October 3rd, 2014

Upjet™ Air Ring Boosts Cooling and Performance

Davis-Standard has introduced a new high performance air ring system for blown film processes – the Upjet™ Air Ring. This next generation air ring system is the latest in Davis-Standard’s line-up of performance-improving extrusion technology for blown film processes. With a stalk configuration, improved IBC and Venturi ring design, the Upjet enhances the cooling efficiency of new blown film lines to increase output while improving thickness tolerance. The result is an output increase of as much as 25 to 40 percent over similar designs.

“The Upjet is ideal for blown film processes requiring increased rate and improved quality, especially in commodity markets such as stretch film, can liners and industrial films. We’ve already seen impressive results for processing stretch films and can liners for a variety of applications including technical agri-stretch products and general purpose sheeting,” said Rick Keller, Davis-Standard’s Vice President of Blown Film. “We’ve engineered this air ring for use on existing and new lines in a manual or auto-profile mode. When used with Davis-Standard’s WesJet TPC automatic profile control and our Centrex or Vertex dies, we’ve seen output increases of up to 40 percent.”

The Upjet™ Air Ring is available in sizes ranging from 7 to 40 inches (180 to 1016mm). It is available in manual or motorized elevation control and passive or automatic thickness profile control configurations. Advantages include an easier method for stringing the bubble, minimal operator adjustment, more stable bubbles and fast response to auto profile control.

Davis-Standard offers a process analysis to determine potential rate improvement on existing equipment. Factors related to line speed, blower volume, internal bubble cooling (IBC), extrusion and blending capacity are evaluated based on existing equipment specifications. This is a highly economical way to increase existing film line capacity while offering customers the opportunity to reduce their variable manufacturing cost per unit. The benefits of the UpJet can be maximized when new Davis-Standard lines are specified with this technology. This is part of Davis-Standard’s commitment to offering customers The Global Advantage™ in blown film equipment.

For more information about the Upjet, contact Rick Keller at rkeller@davis-standard.com.

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