January 20th, 2015

3D Printer Rod Production at Davis-Standard’s NPE Booth


The advantages of using 3D printing for making parts and equipment prototypes will be part of Davis-Standard’s NPE exhibit. Davis-Standard will operate a running profile line during the show to process ABS 3D printer rod. The rod will then be used to demonstrate 3D parts production at Davis-Standard’s booth #W6144. NPE is placing a strong emphasis on the advantages of 3D printing as a quick and inexpensive way to make prototypes out of plastic versus steel and other more expensive materials.

Highlights of the line include a 2-inch (50mm) Davis-Standard Super Blue® extruder and DS-eTPC controller. The Super Blue is a market leader in the extruder category due to its competitive pricing, rugged design, energy efficiency and fast delivery. The DS-eTPC is a low cost touchscreen HMI controller for coordinated line drive control. Advantages include temperature control for up to eight barrel heating and cooling zones (per extruder), a built-in pressure control loop, pressure monitor and alarm of extruder and die, recipe creation and storage, and multi-language capabilities. The line being shown is capable of speeds from 400 to 600 feet per minute (122 to 183 meters per minute), but it will not be running at those speeds during the show.

Within the profile category, Davis-Standard will also display its popular MEDD extruder (Medical Extruder Direct Drive). The medical tubing market continues to be an area of growth for Davis-Standard for applications in microbore catheter tubing, multi-lumen tubing and bump tubing. As a result, this extruder has made its way around the world since being introduced at the last NPE show. In addition to the direct drive motor for energy efficiency, the MEDD is affordable, compact in design, and has interchangeable barrel assemblies for material versatility.

The printer rod line and MEDD are just two examples of how Davis-Standard’s strength in customer service and broad equipment offering is meeting the needs of customers worldwide through The Global Advantage™. For more information about Davis-Standard’s complete offering in pipe, profile and tubing, visit www.davis-standard.com.

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