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Davis-Standard’s Regional Expertise at Chinaplas 2019
                Davis-Standard, LLC will promote the company’s equipment innovation and regional growth at
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Coastal Plastics Equipment to Represent Davis-Standard in New England and Upstate New York
Davis-Standard, LLC is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Coastal Plastics Equipment Inc. to act as a
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Rani Plast Excels with Seven-Layer Davis-Standard Line
In only two years since installing a seven-layer Davis-Standard blown film line, Rani Plast of Finland is experiencing profitable outcomes
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Davis-Standard’s Global Equipment Platform with Bernal Industrial and Grupo Janfrex at Plastimagen Mexico® 2019
  Davis-Standard, LLC will promote the company’s full line of extrusion and converting technology during PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® in Mexico City,
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Past News

Davis-Standard to Host Seminar on Basics of Plastics Extrusion
  Davis-Standard, LLC will host its popular workshop on “The Basics of Plastics Extrusion,” October 6 & 7, 2015 at its headquarters in Pawcatuck, Conn. The comprehensive two-day class will cover the fundamentals of plastics extrusion, as well as the composition and properties of various polymers and the mechanics of essential downstream processes. Seminar topics include extruder components, temperature control, maintenance and screw design. In addition to instruction, course participants will tour Davis-Standard’s Technology Center and manufacturing facilities, and will have access to polymer process engineers and technical specialists. The fee is $750 per person with a 10 percent discount given for groups of three or more. Course books and materials are included and class size is limited to promote student/teacher interaction. For enrollment or more information about Davis-Standard’s seminar, contact Debbie Crowley at
Davis-Standard Control Options Simplify Upgrades
  Multi-level control upgrades from Davis-Standard make keeping up with system technology convenient and affordable. Upgrades for Davis-Standard’s three most widely used control systems – the DS-eTPC, DS-eVUE and and EPIC III® – are continually available to address a wide range of process requirements and budgets. These controls are built to support both Davis-Standard and non Davis-Standard equipment, making them a viable solution when upgrading or replacing obsolete systems. “Controls are one of the first things to become obsolete, yet one of the easiest to upgrade,” said John Clemens, Davis-Standard’s Director of Extrusion Controls. “We are one of the few extrusion machinery manufacturers to engineer, procure, assemble and test system controls in-house. This single-source accountability provides a signficant advantage when it comes to reliability and customer service. Certain upgrades also come equipped with our ReACT support system, making it possible to do remote troubleshooting via a secure Internet connection. We want to make the controls process as expedient and budget-friendly as possible.” Davis-Standard’s DS-eTPC is a discrete touch-panel solution that replaces discrete temperature controllers, pressure indicators and controllers, driver operators and indicators. It includes a 12.1-inch color touch-screen with built-in PLC line controls designed for easy replacement of older controls. It is capable of controlling three extruders at once, making it idea for laboratory lines as well as basic blown film, elastomer, profile and sheet applications. The DS-eVUE, designed for mid-range processes, replaces obsolete PLC controls and older computer supervisory systems. Upgrades include software and hardware updates, graphic overview, custom reports, historical trending, event log, data collection, electronic signature and more. On this system, Davis-Standard can replace the PLC and drives to reflect the latest industry standards. This option includes the ReACT upgrade. Typically these systems are used for medical tubing, pipe and profile and elastomer applications. For larger custom processes, Davis-Standard recommends the EPIC III. As with the DS-eVUE, this system is equipped with ReACT and can be upgraded or used to replace older or obsolete controls. This is the most full-featured control system offered by Davis-Standard with Windows®-based touchscreen control and advanced supervisory features. It is available with a 23-inch wide-screen monitor, panel-mounted fanless PC, solid-state drive, detailed graphic overview and custom report feature, historical trending, event log and data collection, multi-level secruity and network capability. This system is typically used for wire and cable, sheet and select tubing applications. For more information about Davis-Standard’s control systems upgrades and capabilities, contact John Clemens at
James Murphy Appointed President and CEO of Davis-Standard, LLC
