Silicone Coating

The release liner market is rapidly expanding throughout the world. Thanks to our close relationship with major silicone suppliers, we're able to build equipment to meet demanding market trends. Whether your substrate is film or paper, our team understands which coating methods will produce the highest quality coated products and which winding methods will produce the best wound rolls with minimal downtime. Factors such as eliminating dust in the dryers and including mist removal systems are part of our commitment to customers.

We continually develop new technologies to support process improvement and efficiency. Our Steamex moisturizing system eliminates moisture and curl problems, leading to increased line speeds and paper quality. With our Super T winder, silicone-coated products can be processed at speeds of 3000 fpm (900 mpm) while reducing telescoping associated with conventional turret indexing. These are just a few examples of how our silicone lines are built to work for you.

Typical Specifications


1016 to 2794 mm

40 to 110 inches

Line Speeds

15 to 914 mpm

50 to 3000 fpm

Tension Range

9 to 136 kg

20 to 300 lbs

Winder Diameter

508 to 1270 mm

20 to 50 inches