June 4th, 2015

Davis-Standard Control Options Simplify Upgrades


Multi-level control upgrades from Davis-Standard make keeping up with system technology convenient and affordable. Upgrades for Davis-Standard’s three most widely used control systems – the DS-eTPC, DS-eVUE and and EPIC III® – are continually available to address a wide range of process requirements and budgets. These controls are built to support both Davis-Standard and non Davis-Standard equipment, making them a viable solution when upgrading or replacing obsolete systems.

“Controls are one of the first things to become obsolete, yet one of the easiest to upgrade,” said John Clemens, Davis-Standard’s Director of Extrusion Controls. “We are one of the few extrusion machinery manufacturers to engineer, procure, assemble and test system controls in-house. This single-source accountability provides a signficant advantage when it comes to reliability and customer service. Certain upgrades also come equipped with our ReACT support system, making it possible to do remote troubleshooting via a secure Internet connection. We want to make the controls process as expedient and budget-friendly as possible.”

Davis-Standard’s DS-eTPC is a discrete touch-panel solution that replaces discrete temperature controllers, pressure indicators and controllers, driver operators and indicators. It includes a 12.1-inch color touch-screen with built-in PLC line controls designed for easy replacement of older controls. It is capable of controlling three extruders at once, making it idea for laboratory lines as well as basic blown film, elastomer, profile and sheet applications.

The DS-eVUE, designed for mid-range processes, replaces obsolete PLC controls and older computer supervisory systems. Upgrades include software and hardware updates, graphic overview, custom reports, historical trending, event log, data collection, electronic signature and more. On this system, Davis-Standard can replace the PLC and drives to reflect the latest industry standards. This option includes the ReACT upgrade. Typically these systems are used for medical tubing, pipe and profile and elastomer applications.

For larger custom processes, Davis-Standard recommends the EPIC III. As with the DS-eVUE, this system is equipped with ReACT and can be upgraded or used to replace older or obsolete controls. This is the most full-featured control system offered by Davis-Standard with Windows®-based touchscreen control and advanced supervisory features. It is available with a 23-inch wide-screen monitor, panel-mounted fanless PC, solid-state drive, detailed graphic overview and custom report feature, historical trending, event log and data collection, multi-level secruity and network capability. This system is typically used for wire and cable, sheet and select tubing applications.

For more information about Davis-Standard’s control systems upgrades and capabilities, contact John Clemens at jclemens@davis-standard.com.

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