September 16th, 2014

Medical Lab Line Equipped for Innovation and Profitability


A new lab line at Davis-Standard’s Technical Center is empowering customers to turn innovative medical tubing concepts into reality. The line, installed last spring, is engineered for end product development of small, tight tolerance tubing used in medical applications. Customers are able to test new resins, make parts for proof-of-concept, and conduct downstream R&D prior to making a large capital equipment investment. The line is also situated in a dedicated, climate-controlled area, offering a cleanroom environment for trials.

“There continues to be significant growth and development in medical tubing applications. We want to ensure our customers have the resources for success,” said Wendell Whipple, Vice President of Davis-Standard’s Pipe, Profile and Tubing Group. “This line provides a fully equipped option to develop new products and test equipment, which is aligned with our commitment to support customer profitability.”

The line features two direct drive interchangeable-barrel MEDD extruders in 1-inch (25mm) and ¾-inch  (19mm) 24:1 L/D sizes, enabling a full range of product development opportunities. The MEDD is Davis-Standard’s premier compact extruder optimized for clean room environments with efficient operation and a replaceable feed section liner. The line incorporates Davis-Standard’s patented alternate polymer process, with all components being monitored and controlled by our EPIC-III. Other advantages and capabilities of the line include:

  • Enclosed, ventilated and air-conditioned space
  • EPIC-III control and process data collection
  • Bump/taper tubing capabilities
  • Able to process common thermoplastics (PE, PP, PA, TPU) as well as high temperature polymers (PEEK, PEKK and others) including fluoropolymers (FEP, PFE, ETFE, and others)
  • Highly instrumented extruders and extensive screw inventory
  • Desiccant drying capabilities, up to three resins simultaneously
  • Melt pumps with servo drives
  • Mono and coextrusion capabilities
  • Multi-lumen capabilities
  • Vacuum sizing capabilities
  • Laser and ultrasonic gauging including trim control; two gauging systems
  • Dual servo belt puller capable of 250 fpm
  • Six-foot belt conveyor for sample collection
  • Space for customer-supplied equipment (coiler, payoff)
  • Product development including microbore, multi-lumen and catheter tubing

Interested customers should contact their local sales representative. They can also contact Jason Baird at or Bill Lee at to schedule a trial.

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