April 26th, 2018

Process Controls

Flexible and Customized Extrusion Control Solutions for Every Process

The brain of the extruder drives your operation and smarter process controls make a huge impact on the bottom line. That is why every system in Davis-Standard’s full line of process controls is operator-friendly, efficient and reliable. From discrete to full supervisory control, our control systems are engineered in-house to ensure quality and value.

Davis-Standard’s proven systems do the thinking for you about systems integration, temperature control and process controls.

How can we help you?

  • IntegratorPRO for high-level converting processes
  • Integrator-C for converting applications
  • DS5 secure service support system
  • Expandable system control options
Integrator PRO

This innovative control system combines total line control and data monitoring into one multi-functional information center. It is specifically designed for high-level converting processes encompassing cast film, blown film, extrusion coating, solvent and aqueous coating and drying. The features are many!

  • Provides access to all machine functions including the temperature controller, PLC, and line drives interfaces
  • Supervisory control that integrates all converting machine line components
  • into a single user-friendly operator interface, connecting:
    Coaters and dryers
    Laminators and cast sections
    Water recirculation systems
    Resin feed and blenders
    Web guides
  • Graphics based, operator-friendly touch-screen interface with keyboard to see the entire process at a glance
  • Line run interlocks and diagnostics clearly identified to help the operator get the line running quicker
  • Historical data tracking and alarm event logging help in troubleshooting product quality and uniformity problems, as well as tracking machine performance (Provides the operator with a single location to quickly locate and identify a machine or process problem.)
  • Recipe management for a large number of line setup parameters to be stored and reused for quick and easy start-ups and product changeovers
  • Process reports and screen prints that allow the accurate documentation
  • Multiple languages option for access to the language of choice by pressing a button
  • System security and system backup keep the equipment up and running
  • System networking
  • Multiple systems networked on one line
  • Multiple lines networked in one plant
  • Multiple plants networked around the world
  • Data available anywhere.
  • Standard PC computer hardware, designed for Microsoft®
    Windows® XP and
  • Wonderware software engine
  • Phone line and/or Internet access

This control system offers a highly functional, easy-to-use, single point control and data center for converting applications. It is also the direct replacement for the Egan CMR system. As with the CMR, it includes a drives control interface, temperature control and gauge control. Advantages of the Integrator include:

Recipe management
Historical data trending

Other upgrades for this system include:

Drives upgrades: For drive systems older than 12 to 15 years we offer:

  • A DC drives upgrade with re-use of existing motors.
  • New AC drives and motors for greater long-term savings.

Controls Upgrade: For machine lines with PLC’s older than 15 to 20 years we offer:

  • PLC upgrades to increase machine performance and minimize downtime.
  • More features and functionalities to provide a better control of the process.

The DS5 is Davis-Standard’s secure service support system. It offers comprehensive customer service using a safe and secure high-speed Internet connection. (Note: It is the customer's responsibility to provide the high-speed Internet connection.)

Advantages include:

  • Faster response time to customer needs
  • Faster access time to diagnose and fix problems
  • Ability of Davis-Standard service personnel to connect to customer equipment from anywhere in the world
  • Safe and secure connection (only authorized users have system access)
  • Cost savings by avoiding lengthy downtimes
Expandable System Control Options

We offer several options to expand your current controls system. These include:

  • Downtime tracking and production monitoring
  • Company-wide telephone and messaging system
  • Real-time relational database for the factory
  • Basic tools to assist in organizing and presenting substantial production data
  • Connections to link multiple machines, office computers and plants together
  • Capabilities to view real-time production data from any computer, anywhere in the world using a standard Web browser
  • Automatic die control system
  • Resin feed system with gravimetric capability