June 14th, 2023

Stonington Celebrates Earth & Arbor Day All Year Long

Stongington, CT government website posted the below news brief on behalf of the Beautification Committee of Stongington. Earth Day was a huge success for Davis-Standard as we had several volunteers committed to our sustainability goals for our customers, company, environment, and community. Thank you to all that participated!

“Partnership makes it possible! This Spring the Town has made major strides forward, planting nearly 150 trees, thanks to efforts from the Stonington Beautification Committee, Department of Public Works, our Tree Warden, First Selectman, and many additional donors, volunteers and additional town and school departments who make these special community projects possible.

Trees provide cooling and clean our air, they store carbon, capture stormwater, reduce energy costs and species loss.  They not only improve physical health, but mental health as well. Approximately 200 trees have been lost in recent years due to a variety of factors including disease, age or storm damage. It has been with all of this in mind, that Stonington has been focusing efforts on increasing its tree canopy around the community this Spring.

The Beautification Committee aligned with community partners this past Earth Day and Arbor Day, including Davis Standard employees, the First Selectman and Stonington High School students, to plant over 100 trees saplings in Spellman Park and at a Stonington Water Pollution Control Authority property. In addition to planting trees, volunteers also took part in a town-wide clean-up, collecting tons of garbage that could have ended up in on our streams and rivers. The committee has also been working to add more pollinating plants to many of our memorials and parks across Stonington. And they continue to come up with plans for the Fall and following Spring.”

To read more and view Beautification Committee photos of volunteers, click here.




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