June 25th, 2021

Davis-Standard Honors Seven Retirees Representing 250 Years of Combined Service

Essential to Davis-Standard’s success has been the quality and longevity of the local talent employed there. Ever since Davis-Standard started building extruders at the Pawcatuck location in 1948, employees from the greater Westerly-Pawcatuck area have been fundamental to the company becoming a global leader in extrusion technology. Davis-Standard was honored to celebrate seven retirees this year, representing more than 250 years of combined service, at a luncheon held last month. Following is a listing of each employee, their hometown, number of years at Davis-Standard, and a quote by their immediate supervisor.




Bob Shafer, Stonington, 50 years – “Bob has been a dedicated employee who came in every day ready to get the job done. He was our go-to guy for all panels and controls systems.” – John Paride, assembly supervisor

Ernie Rathbun, Westerly, 47 years – “Very diligent employee and a great guy who worked extra hours whenever asked. Ernie was critical to our machining team with a wealth of knowledge, most notably in barrel machining.” – Kevin O’Leary, machining supervisor

Ralph Caddick, Westerly, 45 years – “He was always willing to work with other employees in assisting us with training and quality assurance. ‘Chuck’ took pride in making sure our feedscrews were the quality customers expected.” – Neil Violette, supervisor

Dwight Kuhl, Westerly, 32 years – “Dewy has been a reliable employee we could always count on, giving his best effort every day. He could change jobs with ease, doing every aspect of machine assembly. He could do wire, pipe, hydraulics, assembly; whatever was needed.” – Dan Hartley, assembly supervisor

Bob Thomson, Groton, 32 years – “Bob has been someone we can depend on with all aspects of quality inspection. He has always worn black Harley Davidson t-shirts to work, and is known as ‘Harley Bob’ to all of us.” – Brenna Johnson, quality inspection supervisor

Steve Allen, Charlestown, 31 years – “Steve is a hard worker who is willing to help anyone. His knowledge in building and rebuilding a variety of Davis-Standard brand extruders made him extremely valuable to our aftermarket team.” – Larry Bowen, assembly supervisor

Jeff Tattersall, Pawcatuck, 16 years – “Jeff always has a smile on his face and was ready and willing to help train others within our assembly area. He went above and beyond and got along with everyone.” – John Paride, supervisor

“It is always a bittersweet day when we celebrate the retirement of such outstanding employees and people,” said Jim Murphy, Davis-Standard President and CEO. “We are happy for them, but at the same time, will miss seeing them every day and the positive attributes they brought to our team. On behalf of Davis-Standard, I thank them for their valuable contributions to our company and wish them well in retirement. They have certainly earned it!”

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