in Bloomfield, N.Y. He has also worked for Toray Plastics in the U.S. and Europe and Rhone Poulenc Films. Roy is currently president of the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), and active in other associations. “The addition of Danis will strengthen our sales management team on a global scale while allowing us to provide greater focus on our cast film and coating product teams,” explained Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard President and CEO. “His work will be key in executing our sales plan and developing business strategies for continued growth and performance-driven customer service.” Roy will be based at Davis-Standard’s facility in Fulton, N.Y. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University. He can be reached at For more information about Davis-Standard’s cast film and coating product lines, visit or or
Davis-Standard to Promote Medical Tubing Expertise at Medtec China
  Davis-Standard, LLC anticipates an eventful Medtec China, booth P206, in Shanghai, September 20-22, 2017. Davis-Standard will market the company’s extensive line of medical tubing equipment, including extruders, controls, feedscrews, downstream equipment and complete systems. In addition to equipment, the company’s in-house laboratory at its subsidiary in Suzhou, Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., supports process development for medical tubing applications with a high-speed FPVC extrusion system and multipurpose microbore tubing line. “The medical tubing sector has been especially strong for us, which is why Medtec is such an important show,” said Sekaran Murugaiah, Davis-Standard Vice President of Business Development, Asia. “Customers appreciate our regional presence and the availability of our best-in-class medical tubing lab to test new resins and processes. These R&D capabilities have been key in ensuring customers in the region are equipped to address market demands. We’ve also excelled at providing faster response times, greater spare parts availability and timely service for customers throughout Asia.” Davis-Standard supports applications for Alternate Polymer®, microbore tubing, multi-lumen and catheter tubing, endotracheal and tracheotomy tubing, radio opaque tubing, bubble tube, taper tube, pipette tubing and multi-layer tubing, among others. Turn-key medical tubing systems support extruder outputs up to 700 pounds per hour (315kg/hr) and line speeds up to 800 feet per minute (240 mpm) for a range of materials including PLA, PLLA, PEEK, FPVC, polyurethane, nylon, PEBAX and FEP. Davis-Standard supplies versatile extruder options depending on process and application, including the direct-drive MEDD extruder, small-footprint HPE-A and HPE-H extruders, and the high-performance Super Blue® extruder. All extruders are engineered for a fast delivery and competitive pricing. For added precision, Davis-Standard offers a high-tech melt pump to minimize heat exposure and for exacting temperature control and pressure. The FPVC laboratory line in Suzhou is capable of speeds from 5 to 100 mpm for processing 2mm to 8mm OD tubing with accuracy of +/- 50u. Line components include an extruder, water-cooling, precision internal air supply, OD gauge and combination puller-cutter. The multipurpose microbore tubing line is designed for single or dual layer tubing, and single lumen tubing with or without a stripe. It is equipped with two extruders, an OD/ID wall thickness measuring and controlling system, close loop control via vacuum sizing tank and puller, and a high-level central control system. Both lines are available for customer trials and R&D applications. For more information about Davis-Standard’s medical tubing capabilities, visit
Davis-Standard to Exhibit Hydraulic Crosshead At RubberTech China
  Davis-Standard, LLC will promote the company’s full range of elastomer extrusion technology during RubberTech China, Hall N2, #2A757, September 20-22, 2017 in Shanghai. An example of this technology will be on display with Davis-Standard’s popular Model 2000 hydraulic crosshead. Davis-Standard supports global rubber markets for tires, automotive hoses, adhesives and sealants, recreational equipment, construction and medical applications. With Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Davis-Standard has established a growing regional presence, offering timely technical support, greater spare parts availability and more cost-effective service for customers throughout Asia. “RubberTech is an excellent venue to market our vast elastomer product line because companies from several different countries are represented there, attracting a wide base of potential customers from all parts of Asia,” said Joe Wnuk, Vice President of Davis-Standard Elastomer and Profile Systems. “We continue to broaden our reach in Asia due to our subsidiary in Suzhou and the capability to supply all equipment components including