Taghleef Adds Davis-Standard Liquid Coating Line for OPP Films

Ti Team at the start-up of the new coating line in Terre Haute

Global industry leader, Taghleef Industries, installed a custom Davis-Standard liquid coating line at its facility in Terre Haute, Indiana, to support new markets in coated OPP films. Taghleef is one of the world’s largest suppliers of specialty and high-performance films for packaging, labels, industrial, and graphic arts applications. The Davis-Standard line, installed in the first quarter of 2021, is enabling Taghleef to bring added value and enhanced performance to OPP films to support customers throughout North America and beyond.

“Davis-Standard collaborated with us to build a highly customized liquid coating line, making it possible to achieve unique film attributes and proprietary coating methods for new applications,” said Craig Ligda, Taghleef’s Director of Operations, North America. “We have improved film printability while validating differential coating methods that are essential to our customers.”

Critical to the success of the line’s engineering and design was the collaborative efforts that took place at Davis-Standard’s Technical Center in Fulton, New York. Taghleef ran trials on Davis-Standard’s pilot line to prove and test equipment technology prior to purchase. According to Larry Mauer, Taghleef’s Senior Director of Operations for North America, Davis-Standard worked with their team to quickly address issues while guiding them through all project phases, from R&D and design to installation and qualification.

“We definitely had obstacles to overcome, but our teams did an excellent job of working through problems quickly and anticipating what was needed. This line not only allows us to support our current coating methods but is equipped to support future needs. The tandem coater is exemplary in terms of precision coating on both sides and enabling us to handle new OPP applications from our Terre Haute facility,” said Mauer.

Davis-Standard is an industry leader in liquid coating systems used for tapes and labels, silicone-coating products, and in specialty coating markets. One of the primary advantages for customers such as Taghleef is Davis-Standard’s ability to custom engineer a solution from a product portfolio of more than 50 liquid coating processes. This Davis-Standard advantage is bolstered by R&D capabilities that enable customers to evaluate and validate structures and processes or new markets and applications for film and paper substrates.

“We were able to innovate throughout the full scope of the project to address our liquid coating needs today and in the future. This is a new technology for us, and it will be a game-changer in terms of our ability to serve OPP film customers. We are already realizing the benefits of bringing these films to market,” added Ligda.

For more information about Taghleef Industries, visit www.ti-films.com. For more information about Davis-Standard’s liquid coating capabilities, contact us today!

Davis-Standard’s Packaging Innovations at Pack Expo

Full Davis-Standard flexible packaging line built for profitability.

Davis-Standard will promote a range of equipment solutions for packaging applications at booth SU7473 during Pack Expo, September 27-29, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nev. Davis-Standard will highlight extrusion and converting platforms in cast film, blown film, extrusion coating, liquid coating, slitting, sheet, thermoforming, winding and unwinding. This includes the multi-layer film and winding technologies of Brampton Engineering, thermoforming expertise of Thermoforming Systems LLC (TSL), and slitter rewinders of Deacro; all Davis-Standard companies.

“We look forward to reconnecting with customers to discuss new innovations in packaging technology and how our equipment portfolio can address current and future goals,” said Danis Roy, Davis-Standard’s Vice President of Sales, Films and Flexible Packaging. “As manufacturers move toward evolving packaging formats, sizes and shapes, factors such as line speed, better equipment designs for new structures, and minimized waste are even more important. As the leading OEM for extrusion and converting markets, we collaborate with customers to address their specific packaging objectives while helping them increase production rates, lower total costs, and address sustainability and circular economy objectives.”

Davis-Standard equips packaging customers with total solutions, extruder through downstream equipment. This includes a range of process control options and feedscrews, and a robust aftermarket and 24/7 service program. Performance machinery for both flexible and rigid packaging is available under one umbrella along with R&D capabilities for lab trials to qualify equipment and processes. Whether it is developing a proprietary coating method, attaining specific film properties, improving web handling or winding speed, or maintaining a consistent thickness for foam and sheet products, Davis-Standard offers the technical knowledge and industry leadership to support packaging quality, sustainability, and profitability.

