Roofing and Coating Sheet Lines (TPO, FPVC, PP, PE)

Davis-Standard has over 40 years experience supplying complete turnkey sheet extrusion machinery solutions for roofing and coating sheet applications. In addition to versatile equipment options, we supply control systems to support processing efficiency and user-friendly machine operation.

Our sheet extrusion capabilities for roofing lines include direct in-line compounding or single screw extrusion systems (TPO and FPVC) for roofing and waterproof membranes. Advantages include innovative designs for heat sensitive formulations, process verification capability prior to machine production, customized widths based on output rates and variable width requirements, and multiple unwind and secondary substrate laminating capability.

For automotive and industrial carpet lines we supply carpet back extrusion coating systems (PE, FPVC, TPO) for commercial carpet and tile carpet applications as well as automotive floor mat and sound attenuation applications. Our thermoplastic extrusion process replaces solution latex coating processes. Advantages include high output extrusion rates for efficient processing, energy savings through reduced solution-based product drying, and a smaller footprint. High material mineral fill levels also reduce production costs as does the addition of recyclable content.

Typical Specifications

Applications Roofing membrane, waterproof membrane, geotextiles, banner/signage
Line Speed Range 1.5 to 90 mpm 5 to 300 fpm
Thickness Range 0.25 to 2.5 mm 0.010 to 0.100 inch
Materials TPO, FPVC, PP, PE