extruders, feedscrews, crosshead technology and other machinery devices. We seek to help customers increase output rates and lower extrudate temperatures for processing the full range of elastomer compound formulations.” This Model 2000 crosshead reduces scrap and enables faster start-up times to improve processing efficiencies. The hydraulic actuation of the flow diverter/core tube enables quick tooling changes and simplified cleaning. A tapered mandrel and highly engineered flow paths ensure consistent flow through all line speed ranges, and a thrust bearing on pin adjustment allows wall thickness modifications without stopping the line. All interior flow surfaces are coated with engineered formulations for better resistance and material flow. Other Davis-Standard equipment specifically engineered for elastomer applications includes the DSREV rubber extruder and gear pump technology. The DSREV features a patented pneumatic roll feed system for a uniform and consistent feed rate, electric heating and water-cooling for quicker response times, and feedscrew designs that maximize output and minimize scorch. Using a gear pump, processors are able to isolate high pressure and achieve pressure stabilization. Davis-Standard’s gear pump is equipped with a two-roll feeder (TRF) for cold feeding or to be used as a stand-alone device for fine mesh straining. Other advantages include improved filtration, reduced material retention time and a small footprint to easily integrate into existing lines. For more information about Davis-Standard’s elastomer systems, visit
Ribbon Cutting Commemorates Davis-Standard’s Facility Expansion in Pawcatuck
  On Monday, July 17, Davis-Standard President and CEO Jim Murphy welcomed Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy, Department of Economic Community Development (DECD) Commissioner Catherine Smith, Connecticut State Representative Diana Urban, Connecticut State Senator Heather Somers, Stonington Second Selectman Mike Spellman and more than 400 employees to celebrate the completion of a 15,000 square-foot addition to Davis-Standard’s Pawcatuck facility. A ribbon cutting ceremony followed by facility tours commemorated the occasion. The new space houses manufacturing and precision machining of advanced multi-layer blown film dies, enabling Davis-Standard to move all blown film manufacturing from Gloucester, Massachusetts, to Pawcatuck. “The facility addition is the culmination of our vision to bring world-class blown film die production to Pawcatuck,” said Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard President and CEO. “All Davis-Standard blown film die technology is now integrated under one roof, making us one of the largest manufacturers of seven to 11-layer blown film dies in the world. These dies are used for making highly technical multi-layer films used in packaging and pharmaceutical applications, which are high-demand markets for us. We are grateful to Governor Malloy, Commissioner Smith, Representative Urban, Senator Formica, Senator Somers and Stonington First Selectman Rob Simmons for their support in making this possible.” Davis-Standard has operated in Southeast Connecticut since 1848 and is one of the oldest employers in the Southeast Connecticut/Southwest Rhode Island region. The expansion will bring more than 30 new manufacturing jobs to the site over two years. "Davis-Standard has long been one of southeast Connecticut's largest employers and we are proud to support the growth of their global headquarters here in our state and the creation of new manufacturing jobs that come with it," Governor Malloy said. "Manufacturing is central to our success and a driving force of Connecticut's economy, and our state is committed to supporting this important sector and the growth of its workforce. We are excited to have Davis-Standard as a proud Connecticut-based international business." The expansion of the Pawcatuck site reinforces the company’s commitment to the local region. Through its long-standing position as a market leader, it is considered the “Center for Excellence” for Connecticut’s extrusion technology sector. In addition to the Pawcatuck facility, Davis-Standard has manufacturing facilities and subsidiaries in the U.S., Europe and Asia. “This beautiful new facility is evidence of Davis-Standard’s global leadership in extrusion technology, as well as their commitment to economic stability in our region,” said Diana Urban, Connecticut State Representative for North Stonington and Stonington. “We are proud of all Davis-Standard has achieved over the years and their long-standing relationship with our community. Many Davis-Standard employees come from multi-generational families who are at the core of Davis-Standard’s innovation. This is a unique situation and we’re honored to be part of it.” For more information about the new facility or the ribbon cutting, contact Debbie Crowley at (860) 599-6237.
