July 19th, 2016

Davis-Standard Turret Unwind Upgrades Boost Productivity


Davis-Standard’s aftermarket group offers turret unwind upgrades that significantly improve productivity and minimize downtime. An upgrade for Green Bay Packaging Inc. involved the modification of two turret unwinds on a 1200 feet-per-minute (365 mpm) pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) coating line. Davis-Standard changed the turret unwind operation from air brakes with a speeder motor to a fully regenerative operation, which significantly improved both efficiency and performance.

“Upgrades are an excellent way to extend the longevity of turret unwinds that are still operational,” explained Andre Icso, Vice President Global Aftermarket Sales. “It also allows them to run lighter products with significantly better tension control, less scrap, and increased energy savings. For this upgrade, the modification and re-commissioning took only two weeks enabling us to get the customer back up and running quickly.”

Icso said there are several different upgrades available, but the one for Green Bay was very straightforward. Davis-Standard’s team removed the brakes and speeder belt and installed new turret motors and mechanical power transmission to the unwinding spindles. New slip rings, spindle glue line sensors and turret position encoders were also included as well as the installation and integration of four new unwinding spindle drives.

Davis-Standard’s aftermarket group is able to upgrade PLC, drive and mechanical systems on thousands of existing installations, including non Davis-Standard brands. For more information about Davis-Standard’s aftermarket capabilities related to this article, contact Andre Icso at aicso@davis-standard.com.

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