Tapes and Labels

We're constantly asking ourselves what machinery is needed to make the very best tapes and labels? And how do we do it more cost-effectively than anyone else? We know the difference between a good product and a great product: curl-free quality, uniform lamination, and dryness of the end product. We appreciate clear-to-core winding technology that let’s you ship right off the winder, as well as no fold-back splicing and zero telescoping during indexing.

That’s why our tape and label experience and capabilities include clean room applications, laminations, low to high-speed applications, and narrow to wide applications. We pride ourselves on efficiency with increased line speeds and shortened dryer lengths of up to 30 percent thanks to innovative nozzle systems. Precise tension control of line sequences allows our customers to run higher line speeds with better quality control. We work with you to get the job done right.

Typical Specifications

Widths 1016 to 2794 mm 40 to 110 inches
Line Speeds 15 to 457 mpm 50 to 1500 fpm
Tension Range 9 to 136 kg 20 to 300 lbs
Winder Diameter 508 to 1270 mm 20 to 50 inches