General Reprocessing

Davis Standard’s reprocessing capabilities combine innovative extrusion technology with multiple options for reprocessing/recycling the waste stream into a reusable product. Our extruders are available in several designs to accommodate a wide variety of waste materials and add profitability to your operation. We supply specialty designs for low bulk density materials as well as more traditional designs to allow processing of irregular shaped chip, flake and regrind.

Our reclaim extruder models are capable of processing bulk density feed stocks, typically from injection molding, blow molding, sheet production and thermoforming processes. An oversized feed section allows irregular shaped feed stock to be processed at the highest possible output rates. We have several design options which enable us to optimize the extrusion system for a given material and application. 

Typical Specifications

Applications Injection runners, foam sheet, edge regrind, thermoforming skeletons, roll waste
Bulk Density 48 to 190 kg/m3 4 to 12 lbs/ft3
Materials Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene
Extruder Outputs Up to 1000 kg/hr for the Scrapper and foam scrap reclaim units Up to 2000 lbs/hr for the Scrapper and foam scrap reclaim units
Features Wide range of line equipment solutions to suit customer's requirements and budgets, latest controls systems, full lines and systematic upgrade/retrofits