Process Controls

Flexible and Customized Extrusion Control Solutions for Every Process

The brain of the extruder drives your operation and smarter process controls make a huge impact on the bottom line. That is why every system in Davis-Standard’s full line of process controls is operator-friendly, efficient and reliable. From discrete to full supervisory control, our control systems are engineered in-house to ensure quality and value.

The signature EPIC III® and Integrator controls, the portable DS-Tablet and affordable DS-eVUE are just a few of our technologies that take the guesswork out of your extrusion operation. Davis-Standard’s proven systems do the thinking for you about systems integration, temperature control and process controls.

How can we help you?

  • EPIC III® extrusion process controls
  • DS5 secure service support system
  • MACO 6500RS extrusion control technology
  • ReACT support system
  • DS-eVUE process controls
  • DS-eTPC touch-screen control
  • DS-Tablet hand-held operator interface
  • IntegratorPRO for high-level converting processes
  • Expandable system control options
  • Integrator-C for converting applications

This control system offers a highly functional, easy-to-use, single point control and data center for converting applications. It is also the direct replacement for the Egan CMR system. As with the CMR, it includes a drives control interface, temperature control and gauge control. Advantages of the Integrator include:

Recipe management
Historical data trending.

Other upgrades for this system include:

Drives upgrades: For drive systems older than 12 to 15 years we offer:

  • A DC drives upgrade with re-use of existing motors.
  • New AC drives and motors for greater long-term savings.

Controls Upgrade: For machine lines with PLC’s older than 15 to 20 years we offer:

  • PLC upgrades to increase machine performance and minimize downtime.
  • More features and functionalities to provide a better control of the process.

We offer several options to expand your current controls system. These include:

  • Downtime tracking and production monitoring
  • Company-wide telephone and messaging system
  • Real-time relational database for the factory
  • Basic tools to assist in organizing and presenting substantial production data
  • Connections to link multiple machines, office computers and plants together
  • Capabilities to view real-time production data from any computer, anywhere in the world using a standard Web browser
  • Automatic die control system
  • Resin feed system with gravimetric capability
Integrator PRO

This innovative control system combines total line control and data monitoring into one multi-functional information center. It is specifically designed for high-level converting processes encompassing cast film, blown film, extrusion coating, solvent and aqueous coating and drying. The features are many!

  • Provides access to all machine functions including the temperature controller, PLC, and line drives interfaces
  • Supervisory control that integrates all converting machine line components
  • into a single user-friendly operator interface, connecting:
    Coaters and dryers
    Laminators and cast sections
    Water recirculation systems
    Resin feed and blenders
    Web guides
  • Graphics based, operator-friendly touch-screen interface with keyboard to see the entire process at a glance
  • Line run interlocks and diagnostics clearly identified to help the operator get the line running quicker
  • Historical data tracking and alarm event logging help in troubleshooting product quality and uniformity problems, as well as tracking machine performance (Provides the operator with a single location to quickly locate and identify a machine or process problem.)
  • Recipe management for a large number of line setup parameters to be stored and reused for quick and easy start-ups and product changeoversProcess reports and screen prints that allow the accurate documentationMultiple languages option for access to language of choice by pressing a button
  • System security and system backup keep the equipment up and running
  • System networking
  • Multiple systems networked on one line
  • Multiple lines networked in one plant
  • Multiple plants networked around the world
  • Data available anywhere.
  • Standard PC computer hardware, designed for Microsoft® Windows® XP and
  • Wonderware software engine
  • Phone line and/or Internet access

Davis-Standard’s hand-held operator interface – the DS Tablet – is a convenient option available with the EPIC III™(iFIX) system.
It features:

  • 10.4-inch touch-screen
  • Wireless connection to EPIC
  • Windows embedded software
  • Docking station, USB ports, charger, and solid-state drive
  • Rugged design for industrial environment
  • Operator access functions while in areas not practical for typical OCS locations
  • Concurrent remote viewing of EPIC on office PC with Internet Explorer®

