Single Screw Extrusion

This facility is used for new product development, product testing and extrusion systems trials for systems up to and over 140 feet (43 meters) long. The following extruder sizes are available for design development:


Smooth Bore                          L/D                        

2.5-inch (64mm)                      24:1 and 30:1

4.5-inch (114mm)                    24:1, 30:1, 34:1

Groove Feed                           L/D

3.5-inch (90mm)                     24:1, 30:1, 34:1


Other extruders available for development work in the Technical Center include:

  • 2.5-inch (64mm) 40:1 L/D high speed extruder
  • 0.75-inch (19mm) 24:1 L/D high temperature corrosion resistant for FEP
  • 24:1 L/D high temperature corrosion resistant for FEP
  • 2.5-inch (64mm) 24:1 and 30:1 L/D, vented and non-vented
  • 3.5-inch (90mm) groove feed 28:1, 33:1, 40:1 L/D configurations
  • 4.5-inch (114mm) 24:1, 30:1, 34:1 L/D vented and non-vented

We have an extensive inventory of industry-leading screw design technology for process development and customer project development.