Davis-Standard Names Michael Jones Regional Sales Manager, Blown Film Aftermarket
  Michael Jones has joined Davis-Standard’s aftermarket team as Regional Sales Manager for blown film products. In his new role, Jones will be responsible for providing aftermarket support and services to Davis-Standard’s blown film customers in the Southeast U.S. With more than 18 years of film processing experience, Jones comes to Davis-Standard from Anchor Packaging where he served as plant manager. He also held management and leadership positions at ITW Muller/Signode Industrial Group, SKC Films, LLC, ITW Mima and Gloucester Engineering. He is a graduate of Auburn University and a Six Sigma Black Belt. “We have a large installed base of blown film equipment in the Southeast, so Michael’s plant engineering background and expertise will be invaluable in helping us provide the best aftermarket service possible,” said Wendell Whipple, Davis-Standard Vice President - Aftermarket Global Sales. “He understands all aspects of blown film processes and operations, which will be an asset to our customers.” Jones can be reached at For more information about Davis-Standard’s aftermarket services, visit
Gerry Sposato Appointed Senior Sales Engineer at Davis-Standard
  Davis-Standard is pleased to announce Gerry Sposato has been named Senior Sales Engineer for the company’s Sheet and Foam Group. Sposato will be responsible for sales of new capital equipment for Davis-Standard’s sheet and foam product lines in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, Ohio and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He brings more than 25 years of domestic and international sales experience in extrusion systems, including 10 years with Davis-Standard as well as leadership positions with Welex and HPM America, LLC. Sposato also co-founded Argosy Wind Power, a manufacturer of distributive wind turbines. He has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts. “Gerry has a strong track record of bottom-line responsibility for product launch, pricing, marketing, increased market share and promotional activities in OEM capital equipment sales,” said Steve DeAngelis, Vice President of Davis-Standard’s Sheet and Foam Group. “We are pleased to have him back on our team.” Sposato can be reached at For more information about Davis-Standard’s sheet and foam product line, visit or
Warden Plastics Adds Two More Davis-Standard Extruders to Support Demand
  The formidable growth of Warden Plastics’ Biomedia product range is evidenced by the company’s rising reputation in the global wastewater treatment sector. Warden, based in Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, recently added two Davis-Standard Euro Blue® extruders to its equipment line-up for producing random filter media products for wastewater processes. The extruders are part of a significant investment by Warden following a surge in demand by major water companies in the U.K. and throughout Europe. This brings the company’s Davis-Standard extruder total to five with future investments on the horizon. According to Warden Plastics’ Managing Director Mark Barrett, “We are focused on high volumes, efficiency and quality for a large range of polypropylene products for the wastewater treatment market. Davis-Standard’s Euro Blue extruders perform exceptionally well in meeting our delivery and process targets, while also allowing us to run a cost-effective operation. We have a very good working relationship with Davis-Standard, and appreciate their responsiveness in addressing our requirements.” Warden runs a customized Biomedia operation with a variety of patented designs engineered to reduce energy consumption, meet environmental goals and reduce costs. The company’s products are made using recycled and virgin polypropylene, which is essential due to superior bacterial adhesion properties when compared to competing products made with HDPE. Warden is diversified into several product areas, but launched its Biomedia brand in the 1980s. The company has an ongoing research partnership with Warwick University and Cranfield Water Sciences Institute (CWSI), an internationally recognized center of excellence in wastewater treatment technologies for research, education, training and consultancy. The Davis-Standard Euro Blue has been a solid performer for Warden due to its energy efficient design, high specifications and fast delivery. According to Mark Woodgate, Managing Director of Davis-Standard Limited, “The Euro Blue has been a cost-effective option for customers like Warden to achieve quality, reliability and excellent processing rates. This machine also offers a lot of advantages in terms of feedscrew, gearbox and barrel technology. These extruders can also be delivered in two to three weeks. It’s rewarding working alongside Warden Biomedia to help them supply the most innovative biological filtering products to the marketplace.” Warden has 60mm and 90mm Euro Blue models, but the machine is also available in 50mm, 75mm and 115mm sizes. The biological filter media manufactured on these extruders is feasible for both industry and municipal wastewater treatment applications requiring organic removal, nitrification and denitrification. Warden’s products are lightweight, compact, durable and corrosion resistant, and designed to eliminate the clogging and puddling associated with gravel, slag and clinker filter beds. In addition to wastewater treatment facilities, Warden’s Biomedia products are also used for agricultural and aquatic applications. Most of the company’s products are sold in the U.K. and Europe, but are also reaching customers in North and South America, Mexico and Turkey. “This sector is about 30 to 40 percent of our total business, and growing,” added Barrett. “Biological processes need oxygen and residence time to properly breakdown during primary, secondary and tertiary treatments. Our polypropylene products are engineered for quality filtering throughout this process to provide the best return on investment. Warden’s Biomedia group will continue to focus on developing the best solutions for treating human and industrial effluents to protect human health and the environment.” For more information about Warden Biomedia, visit For more information about Davis-Standard’s Euro Blue extruder, visit