  Davis-Standard, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of James Murphy as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Murphy has been an integral part of Davis-Standard for more than 25 years, progressing through various leadership roles in sales and engineering management. He is also one of the most respected and active leaders in the plastics industry, most recently serving as chairman of NPE 2015. Prior to this promotion, Murphy was a member of Davis-Standard’s Office of the President and responsible for leading Davis-Standard’s Sales and Marketing efforts. In his new role, he will be supported by a strong leadership team in the United States, Europe and Asia. “I am honored by the opportunity to lead Davis-Standard and excited about our future,” said Murphy. “The Davis-Standard family is almost 900 strong and working around the clock to serve customers worldwide. We are a market leader with outstanding employees and industry partners. We will continue to work together to build stronger customer relationships, cutting edge technology, and superior service and support.” Robert Geckle, a current member of Davis-Standard’s Board of Directors will support the leadership team as Chairman of the Board. Geckle has been part of the Board of Directors for over a year and has significant executive experience with industrial companies and private equiity. His most recent corporate position was as president of the Textron Fluid and Power Systems Group. Prior to that, he was president of Branson Ultrasonics, the market leader in plastic joining technology. “Jim Murphy’s customer focus, strategic understanding of the markets, and overall experience with this business make him the ideal choice to lead Davis-Standard,” said Geckle. “He has an excellent rapport with customers, partners and suppliers, and has continually proven himself with value-driven results. We have the utmost confidence that Jim will strengthen our foundation as we continue to build a best-in-class company in a highly competitive marketplace.”
Davis-Standard Suzhou Welcomes Industry to Medical Tubing Open House
  An open house at Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd’s lab facility in Suzhou on April 15 welcomed nearly 60 industry leaders from different companies throughout China. This event was the first of many planned at this location. The day’s agenda included presentations on feedscrew and extruder design, microbore tube processing, extrusion of FEP resins, ultrasonic technology, parts and aftermarket services, PEBAX extrusion for medical tubing, and a live demonstration on the lab’s FPVC and Micro Bore tubing lines. Davis-Standard representatives from the U.S. and China as well as representatives from Arkema, Dupont and Zumbach were involved in the presentation. According to Lin Jinzong, General Manager at Suzhou, “The open house was very successful. We plan on having reguarly schedule open houses to share new technology and processes with customers. This is all part of Davis-Standard’s commitment to offering The Global Advantage™ to customers in the region.” The Suzhou lab is equipped with a high speed FPVC extrusion system and multipurpose microbore tubing line to support the continued growth of China’s medical industry. The FPVC line is capable of line speeds from 5 to 100mpm for processing 2mm to 8mm OD tubing with accuracy of +/- 50u. Line components include a 63mm extruder, 8m water cooling, precission internal air supply, OD gauge and combination pullar-cutter. The Multipurpose Micro Bore tubing line is designed for single or dual layer tubing, and single lumen tubing with or without a stripe. It is equipped with two extruders, OD/ID wall thickness measuring and controlling system, close loop control via vaccum sizing tank and puller, and a high level central control system. Both lines are available for customer trials and R&D applications. The Suzhou facility has been a game-changer for Davis-Standard due to regional manufacturing capabilities and the ability to serve every major converting and extrusion coating market in Asia. The main Davis-Standard products being manufactured in Suzhou and sold throughout the region include extruders up to 90mm, PLC control systems as well as high speed FPVC systems for medical tubing. Additionally, the Suzhou facility can assemble and refurbish gear boxes and control panels, and there are plans to add fabrication and assembly of downstream equipment. For more information about Davis-Standard’s capabilities in China, visit
Davis-Standard to Promote dsX™ Technology at Chinaplas
  Davis-Standard is eager to greet customers and potential customers at booth #2.2E31 during Chinaplas in Guangzhou, May 20-23. The company will promote its dsX™ product line including cast film, medical tubing, and packaging technology, and will have representatives present from Asia and its facility in Suzhou, China. Opening the facility in Suzhou has given Davis-Standard a stronger regional presence with localized service and manufacturing to support extrusion and converting applications. The company has seen an uptick in sales throughout the Asian region for feedscrews, control systems, high-speed FPVC systems for medical tubing, and the dsX product line for flexible packaging and medical applications. In fact, Davis-Standard recently sold a dsX flex-pack™, the first of its kind in Asia, and demand for the dsX series continues to grow. “With the increased demand in Asia as well as our continued progress at our Suzhou facility, we anticipate a very busy Chinaplas show.” said Sekeran Muragaiah, Davis-Standard Vice President of Business Development, Asia. “We just recently hosted a successful medical tubing trial and demonstration at our Suzhou laboratory, and customers appreciate our regional presence. Chinaplas is Asia’s largest