June 22nd, 2020

Best Practices to Keep the Cleanroom “Clean”


In our last blog, we discussed key ROI factors to consider when purchasing medical tubing equipment. In this blog, we’ll highlight best practices to achieve strict cleanroom standards with regard to equipment construction, surface treatments and extruder design features. These suggestions also promote effective and efficient disinfection and sterilization procedures, while supporting regulatory standards set forth by the ISO certification system.

Machine Construction

  • Use stainless steel or rust corrosion-proof materials where coatings are not practical
  • Ensure wipe-down zones are accessible
  • Minimize potential collection areas for dust and debris stagnation
  • Design containment options for possible fluid or residual lubricant leaks
  • Employ compact designs to minimize floor space

Machine Surfaces/Treatments

  • Apply water-based or epoxy-based paint in areas not constructed with rust or corrosion-resistant materials
  • Polish surfaces and design with smooth, tapered or round edges for effective wipe-down
  • Use stainless steel surfaces to avoid contamination in product “contact” areas; stainless steel hoods and guards included for ease of cleaning

Extruder Design Features

  • Utilize direct drive systems where applicable
    • Water-cooled motors (eliminate turbulent air movement from cooling blowers)
    • Permanent magent synchronous motors (eliminate the need for gearbox/oils/mechanical drive train; less noise and more energy efficient)
  • Include barrel cooling blower designs that minimize dust generation
  • Route control cabling and wiring to simplify cleaning measures
  • Affix polyurethane casters for ease of equipment movement and cleaning while also protecting the cleanroom floor


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