Davis-Standard’s Speedy Feedscrew Delivery Restores Outputs for Tempo Products
  When Tempo Products, Inc. of Fresno, Calif., noticed output rates on their Davis-Standard extruder were two-thirds of capacity and material uniformity was inconsistent, the company realized it was time for a new feedscrew. The problem was, new feedscrews typically have a turnaround of eight or nine weeks; a timeframe Tempo Products could not afford as a company with same-day product shipping. Davis-Standard’s aftermarket team rallied to the call, delivering and installing a new feedscrew within five weeks, restoring production rates and keeping Tempo Products’ tight production timelines on track. “Like most processors, we are so engaged in keeping up with business and taking care of customers that we overlook periodic feedscrew maintenance,” said Rael Sacks, founder and co-owner of Tempo Products. “We pulled the feedscrew once since purchasing the extruder in 2012, and didn’t have any issues until recently, so we didn’t think about it. Once the new screw was installed, everything was back to normal in five minutes. We pride ourselves on customer service, so being able to avoid production delays is essential.” Tempo Products uses this extruder to process linear low-density polyethylene and flexible PVC tubing for drip irrigation products sold to major retailers throughout the United States. The company is family owned and Sacks works alongside his sons and business partners, David and Jonathan, to offer a full line of water conservation and drainage products for residential and commercial applications. They sell through distribution channels with a same-day shipping policy for orders that come in before 4 p.m., thus the importance of consistent, high-rate production. The newly installed feedscrew is a replica of the previous screw except with a harder finish. “We got a lot of mileage out of the first feedscrew, and are grateful Davis-Standard was able to accommodate this rushed delivery. We definitely plan to do more frequent feedscrew and barrel checks to avoid this issue in the future,” added Sacks. Davis-Standard offers a complete line of aftermarket services to support feedscrew and barrel efficiency. Factors to consider include feedscrew, barrel and drive alignment, barrel heating uniformity, materials being processed, improper barrel support and corrosion. Periodic inspections at 90- to 180-day intervals are recommended. The two primary methods for evaluating feedscrew output loss include the accurate method and approximation method. The accurate method compares current screw output with production benchmark output, which is established upon feedscrew installation. The approximation method involves measuring the feedscrew, calculating the resultant added screw-to-barrel clearance and estimating the output loss from the added clearance. This technique requires approximately 24 hours of downtime while the feedscrew is being removed, cleaned and measured. Following are the guidelines when using the approximation method. A measurement of .010 to .015 inches (.25 to .38mm) plus the original feedscrew and barrel clearance is indicative of wear, but the condition is not critical. A measurement of .020 to .030 inches (.5 to .76mm) plus the original screw and barrel clearance indicates feedscrew or barrel replacement should be considered. When the measurement reaches .040 to .050 inches (1 to 1.3mm), this is severe wear and it is essential to replace the feedscrew or barrel, or both. For more information about Tempo Products, visit For more information about Davis-Standard’s aftermarket capabilities, visit
Davis-Standard at Wire Russia 2017
  Davis-Standard will promote market-leading technology for the manufacture of complete wire and cable systems for aerospace, rubber cables, building wire and other high-demand applications at Wire Russia, June 5-8, in Hall FO, Booth #B22. Experts will be available to discuss various system options and the advantages of Davis-Standard extruders, payoffs, tension brakes, takeups, capstans, caterpillars and auxiliary equipment based on application. Information on laboratory equipment, customized feedscrews and control systems will also be on hand. Davis-Standard’s high-performance wire handling equipment includes payoffs, take-ups and caterpillar capstans. Single wheel (belt wrap) capstans are sized from 24 to 84 inches (600 to 2,150 mm) in diameter; dual wheel multi-pass configurations from 12 to 48 inches (300 to 1,200 mm) in diameter; and in lengths up to 40 feet (12 meters) for dry and wet arrangements. Single reel, dual reel, flyer, and portal pay-offs and take-ups are equipped with options for portal, cantilevered arm and floor traversing. For added support, Davis-Standard supplies auxiliary equipment including cooling troughs, semi-automatic and fully automatic spoolers, wire pre-heaters and curing systems. For more information about Davis-Standard’s extensive wire and cable capabilities visit