Hand & Machine Wrap

We support several extruder configurations for hand and machine wrap applications. Co-extrusion systems are available to match line sizes with respect to desired layer percentages, film thicknesses and operating line speeds. We have capabilities for producing coextruded films from three to more than 30 layers (micro layers). The production of five layers using four extruders is the most common. Film forming is typically by vacuum box on a large diameter chill roll to control pre-stretch film properties. Winding systems feature fully automatic roll and core handling systems.

Line sizes are available for net finished widths as listed below with the 120-inch/3-meter, 6-up line being the most popular and flexible.

  • 80 inches / 2 meters - 4 rolls up
  • 100 inches/ 2.5 meters - 5 rolls up
  • 120 inches / 3 meters - 6 rolls up
  • 160 inches / 4 meters - 8 rolls up
  • 180 inches / 4.5 meters - 9 rolls up
  • 200 inches / 5 meters - 10 rolls up

Typically, all lines are geared in to run at speeds up to 2300 fpm/700 mpm. However, actual line speeds may be limited by resin formulation, resin quality, line size or winding system.

NEW TO THE INDUSTRY! The optimized dsX s-tretch™ pre-stretch cast film extrusion line is the first in-line pre-stretch system enabling customers to run thinner films at higher speeds. This line enables stretch film providers to produce consistent, high-quality pre-stretch film with greater efficiency. The two-meter wide line also has the advantage of a smaller footprint, yet allows for growth.

Typical Specifications

Net Widths 2 to 5 meters 80 to 200 inches
Line Speeds 457 to 700 mpm 1500 to 2300 fpm
Winder Hand and machine wrap