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Brad Sprague Joins Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket Group
Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that Brad Sprague has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager Aftermarket – Midwest Region.
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Davis-Standard’s Elastomer Solutions at RubberTech China
Davis-Standard, LLC will market elastomer solutions encompassing product capabilities and support services at booth #1A113 during RubberTech China, September 16-18,
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ACI Plastics and PreZero Invest in Davis-Standard Reclaim Extruders for Sustainable Recycling Operation
ACI Plastics, a U.S. leader in post-industrial plastics reprocessing, will install two Davis-Standard reclaim extruders at its new South Carolina plant in early 2020 with two more slated for a fourth-quarter installation in California. The extruders will be used to pelletize scrap materials from the mixed rigid plastics, including the production of PE and PP plastic pellets for resale. The expansion is part of ACI’s partnership with PreZero, a global waste management and recycling firm that invests in new technologies, systems, and processes committed to long-term environmental sustainability. With PreZero’s support, ACI Plastics will expand its footprint for closed-loop sustainable processing of film and rigid plastics to better support customers nationwide. In addition to the South Carolina plant and forthcoming California facility, ACI has operations in Arizona, Nebraska and Michigan. “Being able to offer great products with significant environmental benefits and cost savings is increasingly important,” said Scott Melton, President of ACI Plastics. “Our process expertise combined with PreZero’s technical innovation and resources is expanding access to our services nationwide. In addition, we have been very diligent in our equipment selection. We chose Davis-Standard as our extruder provider because of a successful history that spans almost 20 years. A Davis-Standard extruder we purchased in 2000 has operated non-stop without issue.” He added, “We also appreciate the service provided by Gerry Sposato, our Davis-Standard representative, who has been very responsive in addressing both equipment engineering needs and price requirements.” ACI offers services in size reduction, plastic separation, paint removal, compounding, blending and logistics for a range of automotive scrap materials, including technology for recycling multi-layer automotive instrument panels (IPs) and door panels. In addition to reclaimed pellets, ACI can supply pellets derived from virgin materials with a compounding capacity of over 40,000,000 pounds per year. Davis-Standard extruders are a good fit for ACI’s commitment to sustainable practices due to minimal maintenance and operating costs, and in Davis-Standard’s ability to stock and readily ship spare parts. ACI also appreciates that the extruders are manufactured domestically. Melton said, “We anticipate adding two more Davis-Standard extruders in the fourth quarter of 2020 when the California plant is completed. The goal of PreZero to ‘reduce the waste of resources across the entire value chain to zero’ is an aspiration we are proud to be engaged in as we expand our capabilities. We are also grateful for equipment suppliers like Davis-Standard in helping us make that happen.” For more information about ACI Plastics, visit For more information about PreZero, visit For more information about Davis-Standard’s reclaim capabilities, visit  
Jim Murphy, President of Davis-Standard featured in Plastics Machinery Magazine Article
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Davis-Standard’s Global Presence at Plastprintpack 2020
Davis-Standard will promote its global equipment platform at Plastprintpack in Lagos, Nigeria (tradeshow postponed, date to follow) at booth H.04, hall 1. Davis-Standard’s sales representative, Dr. Anye Chifen, the managing director of ENGICCS, will be available to discuss technology and provide information for cast film, extrusion coating, liquid coating, blown film and aftermarket services. Dr. Chifen will give a presentation on converting technologies, “Functions and Applications for Flexible Packaging Laminates” (bags and pouches, barrier, extended shelf-life, laminates, lidding films, and non-food) on March 26 at 10:45 a.m. Davis-Standard’s global equipment platform includes: Aftermarket Capabilities – Davis-Standard’s ability to service equipment for nearly every extrusion and converting application, including non-Davis-Standard brands, is one of the company’s greatest advantages. This includes an extensive spare parts inventory, timely 24/7-customer service, global technical capabilities, and rebuild and retrofit services. Cast Film – Davis-Standard offers a stretch film line that redefines modular efficiency for high-grade film operations. This technology is the new standard for stretch film line configurations. Advantages include a compact machine arrangement, ease of operation and servicing, excellent profile control, consistent roll quality and an intuitive control package. The system is engineered for producing thin films from 7.8 microns to 13 microns (31-to 51-gauge) at high speeds. Winding/Unwinding – Davis-Standard’s side-by-side DS S3 winder enables maximum slit widths for hand-wrap, machine-wrap and jumbo rolls. All rolls are discharged on the downstream end of the winder and are conveyed to a common side of the line to simplify roll packing and future automation. There is an auxiliary lay-on roll to eliminate top-wind waste during transfer, optimizing roll quality and eliminating outer wrap transfer waste. There is a 30-second cycle time regardless of the number of