January 21st, 2015

Versatility of XP Express™ Supports Hundreds of Applications


Davis-Standard’s XP Express™ PS (packaging sheet) roll stand system, which will be shown at NPE, booth W6144, has proven its worth in both applications and efficiency. As the specification “PS” indicates, this model is primarily used for packaging processes involving PP, APET and PS for products used in the growing beverage and prepared food distribution markets. It is also equipped for sheet extrusion incorporating EVA, TPA and vinyl acetate copolymers for solar energy applications and for processing barrier structures with more than 100 layers. These capabilities have been advantageous to customers who supply extruded sheet to an increasingly diverse end-use marketplace.

The XP Express is engineered for direct extrusion, in-line thermoforming, or production of roll stock for subsequent off-line thermoforming. It is capable of processes up to 8,000 pounds per hour and features hands-free dynamic roll gap control through the full product range to support operator control from a single point. This roll stand can accommodate multi-layer sheet, single and multi-barrier sheet, EVOH, PVDC, nylon barrier, PP, PE APET, PLA, CPET and ABS sheet. End-use applications encompass food packaging and containers, personal care products, liquid containment, appliance liners, agricultural and horticultural products, and point of purchase displays.

Ancillary equipment is integrated and designed based on individual application. Davis-Standard takes great care to ensure that all production systems match up with the end product. Options include: lamination equipment; rolls, baths and troughs for expanded cooling; post embossing and conditioning for heavy gauge sheet; dip tanks, roll coaters, and electrostatic for sheet treating; web accumulators; slitting stations; thickness control; shear and stack; and single and multiple web winding.

In addition to the XP Express, Davis-Standard has advanced its direct drive motor technology, low energy heaters and high-speed extruders to optimize sheet extrusion efficiency and outputs. This has enabled the company to support significant growth in processes that require larger equipment, in-line thermoforming, and capabilities for running multiple resins without excessive changeovers.

For more information about the XP Express or Davis-Standard’s sheet extrusion capabilities, contact Steve DeAngelis at sdeangelis@davis-standard.com.

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