Extrusion Pelletizing Lab Line


  • Extruder “A”: 3.5” (89 mm) Diameter, 30:1 L/D with 100 HP (75 KW) DC Drive
  • Extruder “B”: 4.5” (114 mm) Diameter, 13:1 L/D with 30 (22 KW) HP AC Drive
  • Extruder “C”: 2.0” (51 mm) Diameter, 17:1 L/D with 25 (19 KW) HP Hydraulic Drive
  • Sytron: Vibratory Tray Feeder
  • Gravimetric Hopper Blending System: Three compartment
  • Conair Automatic Hopper Loaders: Three Dustbeater Hopper Loaders are available. Maximum rate is 500 pounds/hr
  • Resin Blending: Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Batch type
  • Drying Capabilities: 2 Conair units - 800lbs. and 4000lbs. capacity (363 kg and 1814 kg)
  • Feed Screws: A variety of high performance feed screws. These include single and two-stage single flighted and dual flighted screws as well as barrier type screws. Mixing sections include, but are not limited to, Maddox, twisted spiral, pins or blister ring. Many screws have removable tips for interchanging or removing mixing sections.
  • Valved Adaptor: For extruder head
  • Gear Pump
  • Feed Pipe: Connections from three extruders or a dedicated pipe from extruder A directly to the pelletizer
  • Underwater / Water or Air Ring Pelletizer: Black Clawson Model 0.5
  • Spin Dryer / Water System: 50 gpm recirculation loop capable of holding less than 3°F (-16°C) variation across the pelletizer under full load conditions at temperatures between 55°F to 180°F. Trane microprocessor controlled 60 ton chiller. In-line 15KW temperature controlled heater for fast start-ups on above room temperature processes.
  • Hot Oil Heating System: 100KW for pelletizer body and die plate.
  • Process Control System: Offers line control. Displays include temperature control and line conditions.