December 7th, 2020

NewAge Addresses Surge in Biopharm Product Demand with Davis-Standard Silicone Extruders and Added Capacity

Silicone Extrusion line at NewAge Industries.

NewAge Industries of Southampton, Penn., has been instrumental in the fight against COVID-19, propelling the company to grow production capacity and add manufacturing space. In early 2021, NewAge will install three Davis-Standard silicone extruders at a new 90,000 square-foot facility, and add 3,600 square-feet to its existing plant for more cleanroom space. This increased capacity will go a long way towards supplying AdvantaPure tubing sets, used in the production of the COVID-19 vaccine. NewAge’s high-purity, technically designed and engineered flexible tubing and hose, has been critical to applications involved in test kits, virus detection equipment and front-line supplies. In addition to biopharmaceutical markets focused on single-use processes, NewAge supports markets in food and beverage, cosmetics, health and beauty, industrial and agricultural applications.

The three new silicone extruders will complement the company’s existing Davis-Standard equipment line-up, representing a nearly 25-year business relationship. NewAge purchased its first Davis-Standard extruder and feedscrew in 1996 to support flexible PVC and PU tubing applications. Less than two years later, NewAge was back to purchase their first Davis-Standard silicone rubber extruder. Three additional silicone extruders followed that included the support the company’s AdvantaPure product line. In addition, NewAge has six Davis-Standard thermoplastic extruders that service five extrusion lines, two of which are dedicated to AdvantaPure’s AdvantaFlex TPE product offering. Davis-Standard has also completed control upgrades, provided laboratory periphery equipment and aftermarket support.

“Our business relationship with Davis-Standard is built on honesty and outstanding customer support,” said Matt Bauer, production manager at NewAge. “Davis-Standard always has our best interest in mind when selling us equipment for any of our processes. When something is not right, they will make it right, no matter what. The quality of their machinery and customer service is the reason every extruder owned by NewAge displays the Davis-Standard nameplate.”

“NewAge is always innovating, which is something we appreciate at Davis-Standard because that’s a driver for us as well,” said Larry Giammarco, regional sales manager at Davis-Standard. “Being able to deliver reliable and high-performance elastomer and thermoplastic machinery to support their goals over the years has been rewarding. We appreciate their trust in us and look forward to delivering their latest batch of silicone extruders in 2021.”

NewAge is the only employee-owned and B-Corporation in the Life Sciences/Biopharma industry in the United States. The company supplies one of the most diverse product lines of tubing, hose and fitting as well as unrivaled custom extrusion and fabrication services. Being an employee-owned business gives NewAge a unique advantage in supporting customers. Every team member plays an integral role in meeting customer experience goals and provides regular input on how to improve processes, eliminate waste, save costs and support fellow team members. The business’s success and failures are contingent on a team effort, and that has been instrumental to NewAge’s growth.

“NewAge is comprised of people committed to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. The team continually works to improve processes, products and communications,” explained Bauer. “We understand that success depends on everyone, business partners included, working well together. It’s a model for teamwork that we’re very proud of, and that has translated well in supporting customers.”

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