slit widths, ideal for hand-wrap products. Specific to CPP films, Davis-Standard offers the horizontal ironing roll winder. This winder has an adjustable ironing roll which allows the converter to control the amount of air introduced into the winding roll, substantially reducing “tin canning,” a common issue when running CPP. Horizontal Winder tailored design for best-in-class-speed for thin gauge structures. Technology for inline slitting enabling reduced waste and operational automation. Davis-Standard’s recent acquisition of Deacro has augmented these equipment options with high-performance slitting, rewinding and roll handling equipment for the converting process of paper, film and foil materials. Extrusion Coating – Davis-Standard addresses basic applications all the way up to high-speed, complex requirements. Systems are engineered for everything from high-quality flexible packaging, thermal lamination and stand-up pouches, to lidding, tube, and aseptic films. Specifications can be customized based on market requirements and investment plans. The Davis-Standard’s dsX flex-pack™ system provides converters and package printers with a high-value, competitively-priced package. An adaptable machine configuration gives processors the flexibility to compete in a variety of emerging application markets including salted snack and noodle bags, toothpaste tubes, personal care products, condiment packs and stand-up pouches. Production benefits include product consistency, excellent bonding strength, greater uptime and productivity, and reduced waste and production costs. The economic benefit of these 1,500 fpm (450 mpm) machines is enabling many regional converters to distinguish themselves from the competition. Davis Standard is the Global standard for Aseptic lines with the highest production speed and process efficiency, tailored of line components for your needs and structure, including waste reduction with inline recycling system and energy savings with energy-efficient heater design- EEACEH. Greater uptime – quick recipe change with high automation grade and easy maintenance. Liquid Coating – Davis-Standard’s curtain slide coater and five-roll silicone coater combine versatility with performance. The curtain slide coater applies single layer coatings at rates up to 2800 fpm (853 mpm) with expansion capabilities up to two additional layers. The five-roll silicone coater is capable of applying 100 percent silicone at rates up to 2400 fpm (732 mpm). This coater is constructed of stainless steel for ease of cleanup and includes a mist removal system. Davis-Standard supports liquid coating for slow or high-speed applications, cleanroom environments, film or paper substrates, ultra-thin and ultra-thick coatings, and precision coating and drying. Blown Film – Davis-Standard supplies extrusion systems for applications in high-barrier food packaging, agricultural films, geomembrane, stretch film, printing and laminating films, flexible packaging, collation shrink films and stretch hooders. For films that require enhanced clarity and flexibility, Davis-Standard offers the Aquafrost® water-quench system. Other options include industry-leading Vector® air rings, DSB® feedscrew designs, and Streamlined Coextrusion Die (SCD®), Optiflow and Vertex dies, each designed to process specific films. Davis-Standard also supplies downstream and terminal equipment as well as MDO’s, oscillating haul offs, and winders to optimize web handling and output goals. These solutions can accommodate standard applications as well as complex substrates and structures requiring precise tension control to ensure quality while minimizing waste. Automation options are available to reduce cycle time and augment benefits from increased outputs. For more information about Plastprintpack, visit; ENGICCS, visit; and Davis-Standard, visit Photo caption: Davis-Standard’s DS S3 winder for hand-wrap, machine-wrap and jumbo rolls
Zachary Ament Promoted to Davis-Standard Executive Vice President – Davis-Standard Leader Ernie Plasse to Retire after 46-Year Career
                Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that Zachary Ament has been promoted to Executive Vice President effective March 6, 2020. He will replace longtime Davis-Standard employee and team leader Ernie Plasse who is retiring. Ament has been with Davis-Standard for over seven years, most recently serving as Vice President of Business Development. In that role, he has been heavily involved in the development and tactical execution of Davis-Standard’s organizational strategy across the global organization including mergers, acquisitions, strategic agreements and more, positioning him well to assume Plasse’s role. “Ernie’s leadership, industry knowledge and vast experience will be greatly missed,” said Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard’s President and CEO. “He’s had an extraordinary 46-year career at Davis-Standard. His humility and work ethic set an excellent example for our entire team at Davis-Standard, and we wish him all the best in retirement.” Murphy added, “Zachary will do an outstanding job in this role and has been working alongside Ernie to ensure a smooth transition. We look forward to his perspective and leadership as we continue our commitment to outstanding customer service.” Plasse began his career as a stockroom clerk at Sterling Blow Molding, (a Davis-Standard brand) in 1973, and assumed greater roles of responsibility in the years to come, eventually becoming the vice president of manufacturing at Sterling. He relocated to Davis-Standard’s headquarters in Pawcatuck, Conn., in 1994. Plasse continued to excel in various leadership roles, leading to his current role as executive vice president – aftermarket in 2013. The entire Davis-Standard family wishes him well in retirement.
