June 26th, 2019

Craig Richardson Joins Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket Team

Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that Craig Richardson has been appointed aftermarket sales manager for Thermoforming Systems, LLC (TSL). TSL, a  Davis-Standard subsidiary, is the market leader in thermoforming equipment technology for high-volume packaging. Richardson will support TSL product line upgrades, tooling and parts, and provide responsive service to customers worldwide.

“Craig brings over 30 years of global industry experience to his position,” said James Naughton, Executive Vice President of TSL. “He has extensive knowledge of thermoforming machinery, tooling and granulation, as well as the thermoforming process, tooling layout and production. We know he will deliver the timely service and expertise customers expect from Davis-Standard’s aftermarket team.”

Prior to Davis-Standard, Richardson was with Irwin Research & Development as the sales and marketing director. He will be based in Yakima, Washington.

If you would like to contact Craig, please reach out to marketing@davis-standard.com.

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