Water and Air Ring Pelletizing Systems

Davis-Standard’s universal underwater system – the Pelletor®_ offers everything you need to produce high-quality, uniform pellets. We offer several options to conventional, micro or macro pellet production using unique designs. These designs assure perfect knife-to-die plate alignment regardless of thermal or mechanical variation of the feed equipment. Very broad product viscosity ranges may be easily achieved.

The Pelletor works in either underwater, water or air ring cutting methods or both. Solution oriented options and features allow ease of operation, highest processing performance, and highest product quality. Since we offer a full range of model sizes, you have the freedom to build your pelletizing line around the system components that meet your exact criteria. All subsystem and support equipment such as screen changers, diverter valves, heating systems, classifiers, dryers, water systems and control panels may be included to provide a total system concept. The end result is superior quality and highly reliable machine lines that turn pellets into bigger profits for you.

Typical Specifications

Size Max No. Holes Typical Drive Power Nominal Thruput Rates (per hour)
0.5 40 5 hp 3.75 kw 1,200 lbs 545 kgs
1 87 5 hp 3.75 kw 2,610 lbs 1,186 kgs
2 204 10 hp 7.5 kw 6,120 lbs 2,775 kgs
2x 240 10 hp 7.5 kw 7,200 lbs 3,264 kgs
3.5 270 15 hp 11.2 kw 8,100 lbs 3,680 kgs
3 270 15 hp 11.2 kw 8,100 lbs 3,680 kgs
3x 372 15 hp 11.2 kw 11,160 lbs 5,060 kgs
6 500 20 hp 15 kw 15,000 lbs 6,820 kgs
6x 810 30 hp 22.4 kw 24,300 lbs 11,016 kgs
NOTE: Die plate orifice hole size has a great impact on output of any given type of polymer produced on a given machine size. The above chart is based on 30 lbs (13.6 kgs) per hour per hole.