Non-Woven Products

600 Series

Pre-engineered, modular system for in-line slitting of embossed films such as diaper, hygienic, breathable films, and non wovens. This machine is capable of diameters up to 60 inches (1,524mm) and web widths to 140 inches (3,556mm). Depending on the application, this machine can be fitted with either a QFP stand alone turret or robotic winder. Web path and idler construction through the roll changer allows for wrinkle free web conveyance. Spreading of the slit lanes is done via a dual driven spreader system located as close as possible to the winding spindle to eliminate interweaving.


QFP Systems

Built for efficiency and profitability for rolls 50 inches in diameter and below. These pre-engineered systems are delivered wired, piped, and tested for more efficient start-ups and to minimize costs. Shafted or shaftless versions are available to accommodate a variety of applications including solution coating, extrusion coating, flat and embossed films, non-wovens, CPP, and BOPP films. The QFP is available in three sizes: 30-inch and 42-inch (762mm and 1,066mm) diameter models for rolls up to 3,000 pounds or 1,360 kg (Model 20); and a 50-inch (1,270mm) diameter model for rolls up to 5,000 pounds or 2,268 kg (Model 30). Pre-engineered models are available in widths up to 120 inches (3,048mm). All models have a maximum speed of 2,000 fpm (610 mpm).


Surfastart Winders

Designed for in-line slitting and winding of large diameter product rolls on continuous process lines. Applications well suited for this winder include boards and laminates over 50 inches (1,270mm) diameter as well as non-wovens sensitive to inwound tension. Features include a large diameter winding drum; precision nip pressure control; optional center-surface winding capability; optional tangential shear slitting section; and an integrated "S" wrap pull roll section. The Surfastart 2000 & 3000 features a controlled incline ramp for finished set rejection and roll-stop braking and optional support roll system for winding on small diameter core shafts. These features combined with the automatic self-contained roll and shaft handling system, improve productivity and minimize scrap.