May 1st, 2015

Davis-Standard Suzhou Welcomes Industry to Medical Tubing Open House


An open house at Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd’s lab facility in Suzhou on April 15 welcomed nearly 60 industry leaders from different companies throughout China. This event was the first of many planned at this location. The day’s agenda included presentations on feedscrew and extruder design, microbore tube processing, extrusion of FEP resins, ultrasonic technology, parts and aftermarket services, PEBAX extrusion for medical tubing, and a live demonstration on the lab’s FPVC and Micro Bore tubing lines. Davis-Standard representatives from the U.S. and China as well as representatives from Arkema, Dupont and Zumbach were involved in the presentation.

According to Lin Jinzong, General Manager at Suzhou, “The open house was very successful. We plan on having reguarly schedule open houses to share new technology and processes with customers. This is all part of Davis-Standard’s commitment to offering The Global Advantage™ to customers in the region.”

The Suzhou lab is equipped with a high speed FPVC extrusion system and multipurpose microbore tubing line to support the continued growth of China’s medical industry. The FPVC line is capable of line speeds from 5 to 100mpm for processing 2mm to 8mm OD tubing with accuracy of +/- 50u. Line components include a 63mm extruder, 8m water cooling, precission internal air supply, OD gauge and combination pullar-cutter.

The Multipurpose Micro Bore tubing line is designed for single or dual layer tubing, and single lumen tubing with or without a stripe. It is equipped with two extruders, OD/ID wall thickness measuring and controlling system, close loop control via vaccum sizing tank and puller, and a high level central control system. Both lines are available for customer trials and R&D applications.

The Suzhou facility has been a game-changer for Davis-Standard due to regional manufacturing capabilities and the ability to serve every major converting and extrusion coating market in Asia. The main Davis-Standard products being manufactured in Suzhou and sold throughout the region include extruders up to 90mm, PLC control systems as well as high speed FPVC systems for medical tubing. Additionally, the Suzhou facility can assemble and refurbish gear boxes and control panels, and there are plans to add fabrication and assembly of downstream equipment.

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