March 18th, 2021

Preferred Packaging Augments Efficiency with Deacro Slitter Rewinder

Preferred Packaging operator verifies slit accuracy on Deacro Slitter Rewinder

Preferred Packaging, a U.S.-based leader in complete packaging solutions, is set to further boost production capabilities with the addition of a Deacro T610 turret slitter rewinder. The machine, slated for installation this spring, will join three other Deacro machines that support film processing for making lidding film and numerous other flexible film types; and provide Preferred Packaging with desired throughputs and automated benefits while equipping the company for new developments in packaging markets. Preferred Packaging supplies sealing equipment, stock and custom containers, and lidding films to customers throughout North America. The company is also exploring opportunities in overseas markets.

“As film applications continue to advance and gain popularity, it’s important to update efficiencies. For us, that meant moving from standard slitter rewinder technology to greater automation,” explained Rick Ivy, CEO of Preferred Packaging. “Initially, we couldn’t justify buying a new automated turret machine, so we purchased a used one to test the concept. That machine confirmed our approach but was inferior to Deacro’s engineering. We sold it and purchased the Deacro model T610 twin-turret duplex slitter rewinder. We look forward to installation because we know this machine will make an immediate impact on our production goals.”

Ivy appreciates that the T610 model allows the operator to setup cores on the outer rewind mandrels during the slitter runtime. When the rewinding is complete, the machine turrets the rewind shafts and automatically continues winding while finished rolls are unloaded onto a receiving tree. After the finished rolls are removed, new cores are positioned during slitter operation. Another advantage noted by Ivy is the differential rewind system, which compensates for web gauge variation. If there is a non-uniform web construction, the operator can easily rewind the film to where the glitch occurred and correct it. Other advantages such as touch-screen operation and automatic knife assembly support repeatability. Operators never have to handle rewind tooling, shafts, setup knives or manually remove rolls, simplifying operator training and improving safety.

Preferred Packaging has been doing business with Deacro, A Davis-Standard Company, for over 20 years. Ivy appreciates Deacro’s professionalism, quick response and quality engineering. According to Ivy, Preferred Packaging “knows lidding films better than anyone” in terms of film characteristics and re-sealability. Product examples include laser for extended shelf-life for produce, hot-pin perforated lidding and overwrap films that allow controlled evacuation of heat and moisture, as well as perforated films used for bakery items and other foods to keep the food crisp during re-heating. Preferred Packaging also excels at multi-layer laminate films that combine the strength of a polyester upper layer with a specific sealant type and thickness designed for custom seal system requirements. These films have a glossy top layer and clarity to enhance the appearance of print copy while protecting the package from abrasion during shipping and handling. Preferred Packaging’s stock and custom containers come in microwaveable and oven-ready designs in a full range of sizes. As for sealing equipment, the company supplies in-line sealing machinery, counter-top sealers and rotary sealers uniquely engineered for their containers and films. Preferred Packaging can support solutions across every operational range, which has enabled them to serve a broad base of customers.

“Our films and sealant properties are highly customizable based on packaging type,” said Ivy. “Having machine suppliers like Deacro who understand our processes and deliver the technology needed to execute those processes is very much appreciated. They do everything you would expect from a good company.”

For more information about Preferred Packaging, visit For more information about Deacro’s turret slitter rewinders, click here.

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