plastics and rubber exhibition, so we look forward to participating and sharing new developments.” During Chinaplas, Davis-Standard will introduce its new dsX s-tretch™ line for cast film. This line is the first in-line pre-stretch cast film line of its kind enabling processors to produce stronger, thinner film with greater efficiency. Advantages include a comprehensive, flexible and pre-configured design, and a smaller footprint at two meters wide to simplify installation start-up. This line is capable of processing ultra thin films at speeds up to 1,000 meters per minute. With the addition of the dsX s-tretch™, Davis-Standard augments its existing dsX™ technology for medical tubing, extrusion coating, and blown film. The dsX™ machines have been well received in Asia due to a competitive advantage in price, performance and delivery. Demand in Asia has been especially strong for the dsX med-tube™ and dsX flex-pack™ due to continued growth medical tubing and flexible packaging applications. For more information about Davis-Standard’s Global Advantage™ in the ASEAN region, visit
Davis-Standard at MD&M East

Davis-Standard will highlight the company’s latest medical tubing capaiblities at booth #1562 during MD&M East in New York City on June 9-11. Specifically, the company will promote its new MEDD Extruder (Medical Direct Drive Extruder) for tight tolerance tubing. Also, Davis-Standard will promote its medical tubing lab line and dedicated cleanroom located in its Technical Center in Pawcatuck, Conn. Medical tubing continues to be a growth area for Davis-Standard in the U.S. and abroad.

The MEDD offers processors greater materials flexibility in a compact design. It features a replaceable feed section liner, interchangeable barrel assembly and a Windows® based HMI & PLC control system. Davis-Standard has already sold several MEDD extruders to various medical tubing manufactures and the machine has been very well received. The medical tubing lab line in the Pawcatuck facility includes two MEDD extruders and associated downstream equipment located in a climate-controlled “clean room” enviornment. Customers are able to test new resins, make parts for proof-of-concept, and conduct downstream R&D prior to making large capital equipment investments. The line also incorporates Davis-Standard’s patented alternate polymer technology with all components monitored and controlled by the EPIC III® control system.

For more information about Davis-Standard’s Global Advantage™ in medical tubing applications, visit or contact Kevin Dipollino at

Davis-Standard’s Rich Kanarski Nominated to SPE Board
  Davis-Standard’s Rich Kanarski has been nominated to the SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) Board, Extrusion Division. Kanarski will serve as one of two young professionals on the 20-member board to support efforts in member services, including recruitment and outreach activities for others who are new to the extrusion industry. He will also serve on the technical paper review committee, contribute technical articles on a regular basis, and fulfill other leadership responsibilities. Kanarski, a five-year member of SPE, is a process engineer at Davis-Standard supporting the company’s full range of extrusion product lines. “I am honored to be one of the young professionals on the board,” said Kanarski. “I enjoy communicating and interacting with this outstanding community of plastics engineers and professionals. SPE presents an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and advice from experts in various fields, and share ideas. I appreciate the strong foundation that SPE provides in supporting and progressing polymer science and technology.” SPE is the largest, most well-known plastics professional society in the world with nearly 16,000 plastics professionals worldwide. The organization offers technical information, training, networking, and knowledge-sharing for plastics professionals who seek to advance their knowledge and careers. For more information about SPE, visit
Rick Keller Promoted to Davis-Standard’s V.P. of Extrusion Coating and Solution Coating
  Rick Keller has been promoted to Davis-Standard Vice President Extrusion Coating and Solution Coating. Keller previously held the position of Vice President for the company’s blown film business, and established Davis-Standard as a market leader in barrier agricultural films, membranes and agri-stretch films. Keller joined Davis-Standard (Egan) in 1981, working in various roles within the blown film, cast film and extrusion coating product groups. He has extensive experience with Davis-Standard, Egan, and Black Clawson Converting Machinery brands, and is a well-known presenter at technical conferences worldwide. “Davis-Standard is well positioned for further growth and development of product lines for both extrusion and solution coating,” said Keller. “We have an outstanding team to support our global efforts and serve our customers with high-speed web handling technology. Our developments in extrusion energy efficiency, high speed bond strength control, and redesigned machine platforms will be what customers need for the future.” Keller added, “Our goal is to reverse integrate these developments to the existing base of exceptionally robust lines still in operation after 40 to 50 years.” Reporting to Keller will be Frank Orsini, Vice President of Extrusion Coating as well as team of sales professionals and product specialists.
