September 13th, 2016

PT Kencar Grows Southeast Asia Business with Davis-Standard Cast Film Technology


Indonesian film producer PT Kencar Sukses Investama is expanding its presence in the Southeast Asian film market by adding two more Davis-Standard cast film machines to their facility in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. This brings their total to four Davis-Standard machines in just over five years. Kencar has introduced several innovative food-packaging films to the region, accounting for a rapid growth rate and strong customer base. Kencar was the first company in Southeast Asia to introduce five-layer CPP films, and with the additional Davis-Standard machines, will become the first with six-layer capabilities. This will enable Kencar to support markets for high barrier CPP as well as CPE films that offer better thickness uniformity and clarity than comparable blown films.

According to Kencar president Eddy Soelayman, “The Southeast Asia flexible packaging market is growing at more than eight percent per year and Kencar has outpaced that growth by more than 50 percent. We see a transition in the CPP market from commodity to high-performance films that have superior barrier, metal adhesion, gloss and heat seal properties.” He added, “We are currently producing five-layer CPP films with heat seal properties like CPE with excellent gloss and metal adhesion. With the new machines we can take that a step further by producing CPP films with unique barrier properties that allow converters to down gauge and reduce conversion steps to save cost.”

The Davis-Standard cast film machines, slated for installation in January 2017 will be higher speed versions of the original two. Both machines will feature next-generation DSBÒ barrier screws to handle Kencar’s diverse range of materials and film applications. Feedblock and die technology will accommodate up to seven distinct layers in a structure. The “ironing” roll will be included on the winder for consistent roll conformity. Kencar appreciates Davis-Standard’s proven technology, which produces films with higher surface treatment retention, better metal adhesion and improved oxygen and water vapor barrier properties, all critical in flexible packaging.

“Davis-Standard has been excellent in providing creative solutions for the unique films we continue to introduce to the market,” added Soeleyman. “They have a good understanding of polymer processing and know how to transform our vision into final products.”

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