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Interview with PFFC: Efficiency in Winding and Unwinding
In a recent interview with PFFC, Dan Hould, Davis-Standard’s Product Manager, discusses the most essential part of winding and unwinding.
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Davis-Standard to Host Virtual “Basics of Plastics Extrusion” Seminar
Davis-Standard is pleased to offer its popular “Basics of Plastics Extrusion” seminar, in virtual fashion, October 6 – 8, 2020.
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Past News

Brad Sprague Joins Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket Group
Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that Brad Sprague has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager Aftermarket – Midwest Region. In this capacity, he will be responsible for all large aftermarket sales including feedscrews, barrels, feed sections, gearboxes, conversion packages, control upgrades and extruder and equipment rebuilds for customers throughout the midwestern United States. He will support all Davis-Standard product groups in this role. Sprague brings more than 27 years of experience to his position, most recently with Graham Engineering as a regional sales manager. He has previous experience with Davis-Standard as a regional manager for the pipe and profile and elastomer product groups, also serving the Midwest region. Sprague is an active SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) member.
Davis-Standard’s Elastomer Solutions at RubberTech China
[caption id="attachment_4084" align="alignnone" width="401"] Model 3000A crosshead for rubber hose applications[/caption] Davis-Standard, LLC will market elastomer solutions encompassing product capabilities and support services at booth #1A113 during RubberTech China, September 16-18, in Shanghai. This will include the new model 3000A (automatic) crosshead as well as the company’s expanded manufacturing space at Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. As the global extrusion community continues to address the COVID-19 pandemic, Davis-Standard remains steadfast in fulfilling customer needs while keeping the health and safety of employees a priority. “After several months of adapting to the pandemic, we look forward to reconnecting with our customer base in Asia,” said Joe Wnuk, Vice President of Davis-Standard Elastomer and Profile Systems. “Now more than ever, it’s important to look at best practices in terms of equipment performance, employee safety, innovative products and supply chain efficiencies. We are eager to work collaboratively with customers to develop and support solutions specific to the Asian marketplace.” Davis-Standard engineers elastomer equipment for the production of tires, automotive hoses, adhesives and sealants, recreational equipment, construction and medical applications. Elastomer-specific technology is designed for efficiency and performance, including the DSREV extruder and the company’s latest crosshead design, the Model 3000A crosshead for rubber hose applications. This crosshead helps reduce scrap and accelerate start-up times for smaller lots. The results in material savings, quick product changes, simplified maintenance and improved quality are significant. In addition, a hydraulic pump system is not needed and the compact design does not require hoses. According to Wnuk, “One of the best features of this automatic design is the precision adjustment, which contributes to material savings due to tighter tolerances within specifications. This is especially valuable with frequent product and dimension changes, which are becoming more and more common.” The DSREV extruder has a patented pneumatic roll feed system for a uniform and consistent feed rate, electric heating and water-cooling for quicker response times, and feedscrews that maximize output and minimize scorch. Using a gear pump, processors are able to isolate high pressure and achieve pressure stabilization. Davis-Standard’s gear pump is equipped with a two-roll feeder (TRF) for cold feeding or to be used as a stand-alone device for fine mesh straining. Other advantages include improved filtration, reduced material retention time and a smaller footprint to integrate into existing lines. This is all supported by Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastics Packaging Machinery, Co., Ltd., which is central to the company’s customer focus in Asia. Developments in the areas of machine building and assembly, inventory and aftermarket services, field service engineering, and installation at customer sites have been essential to supporting customers. Last year, Davis-Standard added a 35,000 square-foot (3,251 square-meter) facility near the existing Suzhou shop to house control panel assembly and provide warehousing. In an ongoing effort to strengthen efficiencies and customer satisfaction, Davis-Standard’s Suzhou facility achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. This validates processes across the board, internally and externally, and serves as a benchmark for the company’s commitment to operational quality and process improvement. For more information about Davis-Standard elastomer systems prior to the show, visit
Davis-Standard’s Global and Regional Expertise at MedTec China
[caption id="attachment_3965" align="alignnone" width="800"] HPE Medical Series 38mm & 25mm extruders for multi-layer tubing applications.[/caption] Davis-Standard will market its extensive line of medical tubing solutions at booth 2R201 during MedTec China, September 14-16, in Shanghai. This includes complete systems manufactured in the United States, as well as extruders designed in the U.S. and fabricated locally at Davis-Standard’s subsidiary Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Davis-Standard supplies complete systems for a variety of tubing applications such as single lumen, multi-lumen, coextruded and Alternate Polymer® products. This technology supports applications for catheter tubing, endotracheal and tracheostomy tubing, radio-opaque tubing, bump and taper tubing, pipette tubing and more. Complete tubing systems are available directly from Davis-Standard’s headquarters in Pawcatuck, Conn., or supplied locally from Davis-Standard’s Suzhou facility. For extruders and extruder upgrades on existing lines, Davis-Standard has expanded its manufacturing capabilities in Suzhou. All extruders sold in China are engineered and assembled to the same specifications as U.S.-based machines while providing localized support and timely delivery. Extruders can be purchased individually or retrofitted to existing lines to improve outputs, stabilize pressure and melt, and optimize mixing of thermoplastic resins. Davis-Standard’s engineers work directly with customers to determine the best strategy for achieving high line speeds and product tolerance based on application. This regional approach also permits Chinese customers to take advantage of RMB transactions for Davis-Standard equipment without import fees, long transit times, and international shipment costs. In an ongoing effort to strengthen efficiencies and customer satisfaction, Davis-Standard’s Suzhou facility achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. This validates processes across the board, internally and externally, and serves as a benchmark for the company’s commitment to operational quality and process improvement. For more information about Davis-Standard’s medical tubing capabilities prior to the show, visit
Davis-Standard Introduces Next Generation 510A Automatic Die
Davis-Standard is pleased to introduce the next generation 510A die for extrusion coating applications. Engineered with an innovative short lip design and edge bead functionality, it builds on earlier generation Davis-Standard die offerings. Improvements include simplification of the die’s pre-land channel and internal deckling blade for easier cleaning and maintenance. “Essential to this design is a motorized internal and external deckling system for safe and easy operation where internal die channel is optimized for melt flow and deckling adjustment for precision edge bead control,” said, Michael Schröder, Head of Sales EMEA and Product Management at Davis-Standard’s German subsidiary ER-WE-PA GmbH. “This die has shown minimal or no edge trim, and the elimination of high edges during testing. The 510A die is ideal for acid co-polymers, LDPE, LLPE, HDPE and PP resins among others for extrusion coating and lamination onto board, alumimum foil and for flexible packing applications.” For more information about the 510A die and Davis-Standard’s extrusion coating capabilities, visit
Davis-Standard to Promote Range of Technology at Converter’s Expo
[caption id="attachment_4899" align="alignnone" width="901"] Superior technology for optically clear window film from Davis-Standard.[/caption]

