Foam Reprocessing

Davis-Standard supports the foam producer or recycler with innovative engineering and proven extrusion technology. Our extruders accommodate different requirements for reprocessing/recycling low bulk density foam waste into a reusable product in a cost-effective manner. We have relationships with major suppliers in the melt filtration and pelletizing market to provide integrated solutions.

Our signature Scrapper dual diameter extruder model is specifically designed to process low bulk density feed stocks, typically from XPS board shavings and millings. The Scrapper uses a large diameter feed section to allow this product to be processed at the highest output rates. This extrusion design incorporates grooved feed technology to more efficiently convey the feed material into the extruder barrel. As a lower cost alternative, we offer a foam scrap reclaim extruder for processing materials with a heavier bulk density such as thermoformed meat trays, plates and cups. These machines incorporate a tangential feed section and also use grooved feed technology to ensure efficient processing.

Typical Specifications

Applications Foam board, foam sheet, edge regrind, thermoforming skeletons, roll waste
Bulk Density 48 to 190 kg/m3 4 to 12 lbs/ft3
Materials Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene
Extruder Outputs Up to 1000 kg/hr for the Scrapper and foam scrap reclaim units Up to 2000 lbs/hr for the Scrapper and foam scrap reclaim units
Features Wide range of line equipment solutions to suit customer's requirements and budgets, latest controls systems, full lines and systematic upgrade/retrofits