SIG Combibloc Invests in Coating Line from ER-WE-PA GmbH
SIG is a leading system and solutions provider for aseptic packaging. The company has several locations worldwide and works in partnership with its customers to bring food and beverage products to customers in a safe, sustainable and affordable way. Michael Schröder, Head of Sales EMEA and Product Management said, “We look forward to working collaboratively with the team at SIG to ensure their new line is equipped for the company’s current application range while allowing for new growth. Their approach of sustainable processing and quality products aligns well with our equipment objectives.” “We are excited to partner with SIG on this extrusion coating line. Our equipment has a reputation for being best-in-class in terms of speed, quick changes and waste reduction. We are able to address their unique film structures, regulatory requirements and environmental sustainability in a manner that will give them a competitive advantage. Our global Davis-Standard network will also be valuable in terms of aftermarket support and service.”  The system is slated for installation in 2020.  For more information about Davis-Standard’s extrusion coating capabilities, please visit For more information and SIG products, please visit
Q1 2020 Davis-Standard Global Review
Hot off the press is our first Global Review Newsletter of 2020! There is so much happening at Davis-Standard and we want to share our latest news and updates with you. Click below to read volume 48.
ER-WE-PA GmbH Achieves ISO Certification
                                In an ongoing effort to strengthen efficiencies and customer satisfaction, Davis-Standard’s subsidiary in Germany, ER-WE-PA GmbH, recently achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. The certification validates ER-WE-PA’s processes across the board, internally and externally, and serves as a benchmark for the company’s commitment to operational quality and process improvement. “In supporting the goals of our recent realignment, all of our processes are focused on the ongoing fulfillment of customer requirements. ISO is an essential part of this as it demands the implementation of a demonstrated quality management system, promoting a holistic approach to evaluating your operation,” said Michael Krämer, Managing Director of Davis-Standard GmbH. At the core of ISO certification is the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements while also enhancing customer fulfillment through an effective quality management system ( All issues are addressed at the source to support best practices. “ISO certification is also important from the standpoint of our facility being the product line leader for aseptic packaging machinery within the Davis-Standard organization,” added Krämer. “It will ensure every aspect of our business is on par with industry-wide quality standards. Our employees and customers can expect a sustainable approach that holds us accountable to what we promise as part of the Davis-Standard family.”  Photo Caption: ISO 9001 2018 Certification with our Germany team
Davis-Standard to Showcase TPE Tubing and ABS Filament Line at MD&M West 2020
Davis-Standard, LLC will exhibit a running TPE tubing and ABS filament line at booth 4024 during MD&M West in Anaheim, Calif., February 11 – 13, 2020. The line will demonstrate processing versatility by running TPE tubing on the first two days of the show and ABS filament on day three. The line is capable of processing a variety of flexible tubing materials at speeds up to 300 feet per minute (91 mpm). “This line is an excellent example of a space-saving system that can be used for both medical and industrial tubing. We have numerous larger scale lines like this one in the field, capable of running in excess of 800 feet per minute,” said Kevin Dipollino, Davis-Standard’s Sr. Product Manager of Pipe, Profile and Tubing Systems. “For purposes of the show, we want to demonstrate a smaller footprint and functionality for line speeds up to 300 feet per minute when space is a limiting factor. The line also features a turn sheave to enable processing at a 90-degree angle to accommodate additional space limitations such as those found in cleanroom environments.” Line components include a Davis-Standard 2-inch (50mm) Super Blue® Extruder with our e-TPC-II controls, a Guill spiral crosshead die and tooling, a Conair 12-foot multipass vacuum sizing tank, a servo puller and automatic and transfer coiler, and Zumbach OD/ID wall gauge and control system. The TPE material will be supplied by Teknor Apex. Davis-Standard has worked with Guill, Conair and Zumbach for many years to supply complete systems solutions to customers. The TPE tubing that will run at the show will measure 0.145” OD by 0.0108”ID and the ABS filament rod will be 1.75mm OD. Every line component is engineered for tight tolerances, consistent quality and output