Paper Coating & Laminating

Davis Standard’s extrusion coating technology for paper coating and laminating is widely used throughout the industry. Our systems support the ability of our customers to produce quality products as efficiently as possible. Advantages of our technology include shaftless turret unwind and winder designs, superior screw designs and control technology.

To augment these capabilities, our liquid coating group supplies the latest in adhesion enhancing priming, logo printing and web drying. We also have relationships with major global vendors of corona discharge equipment and flame treaters with the ability to seamlessly integrate their units into our extrusion coating and laminating lines. For high-speed lines, ozone can be introduced immediately into the lamination nip.

Typical Applications

Applications Sugar pouch, roll wrap, ream wrap, header stock, insulation facing, cement bags
Widths 1500 to 3000 mm 60 to 120 inches
Line Speeds 300 to 610 mpm 1000 to 2000 fpm
Web Thickness Range 10 to 150 gsm 6 to 100 lbs / 3000 ft2
Finished Roll Diameter Up to 1800 mm, depending on core size Up to 72 inches, depending on core size
Extruder Output Up to 1000 kg single extruder, up to 1850 kg in co-extrusion arrangement (three extruders) Up to 2200 lbs single extruder, up to 4000 lbs in co-extrusion arrangement (three extruders)
Features Wide range of line equipment solutions to suit customer's requirements and budgets, latest controls systems, full lines and systematic upgrade/retrofits