February 4th, 2016

Davis-Standard and Conair Collaborate for Medical Tubing Innovation


Continued growth in the healthcare segment has meant steady collaboration between two industry leaders, Davis-Standard and Conair. The two companies are busy supporting customers across the globe with medical tubing systems equipped with Davis-Standard extruders and controls and Conair downstream equipment. Recent sales include lines sold in China for processing FEP and PLLA with embedded stripes and ongoing sales of high-speed FPVC tubing systems worldwide. The two companies are showcasing equipment during the upcoming MD&M West show in February with a running line for making two-lumen polyurethane “Double D” bump tube.

“We appreciate the quality and reliability Conair adds to our system technology,” said Kevin Dipollino, Davis-Standard Product Manager for Pipe, Profile and Tubing Systems. “We’ve been working together for more than 20 years and they always do an excellent job supporting Davis-Standard and our customers. In addition to partnering on system components, we do a lot of collaborative R&D work in our laboratories.”

Dipollino explained, “Our new ‘clean room’ medical lab system in Pawcatuck has Conair equipment and they have three of our extruders in their lab in Michigan. This has been invaluable in allowing customers to do trials and proof of concept prior to purchasing equipment. A customer from Argentina recently took advantage of this by doing lab trials with our process engineers in Pawcatuck. This ended in the sale of a new medical tubing line.”

Chris Weinrich, Conair’s General Manager of Extrusion added, “The goal for both companies has always been to take care of the customer. We are in an application intensive business. Being commited to the development and pursuit of the highest level of technology for customers has allowed us to be successful project after project.”

The medical tubing lab line at Davis-Standard features two MEDD (Medical Extruder Direct Drive) extruders and Conair vacuum sizing tanks, dual servo belt puller and conveyor. The line’s versatility makes it ideal for running a variety of resins and incorporates Davis-Standard’s alternate polymer technologyÔ. Last fall, Davis-Standard, Conair and other vendors partnered to host a medical tubing symposium at Davis-Standard’s lab. Highlights of the two-day event included demonstrations of FEP tubing with barium sulfite stripes and alternate polymer tubing.

“Conair and Davis-Standard have common objectives in terms of business philosophy and customer satisfaction,” said Ernie Preiato, Conair’s Vice President of Extrusion. “Davis-Standard’s people are knowledgeable and truly understand the extrusion process. We are both dedicated to serving the industry to the best of our ability and this has made for a lasting relationship.”

For more information about Davis-Standard’s medical tubing capabilities, contact Kevin Dipollino at kdipollino@davis-standard.com. For more information about Conair, visit www.conairgroup.com.

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