Davis-Standard will promote a broad portfolio of technology solutions August 24-25, 2020, at Lambeau Field Atrium in Green Bay, Wisc., in booth 93. Davis-Standard will highlight standard and tailored liquid coating lines for window and paint protection, specialty products, PSA and silicone release liners, as well as their inline and offline unwind and winding options for diverse applications. The complementary portfolio of Deacro Industries, acquired by Davis-Standard last year, will also be promoted. Deacro will be promoting their slitting, rewinding and web handling capabilities for a range of flexible packaging applications in booth 17.

Davis-Standard’s liquid coating lines are designed for uniform coat weights with technology for quick change and reduced waste. The cartridge coater enables quick web width change-over, a fast-sleeve change system without breaking the web, feature auto trim start and increased productivity. Unwinds are built with a reliable high-speed splice for reduced waste, stub roll capability and to minimize tail length.

Winders feature stationary knife transfer for high-speed transfers and reduced fold-over waste. Control systems reduce “dial-in” time and include process monitoring and troubleshooting to assist with performance. Davis-Standard is also able to retrofit existing lines to improve performance.

Davis-Standard collaborates with customers to offer standard and custom liquid coating options to serve global film and flexible packaging, construction, automotive and medical converting markets. The company also offers comprehensive product development in their state-of-the-art technology solutions centers as well as 24/7 after-sales support and service.

For more information about liquid coating equipment options prior to the show, visit For Deacro Industries, visit

