April 7th, 2017

Running Take-Up at Davis-Standard’s Interwire Exhibit


Davis-Standard will demonstrate a running wire and cable take-up along with capstan technology, and a new cut and feed machine at booth # 1023 during Interwire, May 9-11 in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2200mm take-up being shown is part of Davis-Standard’s line of traversing and collapsible take-ups and pay-offs. These designs offer a smaller overall footprint and enhanced operator ergonomics. Davis-Standard will also feature its new cut and feed machine to support low voltage wire and cable processes for insulating applications.

The take-ups and pay-offs integrate simplified engineering and cost efficiency. Machine sizes range from 1,250mm to 5,000mm (48 to 195 inches) with the greatest concentration within the 1,800mm to 2,500mm (70 to 98 inches) size range. Each is available with a North American standard controls platform, which includes a Yaskawa A-1000 AC drive and Allen-Bradley/Rockwell components encompassing servo drive, PLC (programmable logic controller) and HMI (human machine interface). For international projects, machines are equipped with a Siemens AC drive, PLC and HMI with a Mitsubishi servo drive. Technology is available as “stand-alone” (running in torque control) with a dancer or with an accumulator.

In addition, Davis-Standard will be demonstrating its new cut and feed machine. Designed for efficiency, this unit facilitates timely transfers from one take-up to the other, while minimizing operator involvement. This expedites the take-up reel change process during insulation and enables wire and cable manufacturers to boost outputs.

Also being shown is a caterpillar capstan. The capstan features multiple independently loaded pressure tracks. Davis-Standard supplies multi-pass, linear and belt wrap capstans for the full range of wire and cable applications.

The ability to address market demand in terms of performance and cost efficiency is just one of Davis-Standard’s extensive capabilities in wire and cable. Another is Davis-Standard’s unmatched experience in supplying extruders and associated wire and cable equipment for more than 70 years. Applications include aerial cable, building wire, coaxial and composite cable, video pair cable, tray cable, CATV, THHM and THWN wire among others. For more information, visit www.davis-standard.com/wire-and-cable.

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