Running Take-Up at Davis-Standard’s Interwire Exhibit
  Davis-Standard will demonstrate a running wire and cable take-up along with capstan and extruder technology at booth #1524 during Interwire, April 27-30 in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2200mm take-up being shown is part of Davis-Standard’s new line of traversing and collapsible take-ups and pay-offs. These designs offer a smaller overall footprint and enhanced operator ergonomics. Davis-Standard will also feature a caterpillar capstan and HPE extruder. The new take-ups and pay-offs integrate simplified engineering and cost efficiency. This has been well received by the industry with over 25 of these machines being sold over the past few months. Machine sizes range from 1,250mm to 5,000mm (48 to 195 inches) with the greatest concentration within the 1,800mm to 2,500mm (70 to 98 inches) size range. Each is available with a North American standard controls platform, which includes a Yaskawa A-1000 AC drive and Allen-Bradley/Rockwell components encompassing servo drive, PLC (programmable logic controller) and HMI (human machine interface). For international projects, machines are equipped with a Siemens AC drive, PLC and HMI with a Mitsubishi servo drive. Technology is available as “stand-alone” (running in torque control) with a dancer or with an accumulator. Also being shown is a caterpillar capstan and an HPE extruder. The capstan being shown features multiple independently loaded pressure tracks. Davis-Standard supplies multi-pass, linear and belt wrap capstans for the full range of wire and cable applications. The HPE offers a compact design and is one of the industry’s most widely used extruders. It is known for a fast delivery and rugged design that is energy efficient and easy to maintain. Advantages for wire and cable application include increased torque capacity for high viscosity resins and custom options. The ability to address market demand in terms of performance and cost efficiency is just one aspect of Davis-Standard’s Global Advantage™ in wire and cable. Another is Davis-Standard’s unmatched experience in supplying extruders and associated wire and cable equipment for more than 70 years. Applications include aerial cable, building wire, coaxial and composite cable, video pair cable, tray cable, CATV, THHM and THWN wire among others. For more information, visit
Versatility of XP Express™ Supports Hundreds of Applications
  Davis-Standard’s XP Express™ PS (packaging sheet) roll stand system, which will be shown at NPE, booth W6144, has proven its worth in both applications and efficiency. As the specification “PS” indicates, this model is primarily used for packaging processes involving PP, APET and PS for products used in the growing beverage and prepared food distribution markets. It is also equipped for sheet extrusion incorporating EVA, TPA and vinyl acetate copolymers for solar energy applications and for processing barrier structures with more than 100 layers. These capabilities have been advantageous to customers who supply extruded sheet to an increasingly diverse end-use marketplace. The XP Express is engineered for direct extrusion, in-line thermoforming, or production of roll stock for subsequent off-line thermoforming. It is capable of processes up to 8,000 pounds per hour and features hands-free dynamic roll gap control through the full product range to support operator control from a single point. This roll stand can accommodate multi-layer sheet, single and multi-barrier sheet, EVOH, PVDC, nylon barrier, PP, PE APET, PLA, CPET and ABS sheet. End-use applications encompass food packaging and containers, personal care products, liquid containment, appliance liners, agricultural and horticultural products, and point of purchase displays. Ancillary equipment is integrated and designed based on individual application. Davis-Standard takes great care to ensure that all production systems match up with the end product. Options include: lamination equipment; rolls, baths and troughs for expanded cooling; post embossing and conditioning for heavy gauge sheet; dip tanks, roll coaters, and electrostatic for sheet treating; web accumulators; slitting stations; thickness control; shear and stack; and single and multiple web winding. In addition to the XP Express, Davis-Standard has advanced its direct drive motor technology, low energy heaters and high-speed extruders to optimize sheet extrusion efficiency and outputs. This has enabled the company to support significant growth in processes that require larger equipment, in-line thermoforming, and capabilities for running multiple resins without excessive changeovers. For more information about the XP Express or Davis-Standard’s sheet extrusion capabilities, contact Steve DeAngelis at