Davis-Standard Introduces dsX™ Aseptic Coating and Laminating Line
                  In response to increased demand for aseptic packaging technology for emerging markets, Davis-Standard has introduced the dsX Aseptic 400 triplex extrusion coating and laminating line. This best-in-class solution offers quick changes, waste reduction and precision web handling for maximum widths of 1,350mm (53 inches) and speeds from 250 to 400 mpm (820 to 1,312 fpm). It is designed for paper, aluminum foils and/or films used in aseptic and liquid carton board packaging products. “We have sold aseptic lines with similar outputs in the past, but based on market analysis, there was a need for a dedicated product line for emerging markets,” said, Michael Schröder, Head of Sales EMEA and Product Management at Davis-Standard’s German subsidiary ER-WE-PA GmbH. “The dsX Aseptic 400 is pre-engineered to provide optimum specifications for emerging market customers in terms of output and technology for process efficiency.” Davis-Standard is the global market leader in extrusion lamination lines for aseptic packaging products. This line configuration reflects that leadership with customization options to address diverse structures, including those used for aseptic and fresh milk/beverage filling machines. According to Michael Schröder, another advantage is Davis-Standard’s regional after-sale service and support, and more than 100 global references for similar applications. “One of the most significant benefits to customers in emerging markets is knowing they are getting value for first-rate technology and service, which is based on experience,” he said. “Each component on this line is designed for performance and efficiency, and we have the global resources to support them.” For more information about films and flexible packaging equipment options, visit Photo caption: The dsX™ Aseptic 400 triplex extrusion coating and laminating line is engineered for emerging markets.
Cutting Waste | May 2020 edition of Film and Sheet Extrusion Magazine
Check out the latest article by Davis-Standard's Senior Product Engineer Ken Piora     Read the full article here  
Davis-Standard’s Packaging Solutions Deliver Consistency and Quality
The protective properties of packaging used for medical, healthcare and food products have proven especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic. As converters have ramped up production, the necessity of quality processes and equipment to maintain packaging integrity while boosting outputs has been paramount. Davis-Standard’s flexible packaging solutions are not only built for reliable outputs, quick changes and minimal waste, but are proven in terms of rigorous technical and business demands. Single-source responsibility from unwind to winder, an operator-friendly platform, and a global network have enabled Davis-Standard to help customers improve processes while offsetting costs in a high margin business.     Advantages of Davis-Standard’s flexible packaging solutions can be found in each line component. Unwinds are engineered with a high-speed splice for reduced waste, stub roll capability and to minimize tail length. Extruder packages offer gauge control and uniformity while allowing flexibility with extruder configuration and screw design. Coaters and laminators support seamless and expedient change-overs, excellent adhesion properties, as well as auto-trim start for safety. Winders feature stationary knife transfer for high-speed transfers and reduced fold-over waste. Control systems reduce “dial-in” time and offer process monitoring and troubleshooting to assist with performance. Recipe storage, integrated control for third party equipment, custom drive control, pressure and gauging systems, trending and diagnostics analysis add to efficiency. All technology is backed by Davis-Standard’s customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as vast global resources. Davis-Standard is also available to support customers with R&D and new product development. For more information about flexible packaging equipment options, visit Photo caption: Davis-Standard’s flexible packaging lines are engineered for reliable outputs, quick changes and minimal waste.
ER-WE-PA Customizes Calender Unit for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