efficiency. The DS-eTPC II control has become a popular option for medical tubing processors, adding flexibility to support more applications at an attractive price point. It has a larger 15-inch (380mm) viewing screen with multi-touch capabilities to enable zoom-in and out, as well as extruder control for up to three extruders with real-time and historical data trending. The DS-eTPC also has integration capabilities for vendor downstream equipment to enable communication and line control from one location. Other benefits include an increase of heat-only zones from four to eight, with an option up to 20; two auxiliary drives; a remote set-point; and speed trim via discrete inputs from gauging equipment. Davis-Standard representatives at the show will include Kevin Dipollino, Dr. Jason Baird, Tyler McKenna and Glenn Beasley. For more information about the show, visit: To add Davis-Standard to your show planner, visit: For more information about Davis-Standard’s pipe, profile and tubing capabilities visit: Photo Caption: Super Blue® Extruder with our e-TPC-II. Advantages of this design include double reduction gearboxes with helical carburized gears, an integral high capacity thrust bearing, cast iron feed section, bimetallic barrel and heated clamp arrangement, DSBM-T™ barrier mixing feedscrew and integrated control cabinet.
James Johnson Joins Davis-Standard as Regional Sales Manager
Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that James Johnson has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager, Sheet and Foam, for the Southeast region of the U.S. He will support customer sales and service in the states of TN, NC, MS, AL, GA, SC, MO, OK, AR, TX, LA. This includes collaboration with customers to asses equipment needs and requirements, support of product engineering, equipment upgrades, cost-assessment and production strategies. He comes to Davis-Standard from Polymer Systems, Inc. where he was a sales engineer. Prior to that, he was with Shurtape Technologies.   “James brings industry sales, manufacturing and adhesives experience to his position, which will be beneficial to our sheet and foam business,” said Steve DeAngelis, Davis-Standard Vice President, Sheet and Foam Systems. “His communication and technical abilities, knowledge of the Southeast, and ability to address complex issues and deliver results will serve customers well.” Johnson is a graduate of East Carolina University and holds a yellow belt in Lean Six Sigma. He will be based in Hickory, North Carolina. If you need to reach James, please call our offices at 860-599-1010.
Rich Kanarski to Lead Davis-Standard’s Technical Product Team
Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that Rich Kanarski has been appointed Manager – Technical Product Management. Effective January 1, he will lead efforts to drive the evolution of technologies associated with key product lines in support of Davis-Standard’s strategic plan. The new role involves a combination of tactical and strategic activities centered on advancing product performance. Kanarski and his team will collaborate with suppliers and customers to evaluate market trends and capabilities and develop technology accordingly. Kanarski has been with Davis-Standard the last seven years, most recently as a Process Engineer with converting systems. He has worked closely with product management, application engineering, sales and field service teams to help specify and optimize extrusion processes. During this time, he has developed relationships with colleagues worldwide and has supported customers in all project phases. This includes on-site sales meetings, process support, start-ups and commissioning, acceptance and ongoing troubleshooting. Prior to Davis-Standard, he was at Coperion where he led extrusion technology scale-up and development for research programs serving polyolefin, bio-plastics, food and pharmaceutical businesses.   “Rich is a talented and experienced leader with established relationships and practical technical expertise,” said Rich Pastor, Vice President of Operations at Davis-Standard facility in Fulton, N.Y. “His move into this strategic role will be beneficial to customers and our teams as we address future market trends and customer requirements worldwide.” In addition to his professional role, Kanarski has expanded his industry presence and networking by participating in technical conferences and tradeshows. He is currently on the SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) Board of Directors, Extrusion Division. As part of SPE board leadership, he supports efforts in member services including recruitment and outreach activities, serves on the technical paper review committee, the finance committee and young professionals committee. If you would like to contact Rich, please call our main office at 860.599.1010. For more information about Davis-Standard, visit
