April 19th, 2022

Davis-Standard to Promote Coating & Slitter Rewinder Expertise at Converter’s Expo

Superior technology for optically clear window film from Davis-Standard.


Davis-Standard will promote the company’s liquid and extrusion coating machinery at booth #111 during Converter’s Expo, April 26 – 27, at Lambeau Field Atrium in Green Bay, Wisc. The complementary portfolio of Deacro Industries, a Davis-Standard Company, will be featured at booth #112. Davis-Standard will highlight standard and tailored liquid coating lines for window and paint protection, specialty products, PSA and silicone release liners, and inline and offline unwind and winding options for diverse applications.

With more than 50 standard and custom liquid coating machinery options, Davis-Standard assists customers with achieving desired output and quality characteristics for their products. Applications include tapes and labels, silicone-coating products, paint protection films (PPF), and specialty coating markets. Davis-Standard can address low to high-speed applications, narrow and wide applications, simple lines with a dedicated coater, as well as complex coating lines with multiple cartridge coaters. In addition, equipment audits are available to upgrade existing machine configurations for processing a range of materials used in film and flexible packaging, construction, automotive, and medical applications.

In the growing area of PPF, Davis-Standard offers a complete system with both extrusion and solution coating components. This system utilizes Davis-Standard’s versatile Series 4000 cartridge coater with advanced drying and laminating technology, and winding and unwinding capabilities for producing high-quality PPF films. Other system advantages include: a dual-direction turret unwind/splicer; turret stripper winder; coater enclosure; dual-direction turret winder and roll changer; and Integrator PRO supervisory control.

For extrusion coating and laminating processes, Davis-Standard engineers laboratory-size systems for R&D all the way up to five-meter-wide systems for diverse applications. Each is designed to address precision gauge control, splice speed, simplified changeovers, better adhesion properties, high-speed transfer, and operator safety. All equipment, including extruders, controls, coaters and laminators, winders and unwinders, is engineered for reliability, minimal waste and consistent performance. Expertise in automatic profile control (APC), deckle and die design, multi-coating, web handling, transfer unwinds and winders supports customer profitability.

To accommodate an existing carriage or platform structure, Davis-Standard’s CHP extruder provides a smaller footprint and lighter weight machine option. Customers benefit from a space-saving retrofit or coextrusion addition in order to boost outputs and line speed. This includes efficient mixing capabilities for a low melt temperature and output rates that are 80 to 100 percent higher than current alternatives.

Deacro’s slitter rewinder machinery is widely used for applications in food packaging, medical packaging, industrial products, pressure-sensitive labels, and others. This includes salvage rewinders, slitter rewinders, turret slitters, and core cutters. Unique to Deacro are roll lock differential air shafts, closed-loop rewind tension control and auto core placement to improve processing efficiency. Deacro also excels in automation to reduce set-up times, minimizing roll loading times between finished sets, simplify maintenance, and streamline roll packaging. Existing manual slitter rewinders can be upgraded with automated technology to improve performance.

One of Davis-Standard’s most exciting developments is the launch of its DS Activ-Checksystem. DS Activ-Check™ is an Industry 4.0 platform for continuous monitoring, preventative maintenance, and mobile alerts. DS Activ-Check uses analytical tools based on long-term cloud data storage, along with process and equipment technology algorithms, to help management and production teams identify and improve product quality and line productivity.

Click here for more information about extrusion and liquid coating equipment options prior to the show. For Deacro Industries, visit https://www.deacro.com/.


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