ER-WE-PA GmbH, Davis-Standard’s German subsidiary, recently installed a custom five-roller calender unit for a global adhesive tape manufacturer. Designed to customer specifications at our recently ISO-9001-2015 certified ER-WE-PA facility in Erkrath, this machine features a unique design to accommodate layer thickness precision, reproducibility, processing flexibility and operator accessibility. ER-WE-PA is supporting converting customers by engineering innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, says Michael Krämer, Managing Director of ER-WE-PA. “Specifically for this customer, we took proven technology and customized various components to address sensitive adhesive processes. Even when subjected to significant shear forces, this machine is equipped to consistently control gap size within the micron range during production. The customer is very pleased with the performance in terms of increased capacity of current products and the potential for future growth.” The calender unit is capable of supporting a variety of materials including foams, fabrics, PET or MOPP, or coated products using five different application techniques. The calender rolls are individually adjustable in longitudinal and transverse directions, and the machine design enables a quick exchange of each pair of rolls. This makes it possible to process variable layer thicknesses with different viscosities. All essential machine functions and process parameters are automatically controlled. For more information about ER-WE-PA’s capabilities or Davis-Standard’s, visit Photo Caption: Five-roller calender unit capable of supporting a variety of materials including foams, fabrics, PET or MOPP, or coated products.
Airlite Plastics Expands Capacity with Davis-Standard Sheet Line
Airlite Plastics Company has expanded production capabilities at its plant in Nazareth, Pennsylvania with a semi-custom Davis-Standard sheet line. The new line, installed in 2019, supports Airlite’s thin-gauge sheet production for products of various thicknesses and textures. This includes proprietary Orthoform® sheet used in fabricating orthotics and prosthetics, the primary market supported by the company’s Pennsylvania Division. Davis-Standard engineered the line for strict repeatability, gauge control, product consistency and low scrap, which are essential to Airlite’s highly controlled processes. Airlite operates five sheet lines at the plant, all from Davis-Standard brand companies, to support customers from the U.S. and Canada, as well as a growing international clientele. “Davis-Standard’s equipment has performed really well for us and that is part of the reason we are a return customer. The thing that influenced us the most is the service from Davis-Standard’s team,” said Tony Alfieri, vice president and general manager of the Pennsylvania Division, Airlite Plastics Company. “From the initial quote request through the manufacturing process and start-up, to aftersale service and support, we always get a great response. The new line is being used for our Orthoform® products and some other customized work we do in thermoforming, die-cutting, printing and lamination applications.” Alfieri said the right equipment combination is important because thin-gauge sheet production is challenging. His plant schedules operations around processing a unique mix of sheet thicknesses from 0.16 to .25 inches (4 to 6mm), and with different textures ranging from smooth to haircell. For example, the sheet used for Orthoform® is drape-formed using a very specific resin. The ability to manufacture this type of sheet with reliability and accuracy is the company’s niche along with a “can do” mindset of taking on projects other extruders do not. Projects such as smaller batch custom colors, exotic resin blends, laminates and R&D are all part of Airlite’s service portfolio. As such, the design of the new Davis-Standard line reflects a collaborative effort between Davis-Standard and Alfieri’s team. Key components of the new line include a Thermatic® III extruder, DS-eVue control system, screen changer package, die, melt pump, and XP Express® PS series roll stand system with a unique roll configuration to ensure quality and consistency. According to Steve DeAngelis, vice president of sheet, fiber, foam and reprocessing at Davis-Standard, “This line is a great example of how Davis-Standard is equipped to support customers who serve the medical industry. Since we are a single-source supplier, we have more control over every component, which is essential for ensuring customers like Airlite can depend on their investment. We are grateful for their business and wish them much success as they continue to grow their business.” “Engineering and installing a complete sheet line is a huge undertaking with a lot of attention to detail. This project was smooth and on a tight schedule with Davis-Standard’s expertise benefitting us every step of the way,” added Alfieri. “Our customers choose us because we can fine-tune their process for repeatability. We focus on prioritizing the process and not pushing the pounds, which has been a key part of our success. Knowing we have the technology to make that happen is critical.” For more information about Airlite Plastics, visit For more information about Davis-Standard’s sheet technology, visit Photo Caption: Tony Alfieri with the newly installed Thermatic® III extruder and  DS-eVue control system - sheet line for Orthoform® product production.