Specialty Systems

Advanced Technology Surface Winder (ATS)

The ATS winder is designed for consistent in-line slitting and winding of roll diameters up to 62 inches (1,575mm) on cores as small as 3 inches (75mm). Engineered to limit shaft deflection, this winder reduces critical speed issues before an automatic transfer to new cores, eliminating wrinkles and core start problems. Slit rolls can be surface wound using programmed tension, nip, and torque. Rolls are supported on the winding drum and driven support drum throughout the entire winding cycle providing your process with high quality, inline slit products.


Cantilevered Unwind/Winding Systems

Davis-Standard offers custom unwind and winder equipment with cantilevered shafts for a variety of applications including polystyrene foam, film, and paper. This design is ideal for applications requiring small to large roll diameters as it enables the converter to easily unload and load the machine from the side. These designs are available with automatic transfer systems and load/unload systems.


Horizontal Winders

Provides a cost and time-saving alternative by eliminating the slitting and rewinding steps for most processes, as well as scrap. This winder is widely used among hygienic film producers for applications such as diaper film, breathable film, and non-woven coating processes. High-speed, in-line slitting capabilities make the Horizontal a viable alternative to traditional turret winders. The winder's scrapless transfer mechanism generates high yields for extrusion applications by indexing the new core into a transfer position while the transfer is made without indexing the final roll. This is a faster, more efficient process when compared to standard turret winders which produce scrap during the index cycle of a full roll.


Fixed Position Unwind/Winding Systems

Customize any of the company's unwind or winder systems to accommodate a fixed position set-up. Unwind systems can include either a brake or regenerative tension holdback with or without peel rolls. Winding systems are available with torque, dancer, or load cell tension control without lay-on systems or with lay-on systems found on our continuous machines.


Robotic Winder

For processes requiring a large range of roll sizes, the robotic winder in-line slitting system is an excellent option. It features an articulating arm design for rolls up to 60 inches (1,524mm) in diameter and with a 3,500 pound (1,588 kg) capacity. This winder produces minimal outer waste scrap as compared to conventional turret winders and will produce zero outer waste scrap when used with a roll changer equipped with the offset wind feature. Depending on application, this machine can be fitted with either a Combi Cast or 600 Series roll changer. It also features stationary or static knife transfers to support a variety of processes.


Super "T" Winder

Engineered for applications (i.e. release liners or tapes) where elimination of end of roll waste is critical. This winder is capable of rolls up to 60 inches (1,524mm) in diameter with a 10,000 pound (4,536 kg) capacity. It features gap or controlled contact winding, center/surface winding capability, single direction stationary knife transfer, and auto core loading with latching on both sides.


Zero Speed Accumulator Winding Series

Ideal for heavy, hard-to-cut industrial products including substrates such as roofing, felt, and insulation as well as when a straight-line, fray-less no fold back cut is needed. These systems range from simple manual systems to automated systems involving roll and core handling. Depending on the application, these systems are available with surface or center winding capabilities.