Specific to each process area, Davis-Standard offers custom and standard engineering options. Examples of high-demand application areas Davis-Standard supports include:

Cast film: High barrier, hygiene, protective, stretch, fluoropolymer, and TPU films

Extrusion Coating: Flexible packaging, aseptic packaging, fabric coating, board coating, paint protection, and specialty films

Liquid Coating: Battery separators, window/paint protection film, specialty and silicone release liners

Unwind/Winding and Slitting: Large range of inline and offline options for diverse applications

Sheet/Thermoforming: Foam, flexible, rigid, and thermoformed sheet for heavy-gauge, high-density PE, low-density PE, PMMA, PS, ABS, PET, high barrier, and high-temperature applications

Blown Film: Industrial films and bags, barrier films, can liners, laminating films, stretch films, agricultural and membrane films, food packaging

For more information about Davis-Standard’s packaging capabilities prior to the show, visit www.davis-standard.com/market_solutions/packaging/. To schedule an appointment for the show, contact us today.

Davis-Standard Readies for International Elastomer Conference

Davis-Standard will showcase elastomer solutions and support services at Booth #1533 during the International Elastomer Conference, October 4 – 7, in Pittsburg, Penn. Davis-Standard’s new Model 4000AG fully automated crosshead for elastomer hose applications will be exhibited along with the company’s DSREV extruder, and Uth roll-ex® gear pump/strainer system with a two-roll feeder (TRF). An aftermarket representative will be available to discuss feedscrew services, spare parts, extruder rebuilds, process control upgrades, and other options for improved processing. In addition, Davis-Standard will discuss the technical cell at its facility in Pawcatuck to support R&D for hose, automotive seals, and architectural applications as well as processes requiring in-line straining and pressure stabilization.

The Model 4000AG is based on Davis-Standard’s successful fleet of manual Model 2000, 3000, and auto 3000A crossheads. This latest design provides closed-loop, stepper-driven automatic control of tube concentricity and wall thickness in a hands-free, low-maintenance package. Hose producers can improve product dimensional qualities while safely increasing material savings during start-up and product size changeovers. More consistent hose, minimized scrap, and ease of operation all equate to considerable cost savings and safer manufacturing practices. The Model 4000AG is also beneficial from the perspective of operational safety and user-friendliness. For concentricity adjustment, operators use a joystick instead of wrenches. Wall thickness modifications are stepper-driven, eliminating the need for hand tools and intrusive thickness measuring devices. The crosshead also features an HMI touchscreen interface to streamline functionality and operation. Many existing Model 2000 and 3000 heads can be retrofitted to take advantage of the Model 4000AG automated design features.

The DSREV extruder is Davis-Standard’s flagship design. It is a preconfigured machine with feedscrew and head zone direct-injection temperature control units, a compact base, and simplified cooling and wiring systems. Other advantages include touch-screen controls, process data acquisition, and easily accessible machine components.

When this technology is coupled with the Uth gear pump, processors can isolate high pressure and achieve pressure stabilization. The gear pump is equipped with a Uth two-roll feeder (TRF) to be used as a stand-alone device for fine mesh straining or for cold feeding. Other advantages include improved filtration, reduced material retention time, and a small footprint for easy integration into existing lines.

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Davis-Standard’s Pawcatuck Plant Celebrates 365 Days Injury-Free

Davis-Standard’s Connecticut Safety Committee

Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that its largest manufacturing facility in Pawcatuck, Conn., recently celebrated 365 days without a lost-time injury accident. This tremendous milestone follows the first priority in our SURPASS operational system, which is Safety. All of the credit in reaching this milestone goes to the hard work of our fully empowered safety committee and the employees in Pawcatuck. Davis-Standard’s COO, Dan Guthrie said, “empowering all employees to work safely, participate in training sessions, conduct area inspections, sharing global toolbox talk lessons learned, and a continuous desire to put safety first are the major contributors leading to this milestone.”

