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The Industry’s Premier Extruders

What separates a Davis-Standard extruder from the competition? Our customers will tell you it’s the unparalleled performance and durability that makes the difference. Our extruders are so reliable that some are still operating after 50 years of continuous service. This track record combined with high output rates and a rapid return on investment make Davis-Standard extruders the workhorses of the industry.

From single and twin screw extruders to specialty, reclaim, medical and elastomer extruders, the depth and availability of our extruder offering is what makes Davis-Standard the global extrusion leader. We are also recognized for our coextrusion technology, supporting both vertical and horizontal coextrusion configurations.

Regardless of application or location in the world, we have the extruder to suit your requirements and budget.

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Foam Extrusion Machinery

Industry Leading Foam Extrusion

We are an industry leader in foam extrusion. Whether you’re trying to achieve a specific product density or insulation characteristic, Davis-Standard foam extrusion capabilities make it possible. Our turnkey foam solutions are backed by proven technology and excellent results, enabling us to excel in food packaging, construction and consumer products industries.

Davis-Standard’s single and twin-screw tandem foam lines, and in-line foam technology are recognized industry-wide thanks to high output processing of PE, PS and PP foam sheet. Not only do we offer the highest industry foam outputs per tandem line size, our systems allow for direct processing of foam flake, removing the need for pelletizing.

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Process Controls

Flexible and Customized Extrusion Control Solutions for Every Process

  • DS-eTPC touch-screen control
  • DS-Tablet hand-held operator interface

The brain of the extruder drives your operation and smarter process controls make a huge impact on the bottom line. That is why every system in Davis-Standard’s full line of process controls is operator-friendly, efficient and reliable. From discrete to full supervisory control, our control systems are engineered in-house to ensure quality and value.

The signature EPIC III® and Integrator controls, the portable DS-Tablet and affordable DS-eVUE are just a few of our technologies that take the guesswork out of your extrusion operation. Davis-Standard’s proven systems do the thinking for you about systems integration, temperature control and process controls.

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Sheet Extrusion Machinery

Davis-Standard’s international presence as a premier supplier of sheet extrusion machinery reaches customers in the automotive, construction, industrial and recreational markets, foodservice industry, and those in high-end medical and personal care applications.

Our signature XP Express® and EX-M-PLAR® series roll stands, chill roll technology, feedscrew designs, and coextrusion knowledge enable value-added manufacturing of multi-layer sheet. This includes heavy gauge, high-density PE, low-density PE, PMMA, PS, ABS, PP, PET, high barrier and high-temperature sheet.

We’ve engineered sheet systems for foam, flexible and rigid sheet extrusion for applications up to nine layers. Bring us your idea and we’ll deliver the solution.

Part of Davis-Standard, Thermoforming Systems LLC (TSL)  designs, manufactures and markets leading-edge thermoforming equipment to the North American food packaging industry. TSL is the market leader in thermoforming equipment technology for high-volume packaging. TSL solves thermoforming challenges by providing the appropriate products and services that are quantifiably superior to other options. Alongside Davis-Standard, TSL has a variety of manufacturers in the extrusion, tooling, automation, and granulating industries in the USA and worldwide to offer full project services, providing the end customer with a single point of contact for their project. Contact us to learn more [accordions id="391"] [post_grid id="1902"]