Davis-Standard’s Model 3000A Crosshead Embodies Smart Technology for Hose Applications
In an effort to continually improve system productivity through smarter technology, Davis-Standard has introduced the Model 3000A (automatic) crosshead for rubber hose applications. As overhead costs for labor, energy and materials put pressure on the margins, it is essential to have faster, more versatile equipment to merge economics with sustainability. The Model 3000A crosshead is an example of this technology, enabling hose manufacturers to reduce scrap and attain faster start-up times for smaller lots. Material savings, quick product changes, simplified maintenance, reduced scrap and improved quality equate to competitive efficiency. “Every component on the Model 3000A is engineered to improve processing while providing cost savings,” said Joe Wnuk, Vice President, Davis-Standard Elastomer and Profile Systems. “There are production advantages when the crosshead is used as part of a fully integrated and automated elastomer line, or when used separately as a second step in the manufacturing process. In many cases, the return on investment can be realized in less than a year.” The Model 3000A incorporates an automatic, servo-driven concentricity adjustment system. This new, proprietary system allows for adjustment of the core tube/tip assembly with a simple, accurate joystick control. This enables the operator to easily minimize eccentricity, maximize concentricity, and reduce downtime during product changeovers. In addition, the servo drives enable monitoring and adjustments throughout the run to account for lot-to-lot variations, day/night variations, and corrections for gum space adjustments. A hydraulic pump system is not necessary and the compact design does not require hoses. Additional features such as a tapered mandrel and highly engineered flow paths ensure consistent flow through all speed ranges. The thrust bearing supported core tube/pin assembly enables wall thickness modification under pressure without interruption. Die adjusting screws are located in removable inserts to protect the body from thread damage. A larger surface area in the water jacket improves heat transfer efficiency. Models are available to accommodate 2-inch (50mm), 3-inch (76mm), 4.5-inch (102mm) and 5.5-inch (140mm) diameter braids. Wnuk added, “One of the best features of this automatic design is the precision adjustment. This contributes to material savings due to tighter tolerances within specifications. This is especially valuable with frequent product and dimension changes, which are becoming more and more common in the industry. We look forward to seeing the benefits of the crosshead for customers worldwide.” Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket group is available to review your existing elastomer line to determine how the new Model 3000A crosshead can improve your efficiency and bottom line. Wendell Whipple, Vice President, Global Aftermarket Sales, said “In addition to new lines the Model 3000A crosshead can be integrated into an existing line. In most cases, existing Model 2000 crossheads may be upgraded with this new automatic technology”. Contact us today to inquire on this upgrade. For more information about Davis-Standard’s elastomer capabilities for hose production, visit For more information about Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket services, visit
Davis-Standard Acquires Deacro Industries
Davis-Standard, LLC announced today that it has acquired Deacro Industries, Ltd (“Deacro”) of Mississauga, Ontario. Deacro ( designs, manufactures and assembles high-performance slitting, rewinding and roll handling equipment for the converting process of paper, film and foil materials. “Deacro is a market leader in high-performance slitting and rewinding equipment technology for flexible packaging applications and we are excited to welcome their dedicated team to Davis-Standard,” said Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard President and CEO. Murphy added “We are enthusiastic about this opportunity with Deacro; our organizations share a common focus on providing our customers solutions, service and technology.” Clarence Beishuizen, President of Deacro Industries Ltd., remarked on transaction. “We are very pleased to join Davis-Standard, an organization that shares our business values and long-standing reputation as a global leader in the industry,” he said. “With Davis-Standard we have a partner that is committed to our customers, employees and advancing technology. Deacro will continue to operate and serve its customers as before and we are enthusiastic about our opportunities with Davis-Standard.” Murphy concluded with, “This is an exciting day for both organizations as we begin our future together.” Photo caption: Pictured is Deacro’s Model T800 duplex twin-turret slitter, which provides unloading of finished rolls and core set-up while simultaneously running web.