April 12th, 2021

Five Pillars to Profitability


One of the most effective ways for extrusion and converting processors to boost performance, reliability, and serviceability is to improve upon existing assets. In this blog, we’ve outlined five key action items to support best practices, which we like to refer to as your “Pillars to Profitability.” We’ve categorized these pillars as follows: 1) upgrade/rebuild, 2) process improvement, 3) proactive service, 4) regular inspections, and 5) parts and repair. Having worked with customers on several of these areas, we can tell you it works! Cost savings, shortened project cycle times, and a faster return on investment are all benefits. Following is a summary of how these pillars can positively influence your operation.


Upgrading or rebuilding any control system or equipment component can yield significant results. For control and drive systems, addressing obsolescence, improving performance, and adding functionality is a game-changer. Issues such as unsupported software, outdated analog wiring, slow or unstable networks, and lack of replacement parts are indicators it’s time for an update. Extruder upgrade options including retrofits to the gearbox, barrel, feedblock, screw design, and L/D conversions can immediately improve outputs. Line components such as laminators, coatings, unwind, winders, etc. can also be refurbished or upgraded.  Another aspect of upgrading your control system or equipment is to incorporate safety upgrades to  meet current safety standards. Upgrading your equipment to the latest safety standards can help reduce accidents. Davis-Standard can assist in updating your equipment to these lastest standards.

Process Improvement

Process optimization, production support, and training can all have a significant impact. Adding coextrusion capabilities can help you expand into multi-layer applications, increase outputs, and make more efficient use of polymers. Take unwind splice reliability for example. This can be enhanced with better roll synchronization, splice timing monitoring, high-speed video and splice-dynamic analysis. Whatever your process, there are always ways to make it better! We also recommend attending technical training seminars and taking advantage of R&D labs for process trials. In addition, many industry leaders provide valuable educational information via presentations, blogs, and white papers on a host of topics across all application areas.

Proactive Service

Pre-emptive service is instrumental in overcoming technical issues in a timely manner and reducing unplanned downtime. This includes mechanical, electrical and drives tuning, access to regional service technicians, and options for remote troubleshooting. See what your OEM offers and take advantage of aftermarket services that facilitate a quick response.

Regular Inspections

Performance and audit inspections are an excellent strategy for continual improvement. An on-site diagnostic assessment followed by a written report detailing the recommended course of action can reveal a lot. This is further supported by product engineers with specific areas of expertise who can advise on technical options and provide detailed diagrams for planned improvements. If you have remote-capable control systems, you also have access to remote access inspection options.

Parts and Repair

Do you have spare parts for key components in case of a breakdown? Having extra parts can save you time and money in an emergency. It’s also important for your OEM to have a well-stocked spare parts inventory to expedite orders for items you don’t have on hand. Take advantage of immediate technical assistance, qualified service technicians, and warrantied OEM parts. This will safeguard your process and make sure everything is done right the first time.

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We are happy to support you with any of these pillars, so do not hesitate to contact us for support and service. Stay safe and healthy!


The D-S Connect Blog Team

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