Mike Newhall, Vice President of Manufacturing, said, “maintaining an injury-free workplace at all of our locations is a top priority. The safety manager in Pawcatuck, Ryan Steele, has invested a lot of time and energy into several initiatives that are making a significant difference.” Ryan said, “this milestone is validation of the Safety Committee’s dedication and the commitment by all of our employees to achieve daily standards of excellence. We will continue to be diligent with the goal of celebrating this milestone at every Davis-Standard manufacturing facility worldwide.”

Check out Davis-Standard’s bi-weekly safety tips on LinkedIn.

Davis-Standard’s Elastomer Solutions at RubberTech China

Davis-Standard, LLC will market elastomer extrusion solutions encompassing product capabilities and support services at booth #1A113 during RubberTech China, October 20-22, in Shanghai. The exhibit will highlight innovative solutions including the new model 4000AG (automatic) crosshead as well as the company’s expanded manufacturing space at Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd.

“We look forward to reconnecting with our customer base in Asia and beyond,” said Joe Wnuk, Vice President of Davis-Standard Elastomer and Profile Systems. “Now more than ever, it’s important to look at best practices in terms of equipment performance, employee safety, innovative products, and supply chain efficiencies. We are eager to work collaboratively with customers to develop and support solutions specific to the Asian marketplace.”

Davis-Standard engineers elastomer equipment for the production of tires, automotive hoses, adhesives and sealants, recreational equipment, construction, and medical applications. Elastomer-specific technology is designed for efficiency and performance, including the DSREV extruder and the company’s latest crosshead design, the Model 4000AG crosshead for rubber hose applications. This crosshead helps reduce scrap and accelerate start-up times for smaller lots. The results in material savings, quick product changes, simplified maintenance, and improved quality are significant. In addition, a hydraulic pump system is not needed, and the compact design does not require hoses.


According to Wnuk, “One of the best features of this automatic design is the precision adjustment, which contributes to material savings due to tighter tolerances within specifications. This is especially valuable with frequent product and dimension changes, which are becoming more common.”

The DSREV extruder has a patented pneumatic roll feed system for a uniform and consistent feed rate, electric heating and water-cooling for quicker response times, and feedscrews that maximize output and minimize scorch. Using a gear pump, processors can isolate high pressure and achieve pressure stabilization. Davis-Standard’s gear pump is equipped with a two-roll feeder (TRF) for cold feeding or to be used as a stand-alone device for fine mesh straining. Other advantages include improved filtration, reduced material retention time, and a smaller footprint to integrate into existing lines.

This is all supported by Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Machinery, Co., Ltd., which is central to the company’s regional presence in Asia. Developments in machine building and assembly, inventory and aftermarket services, field service engineering, and installation at customer sites have been essential to supporting customers. Davis-Standard’s Suzhou facility also achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, validating processes across the board, internally and externally. This serves as a benchmark for the company’s commitment to operational quality and process improvement.

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Jay Baxter Joins Davis-Standard’s Converting Systems Team

Jay Baxter

Davis-Standard is pleased to announce that Jay Baxter has been appointed to Commercial Product Director – Liquid Coating. Baxter will be responsible for growing Davis-Standard’s global business in liquid coating and will support strategic initiatives.

Baxter comes to Davis-Standard from Neenah, Inc. (formerly Neenah Paper) where he was marketing director, managing a team responsible for technical papers including sandpaper, masking tape, medical packaging and sensitive labels. He also spent 18 years with Kimberly-Clark in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, purchasing, operations, and process engineering at the staff level and within non-woven fabric mills.

“We are pleased to have Jay’s range of experience and knowledge as we expand our reach in liquid coating applications,” said Danis Roy, Davis-Standard Vice President of Sales, Films and Flexible Packaging. “One of his first projects as a new process engineer was to purchase and install Davis-Standard feedscrews. He understands the paper and nonwovens market and Davis-Standard equipment capabilities, which will serve our customers well as they pursue quality, efficiency, and profitability.”

Baxter has a bachelor’s of science degree in chemical engineering and a master’s in business administration. He has been a member of the National Air Filtration Association, Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), European Adhesive Tape Association (AFERA), Federation of European Producers of Abrasives (FEPA), and is a founding member of the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council.

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