November 2nd, 2016

DSG-Canusa Adds Davis-Standard Thermatic® Extruders to China Operation


DSG-Canusa Polymer Technologies Company recently augmented their tubing operation in China with the purchase of two Davis-Standard ThermaticÒ extruders. The extruders, installed last summer, are being used for processing premium heat shrink tubing to support automotive, electrical/utility and electronics markets. In a highly competitive Chinese extruder market, DSG-Canusa chose Davis-Standard due to world-class machines, the proximity of Davis-Standard’s Suzhou subsidiary, a short delivery time, and customized features for DSG’s proprietary tubing requirements.

“We like the processing stability of these machines and the local technical support and spare parts services. Davis-Standard’s presence in Suzhou was a key part of our decision because we can call on them locally,” said Johnson Zhu, Manager, Engineering for DSG-Canusa. “The Thermatic offers a lot in terms of capabilities and versatility, but we especially like the performance of the cooling device and gearbox control system. We’ve built our business on quality, technology and service, and we know these machines will help us consistently produce high-quality tubing.”

Davis-Standard’s Thermatic extruder is ideal for demanding processes such as heat shrink tubing because it is built for durability, minimal maintenance, and quiet operation. For DSG-Canusa, this tubing includes single wall, dual wall, medium/heavy wall, specialty non-polyolefin, and automotive heat shrink tubing as well as braided sleeves. As with many of Davis-Standard’s customers, DSG-Canusa appreciates the Thermatic’s range of options for feedscrews and control systems, offering opportunities for future expansion. Sizes range from 1 ½ to 10 inches (40 to 250mm) with L/D’s from 12:1 to 40:1.

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