Heavy Gauge Industrial Sheet for Marine and Automotive (HMWHDPE, PP, PMMA)

Davis-Standard’s innovative extrusion design engineering and extensive field experience enable us to supply proven technology for plastic sheet utilized in heavy sheet applications for the marine and automotive industries. In addition to Davis-Standard engineered technology, we have trusted relationships with industry partners who augment our lines with specified equipment needed to support our customer’s production demands. This coupled with our extensive control system capabilities give our customers peace of mind knowing that they can come to a single source for the heavy gauge sheet requirements.

Advantages of our sheet extrusion equipment include capabilities for producing heavy gauge sheet from 1/2 to 3-inch thicknesses, an online lamination system to allow quick pattern changes, single or multi-lane extrusion for maximum cooling performance, and high-speed stacking systems to accommodate maximum available output and cooling.

Typical Specifications

Applications Wall partitions, canoes, fender wells/guards, cutting boards, marine applications
Line Speed Range 0.25 to 3 mpm 0.5 to 20 fpm
Thickness Range 12 to 75mm 1/2 to 3 inches