Four Extruder Development Coex Sheet Line


  • 40 inches wide and equipped to run a wide range of product thickness
  • 3.5-inch, 2.5-inch and two, 1.5-inch extruders
  • Capability to use a shear for rigid thick products that cannot be wound
  • Cantilever winder capable of producing xyz inch diameter rolls
  • 18-inch, three-roll vertical down stack
  • Water heated/cooled
  • Roll skewing for thin gauge sheet
  • Hands free roll gap adjustment
  • Individual roll drives
  • Primary fabric unwind
  • D-S cantilevered winder
  • Dancer and load cell control
  • Vulcan shear
  • Conair gravimetric blending stations with inline drying
  • Co-extrusion capabilities with EDI co-extrusion feed block (micro-layer technology also available)
  • Thin gauge capability with roll stand skewing
  • Protective film unwind stations at the pull roll
  • NDC X-Ray Backscatter gauging technology
  • Xaloy melt pump and screen changers
  • EPIC III™ control system
  • Scan Tech X-ray thickness gauge
  • Razor and Anvil Slitters
  • Solution coater
  • Top and bottom unwinds at pull roll
  • Desiccant driers for hydroscopic materials
  • Multi component blenders