June 15th, 2016

Davis-Standard’s New Barrel Temperature Control Simplifies Energy Efficiency


When smart engineering turns a simple concept into reality, good things happen. That is what Davis-Standard has done with its new energy efficient barrel temperature control shroud. The first of its kind in the extrusion industry, this patented heater/cooler barrel shroud increases the energy efficiency of single screw extruders temperature control system by up to 50 percent. This is especially beneficial for higher temperature applications such as extrusion coating, cast film and tubing processes.

“We have essentially created a thermal blanket designed with top or side venting to reduce convective and radiant heat loss,” explained John Christiano, Davis-Standard’s Vice President of Technology. “The shroud fits right over the barrel to create a thermal layer preventing radiant heat losses while a valve system that is pressure activated prevents convective losses. When we tested the temperature control in the lab, we saw efficiency improvements around 30 percent. Field tests have shown even greater improvements up to 50 percent. It’s a simple approach with payback for most applications within 12 months.”

Davis-Standard has already sold several barrel shrouds on new extruders and many customers have requested retrofits. Retrofits are straightforward on most extruders due to the simple design of the heater insulation package. Unless the extruder has to be disassembled, the retrofit time is minimal. The shroud is broken up into parts that fit over each barrel zone, joined together with a stainless steel adjustable fastener. Shroud cut-outs accommodate barrel wiring, and top or side venting options support maximum cooling efficiency depending on process. The added insulation reduces the energy required to maintain the barrel set-point, resulting in significant cost savings.

Christiano added, “I recommend this shroud for all single screw extrusion processes because it’s an easy way to improve efficiency. It is especially economical for higher temperature applications where energy efficiency is paramount to gaining a competitive advantage.”

For more information about Davis-Standard’s barrel temperature control shroud, contact John Christiano at jchristiano@davis-standard.com.

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