Specialty & Custom Coating

When building a line for specialty-coated products, considering multiple variables is the nature of the business. Some applications demand a clean room atmosphere that requires nickel and chrome plating for high surface quality. Others call for quick changeovers or precision coating and drying technology. Whether you're in the battery, metallized, graphic arts, presentation media, barrier or some other specialized coating segment, you can count on Davis-Standard's knowledgeable coating experts to work with you to develop the ideal specialty line for your process.

No matter what your requirements call for - complex coating lines with multiple cartridge coaters or more simple lines with a dedicated coater – we develop solutions that can be up and running quickly and profitably. Our knowledge of dryer nozzle arrangements, different substrates and precision applications is assurance that you will achieve the results your business demands.

Typical Specifications

Widths 1016 to 2794 mm 40 to 110 inches
Line Speeds 15 to 914 mpm 50 to 3000 fpm
Tension Range 9 to 136 kg 20 to 300 lbs
Winder Diameter 508 to 1270 mm 20 to 50 inches