December 17th, 2018

SMART Solutions = Better Processing











The digital transformation occurring in the plastics industry is opening new doors to efficiency opportunities. Evidence of SMART technology for extrusion and converting processes can already be seen in control options, machine designs and productivity improvements on the factory floor. Over the next several years, expect this trend to accelerate as processors look to harness cost-savings while maintaining quality and competitiveness.

A recent example of how we’re addressing this at Davis-Standard is the DS Activ-Check system for continuous extruder monitoring. This enables processors to take advantage of real-time preventative maintenance by providing early notification of potential extruder failures. Machine operators are alerted to issues before they happen, preventing unnecessary downtime while also collecting valuable operational data. Parameters monitored include the extruder reducer, lubrication system, motor characteristics, the drive power unit, barrel heating and cooling. The best part? Notifications can be received via e-mail or text, and continuous monitoring of machine status is available on smart devices and remote PCs.


Not only does this provide much-needed information for processors to plan around scheduled maintenance activities, but it serves as a valuable tool in improving overall line performance. Having the capability to monitor extrusion line variables such as mechanical and electrical system conditions is essential to bring products to market faster AND minimize unplanned downtime. Customers can also address a pending condition to avoid a more serious issue down the line.

As it is often said, knowledge is power! The knowledge gained through machinery innovation and the potential of IIoT creates SMART solutions that will propel our industry in the years ahead. We look forward to partnering with you on the journey.

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