Slitter Rewind Systems

Accuflyte Slitter Rewind Systems

Accuflyte slitter rewind systems feature the latest advances in slitting and surface winding technology to combine access, visibility, and operator safety. Advantages include interlocking slitters, shaftless carriages, a ride roll system, and air conveying threading system. The Accuflyte supports roll diameters up to 75 inches (1905 mm). The computerized winding system control and shaftless operation make accuracy and repeatability a constant. Due to its high production capabilities, modular design, and proven performance this rewind system is ideal for non wovens, paper, and paperboard applications.


Advanced Techology Surface Winder (ATS)

The ATS surfance winder is designed for consistent in-line slitting and winding of roll diameters up to 62 inches (1,575mm) on cores as small as 3 inches (75mm). Engineered to limit shaft deflection, this winder reduces critical speed issues before an automatic transfer to new cores, eliminating wrinkles and core start problems. Slit rolls can be surface wound using programmed tension, nip, and torque. Rolls are supported on the winding drum and driven support drum throughout the entire winding cycle providing your process with high quality, inline slit products.


BC 3000 Slitter Rewind Systems

These slitter rewind systems are engineered for accurate, high-speed rewinding with controlled and predictable roll formation to rewind diameters up to 60 inches (1,524mm). The center/surface winding capabilities makes it possible to handle materials ranging from papers to laminates and non-wovens.


DR-50 Duplex Slitter Rewind Systems

DR-50 slitter rewind systems are engineered for accurately winding specialty papers and slipper materials at speeds up to 3,000 fpm (914 mpm). The DR-50 provides precise density control even when caliper variations exist to achieve optimal consistency. The rugged, mill duty design enables this system to accurately form the largest rolls at the highest possible speeds. The AccuWind computer control improves efficiency levels and further promotes roll uniformity.


Modulant Systems

Modulant systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of processes and web requirements. This system is ideal for non wovens, paper, and paperboard applications as it provides high production, shaftless slitting and surface winding of roll diameters up to 90 inches (2,286mm) at speeds up to 7,000 fpm (2,134 mpm). As the name indicates, the Modulant is modular in design to provide superior efficiency as well as ease of operation and self-contained roll handling.


Surfastart Winders

Surfastart winders are designed for in-line slitting and winding of large diameter product rolls on continuous process lines. Applications well suited for this winder include boards and laminates over 50 inches (1,270mm) diameter as well as non-wovens sensitive to inwound tension. Features include a large diameter winding drum; precision nip pressure control; optional center-surface winding capability; optional tangential shear slitting section; and an integrated "S" wrap pull roll section. The Surfastart 2000 & 3000 features a controlled incline ramp for finished set rejection and roll-stop braking and optional support roll system for winding on small diameter core shafts. These features combined with the automatic self-contained roll and shaft handling system, improve productivity and minimize scrap.