Polyethylene Pipe & Tubing

Davis-Standard is a global leader in the design and manufacture of HDPE pipe and tubing extrusion systems and extruders. Our technology covers all major pipe and tubing markets and includes advanced control system technology. Examples of major markets we support worldwide include telecommunications, construction and agriculture.

  • Extrusion of telecommunication HDPE duct for fiber optics including multilayer HDPE and silicone microducts, and packaging of several microducts into a common HDPE cover
  • Extrusion of PEX tubing for home heating and cooling including single layer PEX and PEX with an EVOH outer layer
  • Extrusion of agriculture corrugated drainage pipe co-designed with major corrugator suppliers, including high-pressure melt pumps, continuous screen changers, and gravimetric feeding systems

Typical Specifications

Applications Telecommunications duct, water pipe, gas pipe, dip tube, PEX heating and cooling tubing, corrugated drain tile
Line Speed Range 1.5 to 304 mpm 5 to 1000 fpm
Size Range 2.5 to 1,525mm 0.100 to 60 inches
Materials HDPE, PE-100, PE-80, LLDPE, LDPE