Other advantages of the DS Tablet include:

  • A process control screen similar to the EPIC
  • Temperature screens to change set-point
  • Line control screens to change drive set-points
  • Ability to create, select and view historical trend groups (historical data is stored on the EPIC)
  • Viewing and acknowledgement of new and current alarm settings
  • Print reports at the EPIC
  • Security for engineer, supervisor and operator groups

The DS-eTPC (touch panel control) offers comprehensive integrated touch-screen control with attractive pricing. Advantages include:

  • Coordinated line drive control (standard feature)
  • Operator friendly design
  • Cold start inhibit
  • High and high-high alarms for each pressure point
  • Recipe creation and storage
  • Provision for system networking to a supervisory computer via Ethernet LAN
  • Pre-configured and engineered levels with added temperature and line control options
  • Optional closed loop pressure control for melt pump operation, additional line drive and heat zones
  • Optional line drive

The DS-eVUE combines many features of the EPIC III™ with the low-cost requirements of previous HMI applications. Features include:

  • 15-inch widescreen
  • Graphics overview
  • Reports
  • Trending
  • Event log
  • Data collection
  • WEB interface (2 concurrent users)
  • Email notifications
  • FDA-21 Part 11 ready
  • Electronic signatures
ReACT Support System

Using the ReACT support system customers can enjoy high-speed remote troubleshooting support from Davis-Standard via a secure Internet connection. This system provides real-time viewing and control of EPIC screens and PLC systems without affecting the current application. It also provides a faster response to customer needs regarding EPIC III/PLC controls or process issues.

  • Uses standard Internet Explorer®
  • Service is intended for troubleshooting and process support
  • Works using a third hard drive, which is connect by the customer when support is needed

This cost-effective system, an upgrade from the MACO 6500RS introduced in 2005, is available for retrofit to existing systems. It offers a number of enhancements including screen updates nearly three times faster than older systems. The Operator’s Graphical User Interface has been upgraded to Wonderware® 8.0 and Windows® XP Professional that communicate with the PLC over two separate servers instead of one. This allows for transmission of set points over one server while values are transmitted over another, saving time and improving functionality.

Other significant upgrades include machine screens in several languages, an upgraded set point change log to track changes made by the machine operators, a Statistical Process Control program to continuously track 34 items each cycle, and a recipe “save” function to verify recipe names and eliminate the potential for lost recipes. A new “Heat Soak” feature reduces the chances for a cold start-up by requiring machines to be above the low temperature alarm for at least two hours before the extruder and head tooling programming hydraulics will run. In addition, now both the PLC and Operator’s Station have an uninterruptible power supply to keep them from shutting off during momentarypower failures.

As with the MACO 6500RS, this system includes closed loop synchronous shoot/fill, adaptive speed control and a PLC ladder logic that can be viewed in real time. Davis-Standard also offers a range of on-site training programs as well as 24/7 telephone service. Especially advantageous is the availability of real time computer-direct machine service through the Internet.


The DS5 is Davis-Standard’s secure service support system. It offers comprehensive customer service using a safe and secure high-speed Internet connection. (Note: It is the customer's responsibility to provide the high-speed Internet connection.)

Advantages include:

  • Faster response time to customer needs
  • Faster access time to diagnose and fix problems
  • Ability of Davis-Standard service personnel to connect to customer equipment from anywhere in the world
  • Safe and secure connection (only authorized users have system access)
  • Cost savings by avoiding lengthy downtimes

Davis-Standard's EPIC III™ is an advanced Windows®-based touch screen extrusion process control system offering complete plant management and process control capabilities. Advantages include:

