Film Reprocessing

In the area of extrusion technology for film reprocessing, Davis-Standard supplies extrusion systems that offer versatility for turning low bulk density film waste into a useable product. Extrusion systems typically include the extruder, a melt filtration device, pelletizing unit and material handling system. Material size reduction and transfer conveyors can be customized depending on application. Our relationships with major melt filtration and pelletizing suppliers ensure system continuity. 

Our Ram Stuffer extruder model is specifically designed for processing the broadest range of feed stocks. This includes everything from light bulk density fluff to shredded flakes, and even heavy bulk density, regrind materials. The Ram Stuffer extruder uses a pneumatically actuated plunger to force the material into the feed section of the screw. The feed section has grooved technology to enhance the conveying of the feed material into the extruder barrel. In a similar way, our scrap reclaim extruder model uses the same wide mouth feed throat design as the Ram Stuffer without the pneumatic plunger. This affords a lower cost alternative when the feed material is slightly heavier in bulk density.  

Typical Specifications

Applications Stretch wrap, agricultural film, construction film, packaging film, general films, barrier and non barrier, mono and multilayer films
Bulk Density 32 to 400 kg/m3 2 to 25 lbs/ft3
Materials Polyethylene, Polypropylene
Extruder Outputs Up to 2700 kg/hr Up to 6000 lbs/hr
Features Wide range of line equipment solutions to suit customer's requirements and budgets, latest controls systems, full lines and systematic upgrade/retrofits