June 8th, 2022

Davis-Standard Patents Advanced Web Transfer Device

Davis-Standard is pleased to announce the U.S. patent for a new web transfer device that eliminates waste while simplifying web transfers. This unique design reflects the collaborative efforts of Michael Hitsman, Brian Ouderkirk and Lawrence Fraser. It is available on Davis-Standard multiple turret winders used in continuous web processes where the web delivery and core transfer assembly have one or more core receiving structures.

“Zero speed transfers are challenging due to many types of sensitive webs run on this type of line,” explained Lawrence Fraser, Senior Mechanical Project Engineer. “The new device grips the tail of the old roll and the tail of the new, while cutting the web, pasting it, and ironing it onto the prepared core. Essentially, we’ve used a bump-paste concept to improve the web cutting and transferring process from a full core to a new core. Not only does this design reduce expensive material waste, but it produces uniform leading and trailing edges to improve web quality.”

The transfer device features a web transfer assembly configured to receive a web from the web delivery assembly while also communicating with the core transfer assembly. The web transfer assembly includes a frame and lay-on roll as well as a vacuum hood, each adjustable relative to the frame. The vacuum hood has a cutting device mounted inside with one or more force-holding surfaces configured to releasably hold a portion of the web. These surfaces move relative to the frame and core receiving structures while making contact with the core receiving structures to transfer the web. The versatility of this device makes it possible for processors to manage webs consisting of paper, paperboard and non-paper products, such as film and polyethylene.

“Creativity and innovation are at the heart of Davis-Standard’s business endeavors and a lifeblood of our organization,” said Richard Pastor, Vice President of Operations for Davis-Standard’s N.Y. facility. “This patent is a visible and tangible representation of how we continually seek solutions that improve customer processes and profitability. I would like to congratulate our team on this achievement.”

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