  • Adaptable and expandable touch screen displays
  • Supervisory features: event logging, customized reports, SQC, historical trending, maintenance/troubleshooting, pressure set-up and more
  • Partial and complete line overview, detailed extruder data, recipe creation/storage, etc.
  • iFIX™ SCADA software for Windows®
  • ControlLogix™ PLC platform (optional Siemens S-7)
  • Connectivity solutions for remote data access via laptop and Web browsing
  • Object linking and embedding for process control
  • A multiple-level security system to protect set-up functions and accessibility
  • Network capability for remote monitoring of multiple systems
  • Available DVD writer and removable hard drive for secure system data back-ups
Cast Film

Protection, Packaging, Hygiene Films – Leading Technology for Your Cast Film Needs

We are an industry leader in cast film technology for applications in food packaging, personal care markets, stretch and cling films. Our knowledge of multi-layer cast film structures and MDO (machine direction orientation) coupled with innovative dies and winders, high efficiency cooling rolls and superior control technology enable us to support customers worldwide.

Our reliable extruders and cast film extrusion equipment add value by consistently reducing scrap and improving processing rates. Cast films and cast embossed films processed on Davis-Standard cast film systems are known for high tensile strength and excellent barrier properties. The supply of barrier cast film lines, CPP film lines and PVC cling film lines are among our areas of expertise.

How can we help you add value to your cast film operation?

  • Hand & Machine Wrap
  • CPP: Stand-up Pouches, Candy Twist Wrap, Document Protection
  • Barrier Films: Diapers, Disposable Garments and Liners, Shower Curtains and
  • Tablecloths
  • Consumer and Medical Packaging
  • Confectionary, bread, towel and tissue bags, single slice cheese film, pouch film
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Extrusion Coating

Versatile and Efficient Extrusion Coating

Davis-Standard’s extrusion coating and laminating expertise is second to none. With the industry’s most versatile equipment platforms, we deliver cost-effective extrusion coating packages to support construction, consumer products and packaging industries.

Our extrusion coating machinery fulfills even the most demanding flexible packaging, non-wovens, paper and board coating and laminating applications. This includes everything from laboratory-size systems for R&D to five-meter-wide systems for industrial materials.

We’re innovators in automatic profile control (APC), deckle and die options, multi-coating solutions, web handling, transfer unwinds and winders. Quality, efficiency and value enable us to improve coating and laminating processes for customers worldwide.

How can we help you?

  • Flexible packaging
  • Paper coating and laminating
  • Board coating and laminating
  • Fabric scrim and non-wovens
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Liquid Coating

Liquid Coating that Optimizes Efficiency

Davis-Standard’s liquid coating systems are used throughout the world for tapes and labels, silicone-coated products and in specialty coating markets. With more than 50 different standard and custom liquid coating products, we provide profitable solutions for the building and construction, automotive and medical industries.

When it comes to achieving the right viscosity, emulsion, pH and adhesive characteristics for your liquid coating applications, you need a proven and trusted partner. Davis-Standard’s experienced engineers consider multiple variables when building lines for specialty-coated products—ensuring the best solution for your liquid coating specifications.

Regardless if your process demands using film or paper substrates and applying ultra thin or thick coatings, Davis-Standard’s liquid coating solutions support process improvement and production efficiency in clean room environments, slow or high-speed applications, or precision coating and drying technology.

How can we help you?

  • Tapes and labels
  • Silicone coating
  • Specialty coating
  • Custom coating
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Pelletizing Precision and Consistency

Davis-Standard helps customers achieve high quality pellets through field-tested experience in underwater pelletizing, water ring pelletizing and air ring pelletizing processes. Our modular extrusion and pelletizing solutions are ideal for conventional, micro and macro pellet production.

Our engineers address key factors in pelletizing equipment design to ensure consistent melt temperature, melt flow index and melt pressure throughout the pelletizing process. We also offer more model sizes and multiple options for screen changers, heating systems, dryers, and water systems to ensure greater efficiency, value and quality.

How can we help you?

  • Pelletizing systems for extrusion feed devices
  • Underwater pelletizers
  • Water and air ring pelletizing systems
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