Laminating Films

Davis-Standard is a global extrusion leader in flexible packaging with lamination lines capable of 2000 feet per minute. We understand the needs for high-speed converting machinery, especially in the area of laminating films where roll geometry and layer uniformity leads to faster speeds on converting and laminating lines. Uniform layers enable cost efficient use of  expensive materials, and our lines have been effective in producing economical coex structures. Advantages such as stationary die systems, oscillating haul-offs, and roller-collapsing frames produce flat, smooth film and rolls. Our systems are also know for consistent symmetric and asymmetric films.

Typical Specifications

Applications Extrusion coating, dry bond laminating, metallizing or solution coating machines


1.5 to 3 meters

60 to 120 inches
Line Speeds

Up to 120 mpm

Up to 400 fpm

Thickness Range

12 to 50 micron

0.6 to 2 mil

Finished Roll Diameter

Up to 1.25 meters

Up to 50 inches


500 to 1200 kg/hr 1000 to 2500 pph


Three and five-layer systems


Integrator control system, gravimetric layer ratio control, MAC extruders, DSB® screws, Vertex dies, WesJet AutoPro air ring, surface and dual turret winders, small and large roll winders, full automation