Davis-Standard to Showcase Advantages of Direct Drive Technology at NPE
  To demonstrate the superior performance of direct drive extrusion, Davis-Standard will feature a 3 1/2 (90mm) direct drive extruder at NPE. Based on a recent series of tests conducted at Davis-Standard’s Technical Center in Pawcatuck, Conn., direct drive technology has shown significant advantages in energy consumption, sound level, and output consistency over AC and DC extruder models. Davis-Standard’s engineers will have the information available to NPE visitors at booth W6144. “We continue to discover ways to manufacture equipment that is environmentally sustainable and supports the profitability of our customers. Our experiment with the direct drive technology is an example of that innovation,” said John Christiano, Davis-Standard’s Vice President of Technology. “Our side-by-side comparison of direct drive versus AC and DC drive technology revealed consistently quieter operation that reduced noise by as much as 70 percent. Screw design optimization in combination with these extruder design enhancements can lead to up to a 15 percent further improvement in energy efficiency.” Christiano believes there are several factors that contribute to the improved performance of the direct drive extruder model. The direct drive operates on a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which does not require a mechanical gear reducer to multiply torque to rotate the screw. This coupled with an energy efficient screw design enables the extruder to process a greater variety of resins with consistent quality and outputs. An innovative heating/cooling system, narrow footprint, and low-maintenance design further result in operating cost reductions and energy efficiency. Davis-Standard’s direct drive technology is available for processes in several application areas in sizes up to 4 ½ inches (114 mm). It can be customized as needed. For more information prior to NPE, visit
Davis-Standard’s Global Advantage™ in Customer Service at NPE
  Supporting customers after the sale is a priority for Davis-Standard, LLC and this will be evident at the company’s NPE booth. Davis-Standard’s aftermarket department will exhibit multiple feedscrew designs, fast delivery spare parts, a rebuilt Thermatic® extruder and a variety of extrusion control systems and upgrades. Feedscrew Services – Davis-Standard replacement or rebuilt feedscrews range from 3/4-inch (20mm) to 12 inches (305mm) in diameter. Our ability to design and manufacture some of the industry’s top-performing feedscrews is one reason we have been an extrusion leader for more than 50 years. With our R&D facilities and team of experienced polymer process engineers, we offer world-class screw designs and technical capabilities. For feedscrew rebuilds, the screw is engineered back to its original performance characteristics and surface treatments. Spare Parts – A large selection of mechanical and spare parts inventories enable Davis-Standard to ship in-stock parts within one business day. This includes feedscrews, barrels, thermocouples, heaters, motors and more. This is part of Davis-Standard’s 24/7 commitment to customer service where customers can access a service technician to handle emergency parts inquiries and service needs. Extruder Rebuilds – Davis-Standard will exhibit a rebuilt 2 ½-inch (60mm) Thermatic extruder. Davis-Standard is able to transform aging equipment with improved efficiency and output with a fast turnaround. Extruder retrofit services include replacement of the extruder barrel, feed section, screw and breaker plate, new controls, L/D conversions and more. Process Control Upgrades – One of the controls upgrades shown at NPE will be the CMR to Integrator PRO rebuild. The CMR system is one of Davis-Standard’s older converting systems controls, which was replaced by more efficient Integrator technology. Davis-Standard also offers upgrade technical services such as DC to AC drive conversion packages. This particular option has the potential to improve energy savings as much as 20 percent. Davis-Standard also provides complete control systems and upgrades for non-extrusion lines such as liquid coating applications and non-woven applications. Rebuilds and upgrades of process controls, gearcases, dies and heads, and other extrusion equipment is a viable option for processors who want the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of replacement. For more information on Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket services prior to NPE, visit