December 19th, 2019

Davis-Standard’s Model 3000A Crosshead Embodies Smart Technology for Hose Applications

In an effort to continually improve system productivity through smarter technology, Davis-Standard has introduced the Model 3000A (automatic) crosshead for rubber hose applications. As overhead costs for labor, energy and materials put pressure on the margins, it is essential to have faster, more versatile equipment to merge economics with sustainability. The Model 3000A crosshead is an example of this technology, enabling hose manufacturers to reduce scrap and attain faster start-up times for smaller lots. Material savings, quick product changes, simplified maintenance, reduced scrap and improved quality equate to competitive efficiency.

“Every component on the Model 3000A is engineered to improve processing while providing cost savings,” said Joe Wnuk, Vice President, Davis-Standard Elastomer and Profile Systems. “There are production advantages when the crosshead is used as part of a fully integrated and automated elastomer line, or when used separately as a second step in the manufacturing process. In many cases, the return on investment can be realized in less than a year.”

The Model 3000A incorporates an automatic, servo-driven concentricity adjustment system. This new, proprietary system allows for adjustment of the core tube/tip assembly with a simple, accurate joystick control. This enables the operator to easily minimize eccentricity, maximize concentricity, and reduce downtime during product changeovers. In addition, the servo drives enable monitoring and adjustments throughout the run to account for lot-to-lot variations, day/night variations, and corrections for gum space adjustments. A hydraulic pump system is not necessary and the compact design does not require hoses.

Additional features such as a tapered mandrel and highly engineered flow paths ensure consistent flow through all speed ranges. The thrust bearing supported core tube/pin assembly enables wall thickness modification under pressure without interruption. Die adjusting screws are located in removable inserts to protect the body from thread damage. A larger surface area in the water jacket improves heat transfer efficiency. Models are available to accommodate 2-inch (50mm), 3-inch (76mm), 4.5-inch (102mm) and 5.5-inch (140mm) diameter braids.

Wnuk added, “One of the best features of this automatic design is the precision adjustment. This contributes to material savings due to tighter tolerances within specifications. This is especially valuable with frequent product and dimension changes, which are becoming more and more common in the industry. We look forward to seeing the benefits of the crosshead for customers worldwide.”

Davis-Standard’s Aftermarket group is available to review your existing elastomer line to determine how the new Model 3000A crosshead can improve your efficiency and bottom line. Wendell Whipple, Vice President, Global Aftermarket Sales, said “In addition to new lines the Model 3000A crosshead can be integrated into an existing line. In most cases, existing Model 2000 crossheads may be upgraded with this new automatic technology”. Contact us today to inquire on this upgrade.

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  1. would like to buy the cross head for our 90 mm extuder, hope this is versatile and would fit on standard machine. Does Davis Standard have aco-extrusion head for hose ( fkm-Acm) continous line.

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